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FanDuel Deposit Options | All You Need to Know 2020

Has your state become the latest to legalize sports betting?

In that case you might be wondering what deposit options are available on sportsbook FanDuel.

To make your life easier we’re going to list every FanDuel Deposit Option and give you our preferred payment option and why, when it comes to sports betting online.

We’ll also compare FanDuel deposit options with other leading sportsbooks such as DraftKings, Nitrogen Sports and Bet Online[1].

Show me the Money!

It may surprise you that although FanDuel is one of the largest sportsbooks in the US, the bookmaker has a limited number of payment options when compared to other bookmakers.

Which deposit options does FanDuel accept?

FanDuel accepts deposits from VISA, Mastercard, PayPal and ACH (E-Check) Deposit. You can also deposit via PayNearMe which allows you deposit at a local 7-eleven.

We’ll discuss each FanDuel payment option in detail and give you a quick setup guide on how to deposit later on…

FanDuel Sportsbook Payment Options – Comparison Guide

We’ve compared FanDuel payment methods with three other leading sportsbooks so help you decide which bookmaker you should sign up to.

ACH and PayNearMe Deposits

FanDuel offers customers even more choice with ACH (E-Check) a VIP Preferred Payment Network. This allows you to transfer funds from your checking account to your FanDuel account.

All you need is a routing number, state ID, driving licence ID and checking account number to set it up. All payment funds are accessible immediately.

Customers can also use PayNearMe to create a bar code which you can either print or send to you phone that can be scanned by your local 7-eleven to deposit. Funds generally take 15 mins to arrive in your account and transactions are limited to $500 over 24 hours and $10k in a 30 day rolling period.

How do you deposit money into FanDuel?

1. First thing you will need is a FanDuel account.
2. In the top right-hand corner click on My Account.
3. Select Add Money.
4. Select your preferred Payment Option.
5. Following the payment instructions on screen.
6. Funds are instantly available in your account.

If you’re using the FanDuel app the deposit option can be found in the sidebar menu icon on the top right of the screen.

FanDuel Deposit Bonus Available

Right now, new customers can take advantage of FanDuel’s Risk Free Bet up to $500.

Deposit and place your first bet today, and if you lose your first bet FanDuel will refund you up to $500 in bet credits.

Terms and conditions include:

Free bets will be credited to your account within 72 hours.
Only your first bet will qualify – If you have multiple selections, then the first will be used.

For this and a full list of T&C’s be sure to check the terms page.

FanDuel Prepaid Cards

While FanDuel does offer debit/credit card payments, there may be cases where some banks may reject the transaction due to the gambling activities.

This can be overcome in two ways:

1. You can phone your bank either prior to the transfer or after the funds being rejected and confirm/request the payment to be authorized. Not all banks will allow this, but most of them will.

2. If the first attempted is rejected, you can request for a FanDuel Prepaid card during sign-up or there after. Users should have no issues with transferring funds from their bank to the prepaid card, which allows you to easily fund your FanDuel account.

We created a simple step-by-step screenshot guide on how to get your hands on FanDuel Prepaid cards.

Which FanDuel Deposit Option do we suggest?

paypalPersonally I prefer using PayPal and the reason is simple – added security.

PayPal’s mobile app makes it even quicker and safer to deposit funds to sportsbook accounts.

Select the PayPal icon in Deposits on your FanDuel account. You will be redirected to the PayPal app and asked to sign-in. Simply enter the amount you want to deposit and the click submit.

For extra security PayPal offer two-factor authentication. Users receive a one-time access code via text message on their phone. Enter the code and your payments done!

What’s great about this is that there no need to enter any debit/credit card details, all you card details are stored with PayPal. Once you log-in you select which card you want to transfer the fund from.

You also get Buyers Protection with PayPal that handles any disputes between the merchant (which in this case is FanDuel) and the customer. This can come in handy if the merchant is withholding any funds for some reason.

FanDuel Deposit Q&A

What are the deposit limits with FanDuel?

As an advocates of Responsible Play and in accordance with state requirements, FanDuel have put in place a $1000 per month maximum deposit limit by default on every new account.

If you would like to increase this threshold, you can speak to a member of the support team and have this lifted to any specific amount.

Can I apply for a deposit limit on my account?

Yes, self-restrictions and maximum deposit limits can be manually applied to your account. Simply head over to the Accounts Limit page and enter the maximum amount you wish to restrict yourself to.

FanDuel Deposit fees?

There are no fees for depositing funds into your FanDuel account, but there could be processing fees for withdrawing funds back into your payment provider. For more details refer to FanDuel’s withdrawal page.

What is the minimum deposit for FanDuel?

The minimum deposit for FanDuel is just $5. As we explained above, there are no payment fees for depositing even the minimum amount.

How long until the funds arrive in my account?

Funds should arrive in your account instantly, but be sure to check with your payment provider.

Final Thoughts

OK so FanDuel may not have the widest range of payment providers – which is surprising given that they are owned by Paddy Power/Betfair, but the limited options available should meet most customers needs

Although they do have limits in place on how much you can deposit, you do have the right to have this limit raised.

FanDuel are relatively new to sports betting so we expect to see more payment options come available once they find their feet.

[1] All bookmakers mentioned in this article have licences in each of the states that have granted licences to those sportsbooks. This is not a comprehensive guide and correct at the time of writing. For more details see our Bookmaker Licences State by State guide.

Tactical Mug Betting | Proven Strategies from Matched Betting Pros 2020

It’s one of the most widely discussed topics on any matched betting forum.

But is Mug Betting really worth it, or just a waste of time and money?

In this article we’ll explain if mug betting works and why having a strategy early on in your matched betting career is vital.

Plus we’ll give you 5 tips from matched betting pros that will throw bookmakers off the scent and hopefully extend the life of your account.

Staying Alive

Matched betting is a noble and subtle art of extracting a welcome bonus from under the bookmakers nose. The problem we face is that bookmakers are completely aware of this tactic.

With more and more matched betting communities popping up on social media platforms and forums, bookmakers are investing in more sophisticated software to sniff-out potential matched bettors and limit their account.

A few years back you could have comfortably kept an account active for at least 6 months. But now algorithms are gubbing accounts within a few weeks.

Meaning you could end up going through every bookmaker bonus within 12 months.

So one option is to try and trick the algos into thinking you are just a regular mug punter – hence the term mug betting which we’ll explain in detail.

Algos are getting smarter at sniffing out matched betting punters.

Later on I’ll show you our mug betting strategy that kept one punters account active for nine months.

What is Mug Betting?

Mug Betting is a matched betting strategy where punters deliberately place a bet with the intention to loose money.

The term “Mug” in the UK implies the person is foolish or gullible, hence the term Mug Betting where only an idiot would want to intentionally loose a bet.

Why place Mug Bets when Matched Betting?

Some matched betting professionals believe placing mug bets can significantly extend the life of your account.

By behaving like a “mug punter” in effect your throwing bookmakers off the scent of your actual intention with little or no risk.

And better still is that by laying the opposite side of your mug bet on a betting exchange you get to place a mug bet with minimal loss[1].

So far so good right?

Well there are those that would argue while you’re not going to loose any money, you’re not going to profit either. In effect you’re wasting valuable time that could be spent placing matched bets and extracting those bonuses.

Some would go as far to say that you should crash and grab any winnings as quickly as you can before your account gets gubbed – which ultimately it will.

Does Mug Betting Work?

Betting on Villa to win is a mugs bet no matter how you look at it!

Well kind of…

You see for most people mug betting simply does not work.

The fact is generally most people that are new to matched betting will make mistakes early on – it’s natural and part of the learning process. You’ll only realise this later on when you have enough experience or discuss tactics with other forum members.

Which is why I always encourage anyone who is interested in matched betting to read as much as you can first before you start.

Get involved in matched betting forums and start asking questions from experienced punters, it will save you time and money and could prolong your account.

In fact I wrote an article on that very subject 10 Hacks to avoid being gubbed, which is a great for anyone starting out.

Prolonging Your Account

Over the last five years of matched betting i’ve met a handful of members on forums that claim they had the same account for over a year, completely intact without being gubbed.

At first I was somewhat skeptical about some of the claims being made, having had my very first account gubbed within the first month of matched betting.

But the more I discussed their tactics to evade detection the more I was convinced.

So how did they do it?

While each of them all had their own strategy to stay under the radar, they all had similar mug betting strategies.

Most of them wanted to remain anonymous to avoid being detected by their bookmaker and having their account gubbed.

But I was able to coax one forum member to show me screenshots of his account with a list of matched bets placed well over a year.

5 Tactical Mug Betting Tips

Below is a list of tips I honed over the years through conversations with matched betting professionals that have had the patients and discipline to follow a set strategy.

While there’s no guarantee they will extend the life of your account, there’s a good chance it will improve your odds.

5:1 Mug Betting Rule:

This is my own personal golden mug betting ratio when it comes to keeping your account alive for longer.

It’s a ratio i’ve created from hours spent chatting to experience matched betting professionals, getting their view on how frequently you should mug bet and then take the median average of those results.

It implies that for every five matched bets you place, one of them should be a mug bet.

That’s 20% of the time.

Whilst this ratio is not critical I would not advise doing any more than this as your time is best spent matched betting and there is no guarantee that this will work to prolong your account.

Avoid narrow odds:

Unlocking a bookmaker bonus initially involves placing/laying narrow odds following by a much wider spread on the second. This “narrow odds followed by much greater” is a tell-tale giveaway that your matched betting.

Instead you could widen your initial spread and take an insignificant loss to unlock the bonus.

Repeated placing narrow followed by huge odds will only give the game away unless you switch things up and make less regular matched bets for algos to detect.

Behave like a Mug Punter:

This is an obvious one and involves loosing money at the cost of keeping your account alive long enough to recoup those losses and make some gains.

An obvious mug bet to place would be an accumulator bet as it’s one of the most popular high odds-low place bets you can make. Most mug punters will place a $1/£1 bet on a six-fold accumulator in the hope it will return 10x to 30x their initial cost.

I would advice placing no more than $2/£2 or <5% of your average match betting returns. As like all of these strategies, there’s no guarantee they will work.

Avoid Oddsmonkey and Profit Accumulator Mug Betting:

Some leading authority websites in the matched betting community will encourage punters to use either Oddsmonkey or Profit Accumulator’s mug bets which are great if you don’t know what you’re doing and are intended to minimise your losses.

But bookmakers are also watching these sites and are using them as part of their algorithm software to detect potential MB punters.

Personally I try to avoid these matched betting sites altogether as their tips are closely monitored by bookmakers and make it easy to detect what you’re up to.

If you’re stuck for how to find a decent matched bets without the use of the big-two providers you should really read Why You Should Avoid using Oddsmonkey and Profit Accumulator, which has some useful tips at creating your own matched bets using online matched betting calculators.

Casino Mug Betting:

It’s not just sports betting where punters can exploit mug betting, you can also “behave like a mug” on online casinos.

Most bookmakers will also have an online casino with a number of welcome offers for you to take advantage of and minimise your losses. The only issue is if you win big you could raise the alarm – but it’s nice to have those sorts of problems!

I will stress that if you are not disciplined and have a tendency to get carried away when it comes to gambling then I would avoid this strategy altogether.

Remember these are tactics to help you make money, not lose it.

When Mug Betting does NOT work

Generally there comes a point where mug betting stops working.

This happens when you’ve already been gubbed by a handful of bookmakers.

The reason for this is that most bookmakers use Iesnare – a third-party software used in anti-fraud protection. It is intended to identify new customers and prevent any fraudulent activity.

There is very little information out there on this software, but it is believed to obtain information about the users device such as MAC ID, geographical location and IP address which is stored on Iesnare servers.

In effect it creates a digital profile of your device, so when you come to sign-up to a new bookmaker that uses this software, the new bookmaker will already see that you have been banned or limited from other bookmakers.

Lets be clear there is no physical evidence of this process taking place.

But having discussed this with countless players that have all had similar experiences there is some correlation between gubbed accounts and almost automatically gubbed new accounts.

The Most Important Thing…

If you’ve made it this far then you have the right kind of mentality to make a success of your matched betting journey.

So here’s the best piece of advice I was given early on in my career and it’s this…

AVOID BETFAIR EXCHANGE at all cost if you’re matched betting!

The reason is quite simple.

Some of you may not know but Betfair is part of the same group Flutter Entertainment that owns Paddy Power.

Flutter is also in talks to purchase The Stars Group which also owns Skybet.

Unlike Smarkets which is a sole exchange operator, Betfair is predominantly a bookmaker, and like all bookmakers they are intended to take money from YOU the punter!

Whilst there’s no proof of this (no bookmaker has ever admitted to it), there’s a good chance that these companies that are part of a larger holdings company will share information about punters between themselves.

So if you’re placing a matched bet on Paddy Power and laying the opposite side on Betfair Exchange, I would say there’s a good chance of certainty that Betfair will pass this information onto Paddy Power.

And the likelihood is that you will be gubbed soon after.

This is the single most important thing anyone starting their matched betting journey should know.

I have a list of things that I’ve coined as the Ten Matched Betting Commandments which I implore anyone starting out should read.

Our Verdict

So by now you should have the knowledge and confidence to place your first mug bet.

Whilst mug betting is much more of an art than an exact science, avoiding potential traps such as bookmaker exchanges (Betfair) or matched betting tip sites (e.g Oddsmonkey) are likely to extend the life of your account.

In the end it’s inevitable that every matched betting professional will receive the dreaded “your accounts been limited” email. But as long as you’ve taken the necessary steps we’ve highlighted above, you should be content that you’ve done everything in your power to avoid giving the game away.

Like all these things, don’t get too hung up on mug betting and just enjoy the ride.

Mug betting is just one tactic you should be using to keep your account for longer. If you want to know the rest then check out my 11 Hacks to Avoid being Gubbed and you should be well equipped to take on the bookies.

[1] Loss is dependent on how accurate you can match the place/lay bet. In most cases losses will be minimal <2%.

Draftkings going public in 2020 values company at $3.3b

draftkings ipo

Sports betting giant Draftkings has announced it’s intention to go public in a merger deal that will value the company at $3.3 billion.

The US bookmaker is not taking the more traditional path of IPO (initial public offering), but will instead go public in a three-way merger deal.

$3.3b Merger-deal

Draftkings will be sold to a special acquisition company – Diamond Eagle Acquisition Corp. which is also listed on the NASDAQ and founded by Hollywood Studio’s Harry Sloan, as well as gambling gaming giant SBTech.

The newly formed company will list under the Draftkings name, with co-founder and chief executive Jason Robins to remain as CEO. It’s anticipated that the combined group will have a market cap of $3.3 billion with over $550 million of that is operating cash flow.

The deal is expected to be complete by Q2 2020, with institutional investors having committed to purchase $304m of common stock.

High Growth Prospects Ahead

Draftkings CEO Jason Robins was enthusiastic at the challenges ahead, he said;

“I look forward to building upon our goals of continuing our state-by-state roll-out and creating the most entertaining and engaging customer experiences for sports fans globally.”

This is not Draftkings first attempt, in 2017 the company attempted to merge with rival FanDuel, but the move had to be abandoned after regulators complained over the 90% monopoly of the US fantasy sports market the combined group would have.

FanDuel currently leads the industry of fantasy sports betting app downloads of 36%, compared with Draftkings share of 27%.

Industry Wide Consolidation

Draftkings announcement is just one of a many over the last 18 months, with some of the biggest bookmakers and online casinos on both side of the pond join forces, as gambling operators prepare to go head-to-head for a slice of the US betting market.

Last year sports betting rival FanDual was bought by Paddy Power/Betfair parent company Flutter Entertainment for $12 billion. In the same year Flutter also acquired The Stars Group that owns Pokerstars and SkyBet in a $10 billion all-share purchase.

The mergers between these leading sportsbooks will allow companies to streamline operations, reducing operating costs and strengthen their market position, in what could be a double-digit growth industry for the next decade.

Is Bovada Legal? Should Players Trust Bovada

Bovada has been operating for nearly a decade now and during this time it’s made some interesting decisions that’s raised a few eyebrows.

From a complete re-branding to failing to renew it’s licence in 2016, the off-shore gambling site is used to controversy.

It has left some players wondering – is Bovada legal or legit and can you really trust them?

But before we go any further, here’s a brief intro into Bovada and how it got here.

A Brief History of Bovada

Bovada is owned by Mohawk Morris Gaming Group and was originally Bodog before the company decided to rebrand in 2011.

Bodog had achieve much success outside of the US and so Bovada.lv was created for the US market.

Whilst Bovada mainly targets US players it operates outside of the US in Costa Rica.

In 2016 Bovada failed to renew is gambling licence with Kahnwake Gambling Commission and has been operating without one ever since.

Is Bovada Legal?

This really depends on which state your in.

In the past Bovada was legal for most US players, as the site operates outside of the United States and federal law does not prohibit US residents from gambling outside of the country.

But things have changed…

And in May 2018 federal lawmakers abolished the prohibition of gambling in the US. This now means it’s up to local officials and authorities to decide whether or not to legalise gambling in their respective states.

US opens up

Now that the US has opened it’s doors to gambling, there has been a “gold rush” of state officials eager to get a bill though their respective state to legalise gambling.

States that have already approved this include;

Those states have been flooded with applications from gambling sites to allow them to operate in their respective state.

Those without a licence are unable to operate in those jurisdictions.

new hampshire sports betting draftkings
New Hampshire are just the latest US state to legalise gambling.

As an example New Jersey residents, who were one of the first states to allow gambling, are unable to play on Bovada.

Where does this leave Bovada?

Well there will come a point were the majority of states will have legalised gambling, with punters having their pick of bookmakers that are fully regulated by each state.

The question that then arises is – Why gamble with a non regulated betting site when you can take you pick of fully regulated ones?

Unless Bovada requests for a licence in each state, which will cost the company a considerable amount – it could cost them dearly.

I think regardless of it’s current licencing status, Bovada will have to do something before they are left out in the cold…

Bovada outside of the US

As we explained before Bovada mainly targets the US market. As such, there are a number of counties where players are excluded and unable to play, these include;

United Kingdom

The quickest way to find this out if Bovada is allowed in your region is to enter the domain bovada.lv into your browser.

If Bovada is NOT allowed in your country you should see a pop-up window blocking you from playing.

Before you hand over your hard earned cash there are a few things to considered

Is Bovada Legit? Can You Trust Bovada

It’s fair to say that Bovada has less than squeaky clean reputation – which is not what any punter wants to hear.

As such, I feel there are a few issues which we highlight below that every Bovada players needs to consider before deciding to hand-over your hard earned cash.

No Gambing Licence

Currently as of early 2020 Bovada does not have a licence with any gambling authority.

Prior to this Bovada had held a licence with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) based in Quebec, Canada.

But in September 2016, the New Jersey Gaming Enforcement division announced that it had reached an agreement with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission to no longer provide licences to sportsbooks or gambling operators that accept players from the US.

As a result Bovada was unable to renew its licence in 2016 and continues to operate without one.

So what does this mean?

Well essentially Bovada are not governed by any rules or regulation set-out by the gambling commission which is intended to protect both parties.

Such licencing regulations that are meant to protect customers include:

  • The maximum time to transfer winnings
  • Max time to respond to disputes
  • Protection in case operator shuts down

Without a gambling licence in place Bovada could do the following without anything repercussion or fine from gambling authorities.

  • Cancel withdrawal requests
  • Cease access to funds within the account
  • Freeze the account
  • Close your account without notification
  • Refuse bonus rewards

Personally I can’t see why anyone in their right mind would want to gamble with an operator without a licence, it make no sense.

Negative Reviews from Customers & Industry Leaders

There are also a number of leading casino and poker sites that have written negative reviews relating to Bovada.

While most of these do not reflect the overall use of the platform, many of them complained about the speed at which funds were withdrawn – which we’ve discussed already.

Customer satisfaction has been mixed with some players happy with the overall service and easy in which they can add funds and withdraw winning. As with most reviews you have to take these things at face value.

Bovada FAQ

Why is Bovada lv?

There have been several rumors circulating as to why Bovada uses the .lv top-level domain handle.

One explanation is that the Bovada currently operates in Latvia as.”lv” is the top-level domain suffix for the country. This is not true as we explain before that Bovada operates in Costa Rica and not Latvia.

We’ve also been informed that Bovada were originally intending to target Las Vegas customers, which explains the lv domain.

In either case it does not really mater what top-level domain handle they choose to use, just as long as the site is clean and virus free – which it is.

Could Bovada be shut down US law enforcement agencies?

Provided that Bovada operates to the letter of the law and in the jurisdictions it is allow to operate, there is no reason why it would be shutdown.

Even without a valid gambling licence Bovada is currently not violating any US federal law.

There’s clear evidence that Bovada intends to do this as they currently block any players in the states of Michigan, New Jersey, Delaware and Mississippi, where sportsbooks are required to hold a gambling licence.

Our Verdict

I find it bemusing that anyone would consider using a non-licence bookmaker. The risks of not receiving your winnings far outweigh the any rewards a sportsbook could offer you.

With more and more US states opening their doors to gambling not only on mobile but also in-store, Bovada will see itself being squeezed out.

My guess is that Bovada will eventually have to cave in to regulators and make formal applications for licences, not only to get a seat at the big table, but to be treated as a serious contender in the US.

With so much revenue potential at stake, they’d be fools not to.

DraftKings Launches sports betting in New Hampshire

DraftKings the leading fantasy and sports betting site has launched their online platform to New Hampshire residents.

New Hampshire has become only the second New England state to allow sports betting to players over 18 years old. Residents can now legally place bets on their favourite teams using DraftKings online sportsbook.

To celebrate governor Chris Sununu placed the first bet of $82 on New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

For New Hampshire punters the timing couldn’t be more perfect, just as the NFL play-offs are about to start.

new hampshire sports betting draftkings
New Hampshire Gov Chris Sununu is so confident New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl he placed the states first-ever bet.

This follows the approval of sports betting back in May 2018 where the US Supreme Court overturned a federal ban on gambling in all states but Nevada.

Since then New Jersey, Rhode Island and Delaware have given the nod to legalised sports betting in their respective states.

New Hampshire goes all in

Back in July 2019 New Hampshire lawmakers signed a bill to create a new state-run lottery, the New Hampshire Lottery, which has full control and approval of applications for gambling companies in the state.

In November officials agreed a six-year contract between the New Hampshire Lottery and Draftkings – the Boston-based sports betting company. In the agreement, half of the revenue generated from DraftKings will go back into state education.

The deal is expected to produce up to $8 million for New Hampshire education programs in 2021 and this figure could double to $16 million by 2022.

Best New Hampshire Sports Betting Sites

DraftKings are not the only sportsbook for NH punters to play. Here’s a list of the best New Hampshire sports betting sites you can signup to now.

Currently New Hampshire Lottery has approved gambling licences of up to 10 physical store locations and online/ mobile gambling platforms, with further applications being processed.

DraftKings has yet to confirm an exact date for their retail bookmaker stores in New Hampshire, but they anticipate it to be ready for the later end of 2020.

Massachusetts applies the brakes

Players in neighboring Massachusetts will have to wait a bit longer while officials decide whether or not to legalise sport betting in the state. The Legislature Economic Development and Emerging Technology Committee are currently reviewing the proposal but it’s unlikely we will see any action taken until mid 2020.

Massachusetts officials have been slow off the mark to implement any legislative changes to gambling in the state.

While it’s frustrating for MA gamblers, it is a screwed move by the state to monitor how early adopters have implemented the legislation in their respective states and possibly learn from any mistakes made.

Massachusetts state Governor, Charlie Baker said:

“The expectation is that its something that the legislature will take up before the end of the session which ends in July, but I would be very surprised if it got done before then.”

Bet365 WILL Struggle in US Market Without a Partner

Bet365’s joint chief executive Denise Coates has been in the headlines this week following news that the gambling founder, joint CEO with John Coates, earned an astonishing £323m.

To put this into perspective that’s 60 times greater than the median pay of just under £5m for CEOs in the top 100 UK companies.

While there is no justification to reward yourself such a ludicrous salary, there’s no denying their accomplishments.

By 2023 the US gambling market could be worth a staggering $19b.

Coates has done a remarkable job over the past decade, building the Bet365 brand as the leading online sportsbook in the UK. All of this in one of the fastest and competitive industries to be in.

On average Bet365 has just over 15 million active users, in comparison Paddy Power gets just 6 million.

That’s how far Bet365 are ahead of their nearest rival.

Eye off the ball

But while business is booming in the UK for Bet365, it appears that the gambling giant may have taken their eye off the ball when it comes to business across the pond.

In May 2018 gambling groups overturned a federal ban in the supreme court, in effect allowing sports betting in the US, and states across the United States have been applying for gambling licences.

Since then sports betting brands have been eager to get a slice of American pie. Most notable was Flutter Entertainment who own Paddy Power and Betfair acquisition of fantasy sports book FanDuel for $465m last year.

Both FanDuel and privately owned DraftKings own over three-quarter of the US sports betting market, putting Flutter in a comfortable position.

And it looks like Flutter are about to score another slam-dunk when it acquires Stars Group in early 2020. Stars Group has also released a new sports betting platform FoxBet in partnership with Fox Sports.

Flutter Entertainment’s shrewd acquisitions have put it in a great position to dominate the US market.

This could provide Flutter Entertainment unprecedented access to Fox Sports viewers.

Stiff Competition

It’s not just Flutter that are securing deals with dominant market players in the US.

Ladbrokes owner GVC Holdings has also joined forces with MGM Holdings and FoxBet, and together have launched a $200m venture with BetMGM earlier this month.

GVC Chief Executive, Adam Greenblatt has reinforced his companies investments are “for the long term.”

This leaves Bet365 without a dancing partner in what is possibly the most lucrative gambling market to open its doors in over a half a century.

Lucrative Proposition

The earnings potential in the US market could far exceed any other.

Some gambling insiders have estimated it could exceed $19b within three years. This is five times greater than the total revenue in the UK and with only two-thirds of US states legalising sports betting by this time.

A Faux Par

Bet365 recently released its trial beta sportsbook to punters in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but have already hit a hurdle when some players noticed that NFL games were categorised under “American Football” and not under “Football” which most punters would expect.

It’s subtle cultural differences such as this that makes me believe that Bet365 need a tie-in with a major US sport betting brand before it’s too late.

In my mind it would have made more sense for Coates to have paid a premium for a super brand such as DraftKing instead of giving half of her earnings to the taxman.

Whether the Bet365 board have already tried this or not, they have failed to find a suitable partner with a big enough presence to make a real impact here.

It’s quite likely Bet365 will struggle in a market where it is lesser known, and at a time where UK gambling authorities are considering restricting the amount punters can bet online, which will certainly impact on profits in 2020.

William Hill Bet Slip Checker | All You Need to Know 2020

William Hill have come to the rescue yet again.

This time they’ve created a cracking app that saves you time checking if your accumulator or any other bet has come in.

The William Hill Bet Slip Checker does exactly what is says on the tin.

You can check instantly whether your a winner by entering your betting slip code.

And it’s really simple to do.

  1. Go to the Bet Slip Checker homepage.
  2. Manually enter your bet slip number – You can find this beneath the William Hill logo.
  3. Click the Submit button.
  4. The result below will tell you if you have won.

So there’s no need to check if the results of your complicated 5-fold acca have come in. Just go to the William Hill Bet Slip Checker to find out instantly if you’ve won.

You can even setup a shortcut icon on your mobile homepage to make it even quicker.

Partial Cash Out Your Bet Slip

Did you also know you can partially cash out your bet using the bet slip checker.

Once you submit your code you’ll be given the option to cash out your bet with the cash out price displayed.

Simply accept the cash out and enter your details to transfer your winnings.

It couldn’t be simpler!

In-Store Bet Slip Scanner

Alternatively William Hill also has a number of in-store bet slip scanner terminal.

This will scan the unique QR code on the bet slip and automatically check if you have a winning slip.

It’s really convenient if your in a rush and there’s a queue of punters after a game or race collecting their winnings.

But before you go…

Regular William Hill Punter?

Did you know: That a staggering 2.3% of all winning bet slips are never claimed.

There are two reasons for this:

  • Either the bet slip has been misplaced or lost.
  • Or worse, punter doesn’t realise it’s a winning slip.

Don’t live in the dark ages!

If you enjoying poping into your local William Hill bookmaker on a Saturday to meetup with mates that’s perfectly fine.

But why not sign-up to the in-store William Hill Plus card.

“There’s no need for a bet slip as all your bets are kept on your plus card.”

And you can keep track of all your bets with the William Hill mobile app.

BEST still, if you win you can have your winnings transferred to your bank account without having to pop back into your local branch.

If you’re not already a William Hill online customer, you can take advantage of an exclusive offer of Bet £10 Get £30 in free bets. Free bets come with a 30x wager and must be used within 14 days. Just be sure to check the terms and conditions before you register.

Our Verdict

While i’m all for punters popping into the local bookmakers to help out the highstreet, nothing would annoy me more than tossing a winning ticket away without knowing.
Online tools such as William Hill Bet Slip checker are designed to ensure that punters avoid this problem – which can easily happen if you’re distracted.

Alternatively you can sign-up to Plus card which gives you more flexibility. Holding all your bets on one card and ensuring that even if you lose your card, your slips are still safe ready to payout.

Plus it saves you having to carry bet slips around, winner!

Should you Clear Bookmaker Cookies when Gambling?

delete bookmaker cookies


  • Bookmakers within holdings could potentially share data between companies.
  • What data protection rights you have and are they enough to protect you.
  • How to delete bookmaker cookies and setup private web browser windows.

Harvesting Your Data

Nowadays we hand over far too much information of ourselves on the internet.

And in most cases users don’t even realise they are doing it.

Most of the information we give away is relatively harmless, such as our geographical location or products we’re interested in.

So how do companies collect this information?

One word… Cookies.

Nearly every time you go on a new website you will be asked to accept their terms and use of cookies.

In fact our site betotg.com uses basic google analytics meta-data, to collate user information about which pages users have viewed and the length of time spent on each one. So we can see which content is more engaging to our users.

But what are cookies and should you be concerned?

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data sent from websites and stored onto your computer to record user browsing activity. In some cases it can be something as simple recording the items in your basket. So the next time you browse the same site, the items will still be there in the basket saving you time.

delete bookmaker cookies
Deleting cookies really quite simple, as you’ll find out.

So as you can see cookies hold very simple pieces of user information. It’s not monitoring or recording your every move, it’s not that smart.

Suffice to say that in general most cookie data is harmless and not much use to other websites.

Essentially cookies are your personal preference data for each website. So the cookies of one site is of no use to the cookies of another.

Fair Game?

The problem is that bookmakers have a reputation of not playing fair.

Over the years there have been various articles raising the issue of bookmakers installing so called iesnare which aims to scrape as much meta-data it can to build-up a profile of the user.

And the worse part is it’s completely legal!

As bookmakers say that they are retrieving data about the device, such as IP address or browsing history, and NOT the users themselves.

In the past bookmakers have defended their actions stating they are forced to do this due to regulation, and without this software it would be impossible to meet regulatory guidelines set out by the Gambling commission which include; ensuring that no money laundering occurs on their platform.

Personally I think this is pathetic excuse, even by bookmakers standards…

But fore warned is fore armed, and understanding the limitations of what bookmakers can and can’t extract from you is a means to fight back.

Should I be worried about Bookmakers Cookies?

Well maybe…

You see, cookie data should be defended by the Same-Origin Policy, which prevents one site from accessing and reading the cookies of another.

Technically there’s nothing stopping websites accessing other cookies. What legally protects you is the Same Origin policy.

Case closed then?

Well no quite, as some bookmakers are part of the same holdings company and this is where it becomes unclear.

Flutter Group currently owns Paddy Power and Betfair, and looks set to own Skybet and Foxbet in 2020

Paddy Power and Betfair are part of the same group Flutter Entertainment. And GVC Holdings owns and operates both Ladbrokes and Coral sportsbooks.

It’s possible that Paddy Power and Betfair cookies are part of the same group of cookies (Flutter Group) and can therefore share data between companies.

I will stress there is no concrete evidence that this is happening and is purely speculation, but it is plausible.

So what should you do if you are concerned by bookmaker cookies?

Well you could of course delete the data every time you finish a web browsing session.

In fact you can set this up in a couple of minutes and is fairly straightforward to do.

In this following section we’ll go through a step-by-step process of clearing your existing cookies and setting up an automatic “clear cookies” every time you close your web browser.

Don’t worry we’ll still keep your autofill data for usernames and passwords, so you don’t need to complete this every time you log into websites, this is purely meta data stored in cookies.

Deleting Bookmaker Cookies  – Chrome Browser

Android Devices

1. Tap on the Chrome Icon
2. At the right of the address bar tap DOTS > Settings
3. Tap on Privacy > Clear Browsing Data.
4. Set Time Range to All Time and check the box Cookies and Site Data.
5. Finally tap on the Clear Data button on the bottom right-hand corner.

Unfortunately Chrome on Android does not allow automated clearing of cookies, so we suggest you use a private window, which we show you how to setup further below.

Desktop Devices

1. At the right of the address bar click DOTS > Settings.
2. On the left-hand sidebar select Advanced > Privacy and Security > Clear Browsing Data
3. Set Time Range to All Time and check the box Cookies and Site Data.
4. Click the Clear Data button on the bottom right-hand corner to delete all cookies.

To clear cookies every time you close Chrome

5. Select Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Cookies and Data
6. Then check “Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome” switch.
7. Close the window and your cookies data will be cleared.

Wait! I just want to clear bookmaker cookies and keep cookies from other websites.

bookmaker private window
How to open a new Private Window in Firefox.

In that case you will need to open a New Private Window or Incognito as it’s known on Google Chrome.

This allows you to open a blank web browser window that’s separate from your existing window with no cookie data – treat it like a new blank session.

Once you’ve finished browsing the bookmakers site, simply close the window using the cross in the upper right-hand corner and the cookie data for that window is automatically cleared.

Open a New Private Incognito Window for Bookmaker sites

This is really simple to do.


At the right of the address bar click DOTS > New Incognito Window.


At the right of the address bar click VERT > New Private Window.

You can also open a private window quickly on desktop by holding Ctrl+Shift+N on Chrome or Ctrl+Shift+P on Firefox.

The new private “incognito” window should appear. You can now browse bookmaker sites in this window privately.

Once you close the window the session will end and your cookies will be deleted.

It’s recommended that you open private windows for each bookmaker, as cookies are still used being used per session. So i’d recommend opening a new private window and to close this down once you have finished with that particular bookmaker and open a new one if you want to switch to another bookie.

One Caveat with using Incognito Windows

There is one word of caution when using private “incognito” windows, and that is that websites can detect whether you are using a private window or not.

This is fine for most websites, but I would be cautious about using them with bookmakers, as it might make them suspicious about your intentions and they could monitor you activity more frequently.

Be careful, bookmakers can now detect if you are using a Private Incognito Window.

The reason for including this is that it gives you “options” whether to include this or not – ultimately it’s your decision.

Final Thoughts

Just to be clear, there is no clear evidence that bookmakers within the same holdings company use “group cookies” to share data between companies. I’m no expert in web development nor litigation as to whether this is possible.

Whilst I would prefer to provide as little information as possible to bookmakers, I generally do not worry about clearing cookies.

Chances are that you’re more likely to alert bookmakers to your account if they see you wiping your cookies or detecting a private incognito window every time you access the site.

So if your a frequent user of just one bookmaker I would advise you leave your cookies alone.

However, for matched betting players aiming to “game” bookmakers and who are frequent switchers, I do think there is some mileage in doing this, as it’s likely that you will switch between bookmakers and exchanges.

So if you’re using Paddy Power or Betfair Sportsbook and then switching to Betfair Exchange to lay the other trade, it’s almost certain they will detect your activity and gubb your account sooner.

7 Best Ewallets for Gambling Sites – Definitive Comparison Guide 2020


  • The digitization of money continues at a rapid rate and bookmakers are desperate to ride this trend.
  • Why mobile ewallets are simpler and more secure than traditional debit card payments.
  • Complete comparison guide to the latest and best ewallets for gambling which you can download and use today.
  • Finally which ewallet I currently use for sports betting and why.

Secular Shift to Digital Wallets
Ewallets in Gambling
So Many Choices
7 Best eWallets for Gambling Sites
Bookmaker eWallets for Central and East Asia
Pros and Cons of Gambling eWallets
The Downside to eWallets
What about Google Pay?
Hang on… You Missed out Bitcoin?

The Secular Shift to Digital Wallets

best ewallets for gamblingOnline digital payments may sound like brand new ground-breaking tech, but they’ve been been around for quite some time.

Just take PayPal as an example, the company has been operating since the late 90’s.

But it wasn’t until mobile apps and big players such as Google and Apple stepped in that we started to see a shift in consumer appetite to electronic wallets – or ewallets for short.

In a recent poll 21% of sportsbook customers regularly use ewallets to transfer funds.

Within this group 48% account for 18-34 year-olds – that’s nearly half of all gambling ewallets are held by this age group.

And this growth looks set to continue into the next decade as more gambling customers switch from the highstreet to online and we move to a cashless society.

Ewallets in Gambling

But this trend hasn’t caught the gambling industry off-guard.

Bookmakers and casino sites have been well prepared and stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to early adoption of financial technology – fintech.

In fact while researching for this article I found that Paddy Power had accepted Neteller ewallet payments since 2006 – so well over a decade.

They were also early adopters of online payment services such as PayPal with most major bookmakers now accepting the digital service.

So Many Choices…

Nowadays punters have more choices than ever on how to deposit funds to gambling sites.

Bwin has over twenty eight different payment methods!

The problem is which one should you go with?

After all half of these companies you’ve never heard of, so why should you trust handing over your hard-earned-cash to a mobile payment platform?

After going through every major bookmaker to see what payment options they provide their customers, (for the complete guide you can check out our Banking page) we’ve selected the very best ewallets for gambling.

7 Best eWallets for Gambling Sites


Were very early adopters in this space – way back in 1998. During the past twenty years they have dominated the online payments industry, accounting for over 72% of all ewallet transactions.

Accepted by Bookmakers:
888sport, Bet365, Paddy Power, William Hill, Coral, Betvictor, Betway, Sportnation, Racebets, Masion Bet, Bwin, 10Bet, Betstars, Tonybet, Mobilewins.

Withdrawal times: Within 24hrs
Deposit Limit: £10
Transaction Fee’s: None
Mobile App: Available

Pros – Most widely used ewallet on the planet and accepted by most bookmakers
Cons – Bank account verification process can take some time.


Neteller is a global leader in the industry for ewallets and can be used with a variety of merchants including Spotify and Google.

Neteller also accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency deposits.

Accepted by Bookmakers:
888sport, Bet365, Paddy Power, Betfred, William Hill, Coral, Betway, Totesports, Racebets, Matchbook, Come On, Bwin, 10Bet, Leovegas Sports, Betstars, Royal Panda Sports, Mobilebet, Tonybet, Fans Bet and Mobilewins.

Withdrawal times: Within 12hrs
Min Deposit: £15
Transaction Fee’s: None
Deposit to Bookie: Free
Mobile App: Available

Pros – Quick setup time and great mobile interface.
Cons – Demands additional security passwords which are necessary to access account.


skrill Built a strong reputation as a reliable and trustworthy payment service, so much so that they are accepted by most major bookmakers.


Accepted by Bookmakers:
Bet365, Paddy Power, Betfred, William Hill, Coral, Betvictor , Totesports, Racebets, Matchbook, Come On, Bwin, 10Bet, Leovegas Sports, Betstars, Royal Panda Sports, Mobilebet, Tonybet, Fans Bet and Mobilewins.

Withdrawal times: 24hrs
Minimum Deposit: £10
Transaction Fee’s: None
Mobile App: Available

Pros – Accepted by most leading bookmakers.
Cons – User interface is slightly confusing.


Apples own digital wallet is not just accepted online but widely used on the highstreet. With fingerprint password protection, you won’t find a more secure and trusted brand.


Accepted by Bookmakers:
888sport, Bet365, Paddy Power, Betfred, William Hill, Betfair, Sportingbet, Bwin, Mobilebet.

Withdrawal times: NA
Minimum Deposit: £5
Transaction Fee’s: None
Mobile App: Available

Pros – Can also be used in most retail stores.
Cons – Available on Apple devices only.


A lesser-known ewallet but beginning to gain momentum and is now accepted by some well known bookmakers.

Accepted by Bookmakers:
William Hill, Coral, Bwin, 10Bet, Tonybet, Fans Bet, Mobile Wins.

Withdrawal times: 24-48hrs
Deposit Limit: £10
Transaction Fee’s: None
Deposit to Bookie: Free
Mobile App: Available

Pros –
Cons –


Relative newbie in this space with the company only founded in 2015, but already we’re finding this ewallet crop up with a number of bookmakers.

Accepted by Bookmakers:
888Sport, Sportingbet, Bwin, Betstars.

Withdrawal times: 24-48hrs
Deposit Limit: £5
Transaction Fee’s: None
Mobile App: Available

Pros – Low minimum deposit amount.
Cons – Quite new ewallet with very few bookmakers accepting this payment.


Slightly lesser known brand to the other but has been operating for the past 8 years and built up quite a following with over 14 million users globally.

Accepted by Bookmakers:
888sport, William Hill, Sportnation, Black Type, Come On, Bwin, Leovegas Sports, Mobilebet, Fans Bet, Mobile Wins.

Withdrawal times: 1-2days
Deposit Limit: £10
Transaction Fee’s: None
Mobile App: Available

Pros – Well established brand supported by a large number of bookmakers.
Cons – Time to withdraw is slightly longer than other brands.


Bookmaker eWallets for Central and East Asia


The leading mobile payment service in Russia with over 21 million customers and accounts for 78.6% of ewallet transactions in the Russian digital payments service.

Currently only William Hill and 888sport are the only western bookmakers that accept QiWi deposits.

It’s highly likely we will see more western bookmakers accept QiWi payments, due to the sheer size of the Russian market and opportunities available there.

Pros and Cons of Gambling eWallets

So why should you switch to ewallets when gambling, what are the advantages?

Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with using traditional debit card payments, but digital ewallets have some pretty compelling arguments to convert.

Below is a list of the pros and cons of moving to mobile ewallets. Some of these are fairly obvious, but some are less so.

1. Convenience

It goes without saying but transfers to bookmakers using ewallets are much simpler and quicker than entering debit card details during signing up.

This is more so if you are a frequent “bonus-hopper” i.e. someone who frequently switches bookmaker to take advantage of their new customer offers.

In most cases selecting the correct payment carrier will automatically redirected you to the mobile app. From there you simply enter your password and confirm the amount you want to transfer, and hey presto you’re done!

There’s also a huge security benefit to this which we’ll come to further down.

2. Two Factor Authentication

Where mobile ewallets come into their own is with enhanced two-factor authentication. You may have already used this feature to sign into your Amazon or Ebay accounts.

Generally it requires you to enter a six digit number that the carrier sends to your mobile as a text message. Simply enter the code into the pop-up screen and you’re done.

This ensures the carrier that your account hasn’t been hacked as only you can confirm the transaction when receiving the text on your mobile device.

3. Fast Winnings Withdrawals

It feels incredible when you win big.

But the problem that most of us face is not having the funds available straight away to celebrate.

With ewallet funding you may get your winnings back sooner than you think.

In general ewallet transaction times are twice as fast as card transfers. Ewallets usually take between 24-48 hours. In contrast traditional banking can be anywhere between 3-4 working days.

4. Enhanced Security – Protect your Card!

Generally we don’t know for sure that the device we’re using hasn’t been compromised in some way, either by a hacker gaining access or by an inconspicuous virus.

In the past, viruses made themselves visible to the user to somehow extort money from the user. But more modern viruses are much more sophisticated and will sit in the background monitoring your activity and collecting information you enter such as debit card information.

Now this is not intended to scare anyone that their mobile or laptop is infected. The point i’m making here is that the less information you enter while online, the less chance there is of someone stealing your information and use it against you.

In contrast if you have an ewallet already setup on your phone, you simply tap the icon and enter your password.

In some cases you can also use a keylocker and your finger print to unlock your ewallets password, eliminating any keystrokes from the process and enhancing security – not to mention it’s pretty cool!

The Downside to eWallets

Ok so ewallets are not without their flaws.

Below is a list of issues we came across while using ewallets for gambling sites.

Deposit Limits

Similar to your wireless bank card, ewallets have a daily deposit limit of £30. So once you transfer £30 into you bookmakers account, you won’t be able to repeat this until the following day.

But don’t worry…

You can resolve this by speaking to a member of customer services and request that this threshold is increased to an amount your comfortable with.

On the plus side, this helps anyone who spends too much time gambling to limit the amount they spend each day.

Welcome Bonus Restrictions

In some cases we have found restrictions on using ewallets to receive new customer sign-up bonuses.

So if you are a first time depositor with a bookmaker and want to take advantage of their offer, just make sure you check all of the acceptable deposit options available.

As part of our comparison guide above, we’ve highlighted which bookmakers exclude certain ewallets as part of their promotions.

Just make sure you check the bookmakers terms and conditions that your ewallet can be used before depositing.

Transaction Fees

Nearly all ewallet providers will charge customers a small transaction fee to transfer funds back into your ewallet.

It’s unclear whether bookmakers will include this as part of their commission for processing the transfer, so it is best to check with them before requesting the transfer.

Fees will vary but are generally within 1-2% range of the total amount to be received.

What about Google Pay?

Well surprisingly the worlds largest search engine has only one supporter when it comes to mobile payments.


Yes Bet365 is the only bookmaker that currently (as of late 2019) offers Google Pay as a payment option.

Why is this?

Well we could speculate a number of reasons, but I think it’s more than likely the requirements to be a registered Google Pay bookmaker will be quite high and so most will avoid having to do this.

I do believe as more and more customers start using Google Pay to pay for groceries and everyday items, we’ll see bookmakers and casinos adopt this payment option.

Hang on… You Missed out Bitcoin?

What about Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies? Surely they should be included in the list of ewallets?

While it’s true that crypto currencies are in fact digital cash and should be included, the trouble is there are just too many wallets to choose from.

As a result we’ve decided to write a separate article that’s dedicated to crypto wallets which should be released shortly.

Our Verdict

Digital ewallets have come such a long way over the past decade (I still remember the first release of Neteller!) and their integration as mobile apps will only simplify the way we pay for goods and services in the future.

Punters do need to be aware that some ewallets CANNOT be used if you want to take advantage of bookmaker new customer offers.

But for the rest of us that frequently use the same bookie you could save time and enhance your security by adding one of the ewallets we’ve discussed, chances are you may already have an account with one.

So what do you think? Have you used any of the ewallets for sports betting we’ve discussed? Let me know in the comments section.

[1] Those are customers based in UK, US and Australia.

Paddy Power announces £10b merger with PokerStars

Betfair and Paddy Power’s parent company Flutter Entertainment announced last week its intention to acquire Stars Group in a deal worth £10 billion.

The merger still needs approval from both UK and Canadian authorities, but provided it goes through the deal would create the worlds largest gambling operator in terms of revenue.

Those that unfamiliar with Stars Group (formerly Amaya Gaming) will certainly have heard of their brands which include sportsbook heavy-weight Skybet UK, Oddschecker, Pokerstars and Full Tilt.

The two companies announced that Flutter Entertainment would acquire Stars Group in an all-share purchase – a £200m premium to Stars’ current valuation. Flutter shareholders would own 55 percent of the new company with Stars’ owners holding the remainder.

During the announcement Flutter’s chief executive Peter Jackson discussed that talks of a merger had been an on-going for the past couple of years.

“This will give us a much bigger platform to operate from. When you’re very small in a market you don’t have anything that differentiates you and you become a bit of a commodity.”

Under the terms Stars’ CEO Rafi Ashkenazi will become chief operating officer.

Revenues in the new-formed company are likely to double those of rival Ladbrokes Coral owners GVC and 50 percent more than Bet365 according to market analysts.

Whilst the two companies have agreed the merger in principle, the deal could take until the third quarter of 2020 as it faces scrutiny from officials in the UK and Australia due to size of the market share the new firm would have.

What’s in it for Flutter?

Cap on FOBT stakes to £2 has been a blow to highstreet bookmakers.Flutter Entertainment’s earnings have struggled in recent years with Paddy Power and Betfair already in saturated markets in the UK, US and Australia.

The UK governments decision to reduce the stake punters can place on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) from £100 to £2 has been a massive blow for the industry.

In comparison Stars Group is six times bigger outside of Flutter Entertainment’s markets and it’s this reason why the gambling giant are keen to get a deal done.

This will expand their footprint further in Latin America and Asia by acquiring a well established brand in those markets and provide some much needed revenue growth for shareholders.

Stars’ Align

A major contributing factor in the deal came in May when Stars’ made an incredible coup by partnering with Fox Sports for the rights to provide sports betting odds to US viewers. Stars group now has ownership of FoxBet which is a subsidiary of Fox Sports.

In 2018 Paddy Power bought the rights to US fantasy football site FanDuel for shares-ownership in Flutter.

The merger would now consolidate the US market to only four major sports betting players, the others being William Hill, GVC which owns Ladbrokes Coral and Bet365.

Will Punters Benefit from Flutter Entertainment Stars Group Merger?

In short, No.

This is a heavily regulated industry which results in high barriers to entry (meaning a lot of capital and resources just to keep-up with existing companies).

So any concentration in an already niche market can only be bad news for customers.

It’s likely to lead to less favorable odds for punters.

There’s a good chance that this latest merger in sports betting will lead to further consolidation, with other rival bookmakers looking for partners to strengthen their position.

Possible Platform Shake-up?

The only possible glimmer of good news that may come from this deal is that Stars Group may now receive a much needed cash injection to innovate their poker platform.

Rival poker sites such as 888 Poker have completely overhauled their poker platform back in March in an attempt to catch-up with leaders Pokerstars.

Negative earning for Stars’ has lead to its platform falling behind. Flutter should have much needed funds to deploy to Stars Group platforms.

So it’s likely we’ll see a shakeup in all of Stars’ brands to keep ahead of its rivals.


FanDuel Deposit Options | All You Need to Know 2020

Has your state become the latest to legalize sports betting? In that case you might be wondering what deposit options are available on sportsbook FanDuel. To...