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Best Matched Betting Forums | Go from Complete Noob to Grand Master

If I had to pick one thing that accelerated my knowledge of matched betting which significantly boosted my earnings, it had to be joining matched betting forums.

While matched betting isn’t rocket science it certainly isn’t fool proof. So why wouldn’t you want to consume all the wealth of knowledge from forum members with decades worth of experience?

I can’t tell you the number of times a member has corrected me from laying the wrong side, saving me a small fortune!

Not only that but you get a chance to speak to like-minded people who are all on the same wavelength.

Still not convinced?

Here are just a handful of reasons for joining matched betting forums.

Benefits of match betting forums?

Cover yourself – Get someone to check your place/lay strategy before you bet
Pick-up tips on how to avoid being gubbed (account restricted)
Find new bookmaker offers you weren't aware of
Check new existing customer offers from bookmakers you are already with
Find niche match betting market offers i.e. greyhound racing

The list goes on…

Contrary to belief, while matched betting is risk free if executed correctly it is NOT idiot proof – mistakes can happen.

While I’m not trying to scare you away from matched betting it is important for punters who are new to this that you can accidentally place the wrong bet meaning you lose money.

So why have I mentioned this?

It points out the significance of using matched betting forums and communities.

There are hundreds of experienced players on the forums eager to help you out. All you need to do is post the matched bet you intend to place and within minutes you’ll have a number of members either confirming whether the bet is correct or not.

This will at least give you some reassurance before placing the bet.

So which matched betting forums and communities are the best?

Well for the past year I’ve flirted between many matched betting forums to try and grasp as much insight and knowledge on the subject as possible.

I’ve joined about a dozen matched betting and arbing forums, but have whittled it down-to the top 5 forums plus i’ll give you my top choice of matched betting forums for beginners and seasoned professionals.

5 Best Matched Betting Forums and Communities – In no particular order

1. Team Profit – Best for newbies (admin support)

When it comes to actively managed forums with experienced administrators Team Profit wins hands down.

I was blown away by the level of support they provide their 7500+ members. From beginners who post questions on the best way to take advantage of bookmaker promotions, to veterans who want to maximise their returns.

As well as this you also receive daily posts from Tom’s Lunchtime Profits, with a list of the best returns you can get from the main bookmakers.

But what really impressed me was Buschra’s Newbie Power Hour. This is a live Q&A session on the forum for anyone new to matched betting that’s available Monday-Friday from 7pm.

It’s this level of community support that puts Team Profit head and shoulders above the rest.

2. Martin Lewis (Moneysavingexpert)

best matched betting forumsThe maestro of money saving has been matched betting from the very start. Infact the first matched betting specific post we found went all the way back to 2004.

While MSE forum members are allowed to share betting recommendations they do stress that contrary to belief matched betting is not without risk. For more details on this we have a post explaining why matched betting is not risk free.

While the site is packed with decades worth of experienced members, the forum isn’t sub-sectioned into further categories, which means you spend all of your time trawling through pages to find any specific content you want.

With that said, most MSE members are money savers so are more than likely trust worthy with their suggestions.

For me the forum is quite dated and not dedicated to match betting, but they do have some useful “sticky” posts at the top of the page for anyone new to this gambling strategy.

3. MatchedBettingBlog Forum

Matched Betting Blog is relatively new (just over a year) but within that time it has already gained pace and attracted a decent following. The forum is looks sharp and to the point with no spammy banners ads and works straight from the browser (so no need for an app).

This definitely appears to be an active forum with hundreds of live members on at any one time and tons of posts placed daily.

The sub categories are well structured with one for new players, general chat and more specific match betting events such as the World Cup 2018. They also have an Archive section which I think is handy for previous major events should you need to look back at previous conversations with members.

From a pure matched betting prospective this is more suited to experienced matched bettors i.e. less reliance on match betting tools.

4. Odds Monkey Community – Best veteran forum

As you would expect with a tool that’s dedicated to finding you the best matched betting odds across multiple bookmakers, Odds Monkey community is in a league of it’s own!

With over 40,000 members all willing to hand-out advice it is by far the best matched betting forum to join.

Matched betting forums don’t get much better, but it comes at a price!

What really stands out for me are the topics they cover in niche areas which I haven’t found elsewhere, such as matched betting abroad which we’ll also cover in a future article.

Bear in mind this is a forum for premium members only i.e. paid subscribers to Odds Monkey’s matched betting platform so created by the same team that built what is arguably one of the best matched betting comparison tools in existence. With over 300k posts to date we’re sure that any questions you may have about matched betting has already been covered and easily found.

5. Profit Accumulator Forum – Enhanced Features

Not to be out-done by it’s main rival, Profit Accumulator equally has an impressive forum design with over 60k users and near to 2k active users at any one time, they do have a stronger user-base than oddsmonkey, but not by much.

The forum has some nice features such as a post preview on the right-hand sidebar, so you don’t have to open that page up to read the latest comment.

The user interface appears to be identical to Odds Monkey, so much so that I wonder if they paid the same app developer! When you get to the paid subscription level it’s swings and roundabouts and really down to your own personal taste.

If you’re a premium PA member it makes sense to use their forum, especially if you’re new to this as they will certain help you out with any software issues.

Our Verdict

Best for newbies – Team Profit

This is purely down to the level of support you receive and the response time from the admin team, which is important for new players especially if you end up making a mistake.

Best matched betting forum for professionals – Odds Monkey

It’s really difficult to differentiate between the bigger players but I prefer the layout and the way it’s categorised. There also appears to be more punters on the OM forum at any one time, with their own matched betting suggestions.

Overall matched betting forums are a wealth of resource and great way for newbies to get up to speed on complexity of matched betting. For veteran professionals they are a source for finding new offers and of course bragging how much you made on the weekend!

Do you agree with me?

Let me know your experiences with any of the forums we discussed in the comments section below and be sure to mention any you’ve found that deserve a mention.

10 Trick’s to Avoid Being Gubbed | Account Limited by Bookmakers

avoid being gubbed by bookmakers

Having your account gubbed by a bookmaker is the worse outcome for arbers and matched betting players, it simply means game over…

With bookmakers now using algorithms to track and sniff-out “smart punters” the chances of being caught has significantly increased.

The only option is to fight back!

So in this guide we’re going to show you 10 trick’s to avoid being gubbed by bookmakers.

Gubbing – A fate worse than death for gamblers

So what is gubbing and how can I avoid it?

Being “gubbed” is when you have you’re account limited by a bookmaker, this can mean you no longer receive free bet or enhanced odds promotions – which matched betting is based on.

Matched bettors are used to receiving the “gubbed email”. Follow our guide and you’ll see less of these…

In most cases this means you are unable to take advantage of free bets and enhanced offers that make matched betting possible. Worse case you’re limited to placing less than £1 bets on any event, making the account useless.

The rules of the game have changed

how to avoid account restrictions from bookmakersUnfortunately the degree in which the odds are stacked in favour of the bookmaker is ever increasing.

With the rise of betting strategies (e.g dutching, matched betting) that provide consistent risk-free returns, bookmakers have been forced to play dirty!

To make matters worse bookmakers are now introducing AI (Artificial Intelligence) as a means to sniff out potential arbers.

In the past bookies used software algorithms to track and monitor players for suspicious account activity, but more recently they have introduced AI (Artificial Intelligence) which not only monitors account activity but will now aim to predict punters next bet and learn from your gambling patterns.

How can I avoid being gubbed or account limited by bookmakers?

If you spend enough time on match betting forums or community pages, most users will tell you that eventually most player accounts will get gubbed (or restricted), gubbing is not only unavoidable but inevitable.

But there are a small group of match betting professionals with 5+ years experience that STILL have their accounts intact.

How do they do it?

By stick to a set of rules that we have listed below!

We can’t guarantee you won’t have any of your accounts gubbed, but what we can say is that by using the rules below you will reduce your chances or even avoid being gubbed altogether.

10 Top Tips to avoid being Gubbed –

1. Have a Mug Bet strategy

Most punters hate the idea of deliberately losing money, but to keep your account open for longer you need to give the bookmaker a big fat “mug steak” to throw him off the sent.

The best way to do this is with a Mug Bet.

This means placing a bet on your favourite sport or team that is likely to lose. Try to think like the average mug punter with bets that they are likely to place.

It may not stop you receiving the usual account restriction email we’re all used to. But it will help keep that account open for longer and in the mean time you can maximise your monthly winnings in the process.

Just make sure you lay the same team at a betting exchange, that way you keep your loses to a minimum.

2. Clear your web browser cookies

avoid being gubbed
“Mmmm cookies!” – Cookie Monster

Could cookies be giving the game away?

Cookies are small text files on your computer that contain information and preferences of websites.

An example is items in basket that you have yet to purchase. That information will be stored in a cookie, so the next time access the site the items are STILL in the basket.

While there is no proof that bookmakers use tracking scripts to allow cookie data to be shared between themselves, there has been evidence of them installing monitoring software in the past (see section 6 below).

I personally prefer to edge on the side of caution and delete cookies after each session as standard practice.

If you prefer to keep your cookie data enabled you could use a separate web browser for gambling such as Firefox or Brave. Go to Preferences and set all cookie data to be cleared each time you close the browser.

3. Avoid going into obscure markets

Nearly all of the match betting pros we spoke to agreed that punters should stick to major markets, that means sport events that the most of mug punters will bet on such as; English Premier League or Championship, PGA Golf, Tennis, Boxing, major Horse and Dog racing.

Yes Chess Boxing does exist! But avoid betting on this at it could raise a few eyebrows at Coral.

The key is to stay under the radar of bookmakers algos. Betting on a U21 Romanian football match will almost certainly catch you out and put your account up for review.

4. Don’t always go for the Big Fish

When you first start matched betting, it’s all too easy to get carried away by chasing the biggest returns possible using match betting comparison sites.

The issue with this is that bookmaker will also have access to the same information as you do. So if you continue to use offers that return the biggest rewards, it could result in your account being gubbed.

Try choosing matches that are mid-table on oddsmonkey so your not going for the big pay-off.

5. Steer clear of social media

OK so I do not mean avoid Facebook or Twitter altogether… who under 30 could do that anyway?

What I’m suggesting is not to post any matched betting games or odds. You don’t need to be Cambridge Analyitica to scrape social media for punters planning on placing a matched bet.

I would also go on to say that if you plan to join an arb or matched betting community via social media, that you do this anonymously with another fake/ alias account.

6. Avoid downloading Bookmaker apps

The ability to open an app and quickly access betting markets may be convenient, but can you really trust bookmaker apps?

In the past there has been strong evidence of bookmakers installing so-called Iesnare software, that track punters activity on their computer.

When was the last time you read the permissions/terms agreement before accepting and installing an app?

Without knowing it you could inadvertently allow a bookmaker access to information on your phone legally. It doesn’t take much, something as simple as searching for other bookmakers or betting exchange apps which would be enough to raise a red flag.

I’m not saying you should be paranoid, just prudent. Why give them an opportunity to snoop round your phone?

7. Do NOT open multiple accounts

It goes without saying but one of the easiest ways to have your account restricted is by having more than one account with the same bookie. Even though you may have a second account in a different name i.e. partner, your banking details (including your home address) with be the same.

This is a huge red flag and will automatically put both accounts on the watch list if not gubbed immediately. The key takeaway here is don’t give them an excuse to close your account!

8. Mix things up – Play like a Mug

William Hill isn’t just a bookmaker so jump on the casino table!

By now you’ve got the gist of this.

The aim is to behave like the average punter without taking the huge losses associated with it.

Make sure you use other areas of the bookmakers site such as casino and slot games that are available. Take advantage of the free spins and other promotions they throw at you, but keep your losses to a minimum.

The more genuine a player you look, the longer your account will stay intact.

9. Keep to round numbers

Placing or laying exact value amounts (e.g €/£10.54) is a dead give-away to anyone monitoring your account.

It’s much smarter and safer to round up/down to the nearest €/£1. It may not be as lucrative but the amount you miss out on is minimal while still preserving your account.

10. Last Orders!

Last but not least place your bets as close to the event as possible.

Most strategic bettors will place/lay well in advance to get the best returns. Betting shortly before a sports event will suggest it’s a spur of the moment thing and help you blend into the crowd of other mugs.

Before you go…

I’m interest to know your experiences, have they worked for you?

Tell us about your experience with any of these strategies by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

Notorious Gubbers

When it comes to gubbing accounts, some bookmakers are more notorious than others. So much so that we’re decided to take action by naming and shaming them by placing a Gubber Poll for users to vote for their top gubbing bookmaker.

The winner will be crowned “King Gubber”. The poll will be released shortly to vote, so watch this space…


I think it’s inevitable that arbers or matched betting punters that consistently make a profit will sooner or later have at least one account gubbed – it’s a fact of life.

Bookmakers monitoring software has become so sophisticated with the (introduction of AI) that it’s almost impossible to stay under the radar for a prolong period of time.

With that said there are a number of players that have adopted the strategies discussed above that avoid being gubbed and keep a clean-sheet after match betting for many years, so it can work in some cases.

Our advice is not to stress about it too much, avoiding gubbing can work in the short to mid-term but if it happens there plenty of bookmakers to choose from begging for your custom. Just try to look after the bigger players such as Bet365, William Hill and Paddy Power as they will generally hand out more free bets and offers than the smaller ones.

In some cases it’s not the end of the road if your account has been gubbed. Check out our guide to making money from gubbed accounts.

William Hill Plus Card | How to get instant access to your winnings

william hill plus card

For the first time in years I popped into my local William Hill but it wasn’t to place a bet, instead I went in to withdraw winnings from a bet on my mobile.

Hang on, how on earth can you do that! I hear you say?

Simple, William Hill Plus Card is the latest cash card that gives you instant access to your winnings.

GONE are the days of having to wait 3-4 working days to receive winnings into your bank. The cash is in your hands in seconds.

How does William Hill Plus card work?

The William Hill Plus card synchronises with your online account and allows you to deposit and withdraw online winnings in store from any William Hill branch across the UK.

It also allows you to transfer any in-store winnings to your online account and bet on your mobile.

So how do you get hold of this badboy?

Well good news is you don’t have to be in the Freemasons to get one. Just follow the instructions below and you’re good to go.

How to get a William Hill Plus Card | Step by Step Guide

1. Before we do anything if you don’t have one already you will need a William Hill online account. You can do this by using the banner below.

While you’re at it use the promo code attached to take advantage of William Hill’s latest offer.

As always all offers are subject to terms and conditions with are listed above, just make sure you read William Hill’s terms so you know what to expect.

2. Next step is to register for William Hill Plus. You can do this in one of two ways:

First is to log into your online account and register, bear in mind that it could take 3-4 working days to receive the card and PIN in the post.

The simplest and quickest way is to pop into your local branch. Provided you have your online login username and password, the person on the counter should issue you a brand spanking new card there and then to use.

As part of security you may be asked to provide a valid proof of identification such as a passport or drivers licence. This is merely to prove you are the main account holder and not someone trying to scam or hack into the account.

Before you go, here are some caveats to consider…

This goes without saying but to save punters any embarrassing confrontations at the counter, any winnings from matches/casino need to be cleared first into your cash balance before they can be paid out.

This can be frustrating for some and in most case the funds are automatically loaded on to your account balance. But we stress that you need to check your balance before going in store to withdraw any cash.

As we explained before William Hill want to make sure that the funds do not end up in the wrong hands and as such you will more than likely be asked to provide photographic proof of ID when requesting withdrawal of cash in store.

WH Plus Card Features | Pro’s and Con’s

Withdraw online winnings as cash in shop
Instant access to your winnings
Cash in shop bets on your mobile
Transfer in store winnings to online account
Bet online with funds deposited in shop
Need a William Hill account
Online account needs to be open for more than 30 days

What are the differences between William Hill Cash Direct and Plus Card?

A few of you may have heard of William Hill Cash Direct and wondered how does this compare to William Hill Plus card?

Well essentially they are the same thing… But with a huge difference!

william hill direct cash cardWith William Hill Cash direct you can deposit and withdraw winnings from your online account over the counter in-store, without the need of a card.

But to withdraw winnings you need the print a voucher at home and take this to your local William Hill shop. So although it saves you the process of registering the card it’s not as straight forward as the plus card.

The vouchers are considered as cash and will not be refunded by William Hill if lost. They also have a 3 month expiry date so you should cash them in as soon as you print them.

In my opinion if I had to pick between the two I’d go with the William Hill Plus card, purely out of convenience.

Our Verdict

Lets be honest, this is nothing more than a clever marketing gimmick to lock punters into the William Hill ecosystem.

With that said I do think its a good idea if you are already a regular William Hill customer that wants instant access to their cash.

But for me I don’t really have a problem waiting a few days before it gets transferred to my bank.

For punters wanting faster access to their cash without the need of registering a William Hill Plus card, you could of course use e-wallets such as Neteller or PayPal, which are generally twice as fast (1-2 days transfer) compared to standard bank transfers.

You can find out more by reading our guide to depositing using Neteller which will give you step-by-step instructions.

Dunder Casino Review | Surreal Hedonistic Pleasure

dunder casino

Dunder Casino came on to our radar back in 2017 with the promise of providing a unique and immersive experience for players, how many times have we heard that one!

Granted the opening theme on the homepage is very pleasurable, with it’s sub-tropical paradise mixed with iconic buildings.

Dunder blends the surreal with the sublime beautifully.

But as mush as casino’s try to make it appealing, this is not what hard-core punters are interested in.dunder casino review

So does Dunder Casino deliver on it’s promise?

We decided to stick on our overalls and give this brand-spanking new casino a full MOT.

Dunder Casino Bonus and Promotions

20 Spins Sign-up Bonus
£600 and 200 Bonus Spins

I’m always wary of casino sites that only provide new customer offers, it’s strong indicator that they don’t care about regular players and unfortunately this appears to be the case.

With that said Dunder Casino’s new sign-up bonus is pretty impressive, with 20 spins when you register an account and up to £600 and 200 spins available across your first 3x deposits, at least it’s enough to keep you going in the short term. Lets break it down so you know exactly what to expect for each deposit.

First deposit: Triple your money up to £50 plus 180 spins on Starburst
Second Deposit: 50% bonus up to £150
Third Deposit: 25% up to £400

Beware Dunder’s caveats

Players should aware that the bonus spins are not released immediately upon registration, but are issued 20 spins every day for the first 9 days of signing up. Spins are automatically added each day by opening Starburst. Failure to activate the spins within 24 hours will be removed, so make sure you active them each day.

Bonus spins can only be activated through the homepage.

Winnings from bonus spins and received bonus/ deposit amount have a 25 times wager requirement, which is quite reasonable and below the average of 35 for most online casinos.

Surprisingly though all bonus money expires from 30 days after its been awarded.

A minimum deposit of £20 is required to claim any bonuses and a maximum of £5 can be place with any bonus money.

Wager Weighting

Great news slots and games have a 100% weight towards wagering, with all table games contributing to just 10%.

Video poker does not contribute towards wager at all.

There are a small selection of games that prove no weight to wagering what so ever, refer to Dunder Casino’s terms and conditions for more details.

Speed and Benchmark Testing

We were pleasantly surprised by Dunder’s speed and performance testing. The design team have ensured that Dunder is fully optimised to keep download times to an absolute minimum.

When you compare Dunder to some of the fastest loading casino sites, you’ll see that it fairs really well with times just slightly lagging some of the biggest brands in the industry.

Loading times on games were equally impressive so you won’t be sat waiting too long for the progress bar to finish.

Mobile Features and Layout

What is apparent is Dunder’s focus on overall mobile UX.

Clever little touches such as the icons and menu bar at the bottom of the homepage (which means you don’t have to stretch your thumb to the top of the phone) are perfect examples of this and make the overall user experience more pleasurable.

Dunder Casino have made a decent effort to simplify finding specific games. The search icon at the bottom is a simple yet powerful feature and lets you quickly find the game your looking for.

A quick tap of the controller icon and Dunder Casino quickly lists their top recommended games to play. They also have a handy categories section further down that allows you to browse a particular field if you’re still indecisive.

The touchscreen responsiveness is just as good as most other casino’s I’ve come across and a quick swipe will allow you to effortlessly fly-down Dunder’s entire list of games.

Not sure of what to play but don’t want to throw your hard earned cash away? Well with Dunder Casino you can try most of their games for free before committing to anything.

Payment Methods and Withdrawals

Dunder has stuck with the more traditional banking payments which include VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller and Trustly.

Expect the standard withdrawal times for bank transfers into your account of 2-4 working days. Some of the newer ewallets which include Neteller and Skrill are about twice as fast (normally 48 hours).

Do be aware that punters looking to withdraw using Neteller are subject to a fee which is a percentage of the amount taken out. While it is a quick way of withdrawing money it does come at a price.

Support & Contact Details

Live chat Open 9:00 – 23:00
Email: [email protected]

Our Verdict

While I had high expectations going into this, Dunder have really failed to deliver a knock-out feature that separates itself from the pack.

Yes they’ve done great job creating a rock-solid platform that’s easy to navigate, but now days players expect so much more with the likes of Play OJO, Kaboo and High Roller providing avatars and reward-based systems to keep those dopamine addicts hooked.

Don’t get me wrong this is a decent site and three years ago we would have given it full-marks. But online casinos have moved on and you need to keep pace with innovation.

The lack of regular bonus offers is yet another red flag as far as i’m concerned, so while it’s worth taking advantage of their new players offers I wouldn’t stick around.

Which Mobile Casinos accept Payforit deposits?

online casinos that accept payforitIt appears that online casinos have finally woken up to the rise in demand for mobile payments.

So much so that we’ve have seen a 46% increase in the past year.

Payforit is the latest mobile payment service that offers a convenient yet secure method for making purchases using your phone bill. Unlike other online services such as Neteller and Paypal no account is required.

As you will find out Payforit is even more secure than using your bank card.

This ground-breaking technology is set to change the way we pay for things in the future. Here we’ll explain exactly how the payment system works and provide you a step-by-step screenshot guide (see later on) to help you making your first deposit.

What is Payforit?

Payforit is a micro-digital payment method similar to PayPal, that lets you purchase online services such as music, apps etc.

Payment is quick and easy to use. Instead of the money coming from your current account the funds come out of your mobile phone bill, so there’s no need to enter your debit or credit card details.

So players that deposit £20 using Payforit will have the cost of that transaction added to their phone bill at the end of the month for pay monthly customer, or deducted from your Pay As You Go balance.

Users that want a better understanding of mobile payments should check out our definitive guide to pay by phone bill.

Our Top Pick of Mobile Casinos that accept Payforit


Casumo CasinoCasumo shook-up the gambling industry in 2015 and it’s easy to see why. With bold contrasting colours and ultra-modern graphics and icons with subtle animations it’s very pleasing to the eye.

They offer a slightly different user experience by offering a coins reward scheme which you can trade in for prizes and even real cash.

Mobile is a complete different experience altogether so it’s no wonder Casumo had the foresight to introduce Payforit. Together they create a winning combination.


May not be on everyone’s radar but this is a gem of a slots site offering games that are only exclusive to mFortune. Thanks to their talented software development team mFortune have created some unique titles and gameplay you won’t find anywhere else.

Mfortune were one of the first online casinos to adopt Payforit and are experts in this field. We strongly recommend if you’re looking for a casino site with a twist, you’ve come to the right place.


Another heavy-weight that puts user experience above all else. Having won a plethora of awards in the gambling industry, it’s no wonder LeoVegas breaks records year after year and we have to admit it’s a firm favourite in the office.

Phone bill deposits are just one of a ton of payment options available to LeoVegas customers, giving you more choice when playing online.


Is the newbie of the pack having broke into the scene last year. With stunning visuals it was an instant hit with players and quickly became Betotg’s casino site of the year 2017.

Dunder are also keen to keep pace with the latest trends, which is why you can use Payforit to make your first deposit and spend more time enjoying slots.

A Brief History of Payforit

Interestingly Payforit is not a limited company but rather a set of regulatory guidelines for all of the network carriers to adhere to, that allows for the transfer funds from the customers phone bill to pay third party merchants for online services.

It’s jointly owned by all of the major mobile network carriers including O2, EE, 3 and Vodafone. So you can feel assured that it’s controlled by some of the UK’s biggest mobile companies.

Payforit also allows for other third-party intermediary companies such as Boku and Bango that are fully-accredited and meet the guidelines standards to provide other online services, which in this case of Boku, it allows you to credit your casino account.

It sounds great but is Payforit Safe?

This has to be the No 1. question everyone asks first and anyone who is paranoid about giving sensitive information away online should keep reading…

You’ll be surprised to know that using Payforit is more secure than using your bank card, for two reasons.

  1. Over the past decade mobile phones have become are more prone to hacking due to Malware, as users are increasing sharing sensitive information about themselves on apps such as social media, email and banking.

Payforit removes the need for entering your debit or credit card details online,  which significantly reduces your chances of being hacked.

2.  Payforit transactions process automatically by recognising your mobile number on the SIM Card. This provides an added layer of security, ensuring that only you can transfer funds using your phone.

Compare this to debit cards and with enough information, anyone can hack your account and transfer funds and you’re stuck with sorting this mess out with your bank manager.

Screenshot guide to casino deposits using Payforit

1. Register an account with one of the casinos below that use Payforit.
2. In Payment Methods select the “Pay by Phone” icon.
3. Enter the amount you want to deposit and tap the Pay Now button.
4. You should receive a confirmation message with payments reference.
5. The money should now be credited to your account.

It’s as simple as that…

Customers need to be aware that this is just an example using Casumo and each casino that accepts Payforit will have a slightly different way of completing the transaction. But in general it’s a similar process.

Payforit Casino Pros and Cons

Fast and simple payment process
Free transactions
No need to enter any bank card details
Enhanced security features
Only sned funds - cannot receive
Maximum daily deposit amount

Payforit Mobile Payments FAQ

We’ve complied a list of questions that customers frequently ask us regarding mobile deposits using Payforit.

But if you have any further questions you can check out Payforit’s own help page or just leave them at the bottom in the comments section and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Are there any fees with using the service?

There are absolutely NO charges for using the service but you will be charged your standard text message rate which varies between mobile carriers.

While you are not charged for using the service it’s important to understand how your Payforit deposit will be displayed on your phone bill statement. Bear in mind that every mobile carrier will have a slightly different billing layout, but this should serve as a guide. In this example we are using Three mobile.

On the first page you should see the the Total Charges at the bottom of your statement. Just before this you should find a section titled “Payforit Payments” which will give you the total amount of deposits made for that particular month.

The next page (or back page) should provide an itemised list of all of your phone calls for that period (see below). In addition it will also display a detailed list of all Payforit transactions for the same period. Giving you a breakdown of every payment made and the amount. The billing amounts should correspond with your SMS transaction receipts.

Customers can also keep track of their spending while on the go using the Three mobile App. The screenshot below highlights where the Payforit transactions are displayed on the summary screen. Users can then tap on this to see in detail each of the transactional costs.

How much can I transfer?

Unlike debit and credit cards which are only limited to the amount you have in your account or credit limit, Payforit’s transactions are limited to £30 a day. While this may sound like a feeble amount (especially in online casino’s), I like to look at it as a way for players to limit their spending habits and ensure they don’t get carried away and blow their entire wage-slip.

There are also monthly limits to how much you can spend but this varies between network operators, so you may need to contact your mobile provider for more details.

This cap is not set in stone and punters that genuinely want to transfer more funds can do so by contacting their mobile network provider and ask to have this limit increased.

Which networks allow payment?

As explained before the “big-four” i.e EE, Vodafone, O2 and 3 jointly regulate and maintain the network handling and protocols

If you are using one of the smaller network carriers such as Tesco Mobile, Asda, Virgin, Plusnet and Talk Talk, you can still use the PFI service as most of the providers mentioned are part of the big-four (you just don’t realise this).

We’ve tested most of the smaller network providers discussed and they all appear to work fine. The only mobile carrier we have had problems with is Lebara, if you are part of their network you might want to switch carrier.

Do I need the latest smartphone to use it?

No. Provided you have a mobile phone with 3G or 4G network available you shouldn’t have any issues.

3G and 4G are just mobile communication technologies that allow your mobile to access the internet wirelessly. If you check the top-right hand corner of your phone, next to the “signal bar” icon, you should see either 3G or 4G symbols.

We’ve used Payforit to transfer monies to our own casino accounts on both the latest handsets and ones which are approx 4-5 year old. Both worked perfectly fine using the service.

Can you receive funds using Payforit?

This has to be the most frustrating part of Payforit as it only allows one-way transactions (to the merchant). Currently players cannot withdraw any winnings from their casino account and transfer it to their phone bill.

As annoying as this may sound it kind of makes sense as this is a payments only service. If you happened to win a significant amount of money on a casino site the last thing you would want to do is to move this to your phone bill, as you would have no way of transferring this to you bank account.

Your only option then would be to use this to pay-off your monthly bill which would take a considerable amount of time. For any users looking to transfer any winnings, we’d suggest you open up either PayPal or Neteller to act as a holding account for any winnings you receive. That way you still avoid having to enter any banking details to withdraw.

But don’t let this deter you, as you can see there are far more benefits of using this service than one minor drawback.

Our Verdict

While it’s taken some time to finally come up with a simple yet elegant method to pay for services on your mobile, Payforit and phone bill transactions are light-years ahead of the competition.

I’ve been using Payforit to transfer funds now for almost two years and I have to say it’s by far the most convenient way to credit your account.

I particularly like the capped limits on how much I can transfer per day as this means I can’t get carried away spending more than I have.

The only downside with this technology is being unable to receive any winnings to your mobile phone bill. But in this instance I setup either my bank details or PayPal username once when I open a new casino account and it’s done.

Hopefully if you’re a regular casino player you can see the huge benefits of this incredible service, plus the time you’ll save.

Which Bookmakers offer Money Back Specials for existing customers?

Back in 2004 Paddy Power came up with the holy grail of marketing strategies MBS – Money Back Specials.

The idea was simple.

Paddy would give you money back as a free bet if predetermined events happen during a game and of course if you lose!

It was such a huge success that every bookmaker soon jumped on board with their on take of the same deal.

Money back specials are a great way to hedge your bets and provides some downside protection.

What are Money Back Specials?

Money back specials offer a form of cover if a specific event happens during a game all losing bets are refunded.

Whilst it sounds great, be aware that the money given back to you is returned as credit in the form of a free bet NOT cash back.

To save you time we’ve compiled a definitive list of bookmakers that offer money back specials for existing customers. In the table you’ll find a full list of MBS sports for each bookie and we’ve highlighted the terms and conditions to be aware of.

Bookmakers that offer Money Back Specials

Get Up to £100 Bonus
18+ T&C's Apply
up to £50 Bonus
18+ T&C's Apply
Bet £10 Get £30 Bonus‎
18+ T&C's Apply
Up to £25 Bonus‎
18+ T&C's Apply
Open Account
New Customers Only 18+ T&C's Apply

Money back special odds aren’t always a great deal, find out later when you should take advantage and when to walk away…

How to place an MBS bet with Paddy Power

To find a specific money back deal, scroll down to the match you want. Make sure the game offers MBS by ensuring it has “Money Back Free Bet” in red at the bottom-right of the match.

money back specials

In most cases MBS offers are available for every game but make sure you check.

Select the game you’re interested in – In this case it’s Brazil v Switzerland.

Above the Match Odds you should see two or more banners with details of the MBS.

Make sure you read the terms so you understand the conditions of the offer and pick your odds.

The MBS is automatically added as part of your bet.

TIP: I have a habit of forgetting which MBS offers are for a particular bet. So take a screenshot of the offer using your mobile or Print Screen key on your laptop.

MBS isn’t just for football bets!

Over the years bookmakers have expanded money-back specials to include all sorts of sport events such as:

Greyhound racing
Horse racing

When money back specials do not apply


It goes without saying really but money back specials do not apply when placing accumulator bets. If your looking for a hedge, you should try acca insurance which gives you cover if one leg of a 4+ fold stake loses.

Promotional offers

MBS generally cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers – including new customer and special promotional deals.

When are they Void?

Let’s say you take an offer such as Money back if Messi scores anytime against Iceland and you bet that Argentina will win the game 2:0.

If you end up winning your bet and Messi scores a goal during the game you will not receive the money back offer.

So generally it’s best to use this offer in a hedge strategy, where you would be certain that Iceland would win the game, but you’re covered if Messi scores and Argentina wins.

Things to consider…

As with anything are a few caveats to be mindful of when it comes to money back specials.

1. Maximum limits on money back

This catches most new punters out which is the maximum amount you can receive as a free bet. As an example Paddy Power offers a maximum £50/€50.
So if you have placed a £10 bet, you’ll receive £10 in bets.

Conversely If you place a £200 bet, the maximum you should expect to receive is £50.

Checkout our complete list of bookmakers and MBS deals in the comparison table above.

2. Money back specials are only valid before the start of an event

This goes without saying but the conditions of the offer are for pre-determined events in the game. So punters need to place a bet before the game starts, otherwise you’ll miss out.

3. Bookmaker reserves the right to remove the offer at any time.

Unfortunately we are controlled by the powers that be and ultimately it’s the bookmakers that either let the offer stand or decide to pull it.

I must admit I haven’t seen this myself but have heard of other punters with offers being pulled. In either case it is very rare.

For a more complete list of terms checkout Paddy Powers MBS Rules.

MBS on the High Street?

Money-back promotions have become so popular in recent years that even high street bookmakers have got into the game.

Pop into your local in-store branch and you should find a handful of MBS offers

Our Verdict

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of money back specials and when to take advantage of them.

Our definitive comparison table should give you all the ammo you need to decide which bookmaker offers the best MBS deals for your particular sport.

If you’re look for an asymmetric bet (more upside with minimal downside) then money back specials offer you a great and simple strategy to minimise any losses.

Just don’t go placing MBS bets purely on the insurance and not on the value of the odds.

Canada F1 Betting Tips 2018 | Mercedes miss-out on engine upgrade in Montreal

canada f1 betting tips 2018

The F1 gods continue to give us what is by far the best start to any season in years!

Monaco may have been a procession but Red Bull’s second race win before Montreal validates that there’s more of a level playing field.

In this weeks Canada F1 betting tips 2018 if Red Bull can make a charge for the title and where they can capitalise on tracks similar to Monaco. And as usual we give our predictions for this weekends race in Montreal.

Ok so Hamilton and Alonso had a point when they complained about the lack of overtaking and excitement after the race.

Hamilton has dominated in Canada winning six out of the last ten races, which includes three back to back between 2015 to last year.

But die-hard F1 fans have come to expect this from Monaco and to be fair it’s one out of twenty-one races on the calendar.

Ricciardo’s Monaco Masterclass

What really impressed me was not only Daniel Ricciardo’s ability to to stay ahead during the start, but the Aussie-grit style in which he defended that position having reported an issue with the car two thirds into the race.

The fault turned out to be the MGU-K which is part of the hybrid/KERS system that recovers energy from the rear braking system. It meant that the Red Bull was down 25% of it’s total engine power, which in rear terms meant he was 2.5 seconds slower.

canada f1 betting tips 2018
Daniel celebrates in style after a master-class in Monaco.

Red Bull on a Roll?

Well not quite.

Bear in mind Monaco is the exception to more traditional circuits, with tight chicanes and short straights, it’s more suited to well balanced cars as we discussed in previous articles.

But there are a number of tracks coming up with similar properties were pace isn’t key which we’ll cover later.

It’s all Level in Montreal

Mercedes have scrapped plans to bring in a new engine that was scheduled for Montreal, this was due to reliability issue during testing.

In qualifying Ferrari have proven to be the faster of the two cars, so there’s a strong possibility that they could have the edge this weekend.

Both Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo have won at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve but Vettel has yet to win here in a Ferrari.

Even with three wins on the bounce, Hamilton will not take anything for granted in Montreal.

Last saw Lewis wipe the floor with the rest of the pack by grabbing pole position and taking the chequered flag nearly 20 seconds ahead of the next best driver (Bottas).

I still believe Ferrari have the upper hand with raw pace and are clearly ahead given recent qualifying results. But even with Hamilton’s lack-luster performance in Monaco, the Brit is the best out there to bounce-back from poor performance.

While they don’t have the pace Mercedes has the talent and I can see Hamilton adding a four-straight win in Canada to his already impressive tally but not by as far a margin as previous races.

Canada F1 Betting Tips 2018 – BetOTG Predictor

1. Hamilton
2. Vettel
3. Bottas

Which club has the most players as part of the England squad?

With just two weeks to go till the World Cup 2018, we’ll be crawling the web to bring you some of the more interesting stats to wrap your head around and impact your next bet.

So with Gareth Southgate naming his 23-man squad heading to Russia, below is an infograph from Statista illustrating which clubs have the most players as part of the World Cup 2018 England Squad.

Source: Statista Charts

North London Influence

While the result may not be all that surprising for hard-core Spurs fans (or any regular season ticket holder), it’s interesting to see just how the shift of power from the north-west clubs such as Manchester United and Liverpool have been overshadowed by the rise of Tottenham.

Compare this to four years ago in 2014 when Liverpool had five players on the plane to Brazil (Glen Johnson, Steven Gerrard, Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge).

Manchester United also had a decent amount of players (four) in the England squad (Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Wayne Rooney, Daniel Welbeck).

Chelsea in the shadow

The most startling stat for any Blue’s fans has to be how few Chelsea players are when you look back at the 2006 England line-up (John Terry, Frank Lampard, Joe Cole, Wayne Bridge).

Which club has the most players as part of the England squad?
Alexander-Arnold’s impressive performance for Liverpool has earned the young player a seat to Russia.

Manchester City make their mark

Since Sheikh Mansour’s purchase of Man City in 2009 The Blues have gone through a a complete makeover in the dressing room over the years, in the early years favouring foreign world-class players.

But times they are a changing and over the past two seasons Pep Guardiola has brought in more English talent and this has influenced Southgate’s final decision.

While some clubs have taken a hit others have stepped up to the plate including 2015/2016 Premier League winners Leicester City who have both Jamie Vardy up front and Harry Maguire who appears to be Southgate’s preferred centerback.

World Cup 2018 England Squad:

Jack Butland
Jordan Pickford
Nick Pope

Trent Alexander-Arnold
Phil Jones
Danny Rose
John Stones
Gary Cahill
Ashley Young
Harry Maguire
Kieran Trippier
Kyle Walker

Eric Dier
Dele Alli
Fabian Delph
Jordan Henderson
Jesse Lingard
Ruben Loftus-Cheek

Harry Kane
Raheem Sterling
Jamie Vardy
Danny Welbeck
Marcus Rashford

Adam Lallana , James Tarkowski, Lewis Cook, Tom Heaton and Jake Livermore

Monaco F1 Betting Tips 2018 | Hamilton’s sucker-punch to Ferrari

monaco f1 betting tips 2018

In this week Monaco F1 Betting Tips 2018 we try and analyse just where Ferrari got it wrong for Seb to loose 2 places in Barcelona. Plus we’ll give you our pick for who will triumph in Monte Carlo.

For the time it took the second place driver to cross the line, Hamilton was sat in his motor-home drinking Moet.

OK so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but being a clear 20 seconds faster than the next best man is a life-time in Formula 1, that’s the significance of the Brit’s dominance in Barcelona.

Comeback kid turns it around… Again!

Couple to this that Lewis was 18 points behind Vettel at the end of China, and we’re starting to see flashes of brilliance that we saw in the second-half of 2017 where Hamilton wiped the floor with the rest of the pack.

Mercedes also appear to have got their act together at the possibility of the championship rivals Ferrari running away with the title.

Both silver arrows dominated in qualifying and locked-out the front row with a Hamilton-Bottas 1:2. Lewis lead from the get-go with Bottas losing out to Vettel going into the first corner.

It looked as though Bottas would get the undercut, but when the Finn emerged from the pits Vettel just sneaked in to take back second place.

Wrong move for Ferrari

The pinnacle point of the race came when Sebastian Vettel went Ferrari called the German in for his second pit-stop. The timing couldn’t have been worse as the virtual safety car meant that Vettel would end up sat behind Max Verstappen who had only recently put on a fresh pair of tyres.

The move cost Vettel second place and in a season that’s so close as far as performance goes, you really cannot afford to make those types of mistakes.

Front row start is crucial in Monaco

It may be one of the most glamours races on the F1 calendar but Monaco is pig of a track to overtake! So the key to winning is getting onto the front row.

Red Bull have looked strong in both FP1 and FP2 sessions

One stat to take away before placing a bet this weekend has to be that in all of the 65 races at Monaco, the race winner was in the top three for 54 of those races.

Lewis and Seb have both won twice here, so a win for either driver will provide a little psychological boost going forward.

Vettel ended Ferrari’s drought of Monaco race wins last year, before that the Scuderia hadn’t won in the French street track since 2001.

Hamilton had a miserable race in Monaco last year after dropping out in Q2 qualifying and ending the race in seventh, so the Brit will be desperate to turn

Monaco F1 Betting Tips 2018 – BetOTG Predictor

Raw pace is less important in Monaco and overall balance of the car is a key component.

So I expect to see the Red Bull cars perform well here and give both Ferrari and Mercedes a run for their money.

He may not have won many times here but Hamilton is the master of laying down a fast lap when it counts, so i’m putting my money on Lewis taking pole and the race win.

1. Hamilton
2. Ricciardo
3. Bottas

Spanish F1 Betting Tips 2018 | Can Horner tame Verstappen’s bullishness?

After an exhilarating race in China, surely Azerbaijan couldn’t be as good?

Well we were dead-wrong as Baku ended up being a belter!

In this weeks Spanish F1 Betting Tips 2018 we discuss which Red Bull driver is in the dog-house, plus give you our top tip going into the Barcelona race this weekend.

Rarely do I need to re-watch and entire race from start to finish, but Azerbaijan had so many events it was hard to keep track of them all.

The perfect start for Ferrari

The weekend couldn’t have got off to a more perfect start for Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari who ended qualifying with both of their cars taking up the front row of the grid.

Hamilton in contrast was still struggling with performance similar to China and ended the session in fourth and the prospect of Vettel extending his championship lead.

When two-bulls collide

The major talking point after the race has to be the coming-together between the Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo. In my opinion I think it’s a clear 50:50 as to who is to blame for the incident.

Verstappen closed the door and then broke regulations by slightly drifting to the right to force Daniel out wide.

In contrast Ricciardo clearly wasn’t in a position to make an overtaking move and was too close to the back of Verstappen. Some say the Dutchman broke a lot earlier before the corner and the finger should be pointed to Verstappen – i’ll leave it you to decide.

Vettel goes all-in

Things really heated up after the safety car when Vettel got way too ambitious and overshot the first corner and ended up flat-spotting his front tyre and significantly losing performance.

This gave way for Bottas who had a pretty solid race up to this point. It looked almost certain that the Finn was going to take his second win of the season when suddenly he had a rear puncture after picking up debris following the two Red Bull’s collision. It was a heart-breaking moment

With so many of the front-runners dropping out this gave way to no-other than Lewis Hamilton. As fate would have it Hamilton ended up lifting the trophy and the race win. Vettel ironically ended up in fourth.

Vettel’s move cost him dearly.

The gap has narrowed

This race showed how close the teams now are and the days of Mercedes domination seem to have gone. It looked like Ferrari with Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen were the ones taking on Mercedes, but the last two races have shown Red Bull are very strong, all the top drivers have made big strides in 2018.

Except for Lewis who seems to have lost a bit of his edge. I think Hamilton is not as happy driving this season, it could be the reason he has still not signed a contract for 2019. If he does not do well in Spain I think he will struggl for the rest of 2018.

Well what about Barcelona on Sunday 13th, we would like to think Lewis will get back on track but would not put any money on it. I think Ferrari has much more momentum going forward and the market hasn’t factored this in at the moment given the up-sets.

The Red Bull drivers are going to be so careful so will not give it there best. The only other one to watch is Valtteri Bottas who has been driving really well this season.

Last year Lewis dominated in Barca with Vettel and Ricciardo behind, so if you fancy a bet we here at Betotg think there has never been a better chance to get good odds on this years races, its no longer a one horse race.

Spanish F1 Betting Tips 2018 – BetOTG Predictor

1. Vettel
2. Ricciardo
3. Hamilton


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