Bet using Apple Pay | Bookmakers accepting iOS Deposits 2019

With the surge of punters now placing bets through their mobile phone, users want a simple yet secure way of depositing to their account. We’ve seen many different payment processes enter the market, but few have provided convince and security that you get with regular in-store transactions. Which is why the team at BetOTG were buzzing to hear you can now place a bet using Apple Pay.

Bookmakers that accept Apple Pay deposits

Apple are working in partnership with Sky for beta testing Apple Pay betting, who are the first bookmakers to introduce this ground-breaking technology to the public. This means that you can now bet using Apple Pay on all of Sky’s gambling products which include: Sky Bet, Sky Vegas, Sky Poker and Sky Casino.

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Sky are currently the only bookmakers that allow you to bet using Apple Pay through their iOS app, but we’re sure all the major bookies will follow shortly given the huge benefits of this new payment platform.

It’s great to see one of the major bookmakers accept Apple pay deposits. In our opinion it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the industry catches up and it has the possibility of becoming the most dominating payment process for gambling on any Apple device.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is the latest innovation from Apple that allows you to pay for goods and services electronically using your mobile phone. Where it differs from most electronic payments is the ease of use and enhanced security features of using your unique fingerprint to confirm the payment.

Fingerprint Touch ID means that only you can authorise the transaction making it a game-changer in online security.

Payment is taken from your Wallet App which acts just like your regular wallet but for electronic transactions so now you can pay for just about anything that accepts Apple Pay.

bet using apple payThe real advantage comes from not having to enter card details to any merchants in the future and Apple does not provide your card details when making a transaction so this keeps you payment data safe.

One-touch checkout is extremely quick
Touch ID ensures only the phone owner can deposit
256bit AES encryption provides enhanced security from hackers
No card number entry required when you deposit
No card information shared with third-party merchant

You still need to add card details to withdraw any winnings

Quick Start Guide to placing a bet using Apple Pay

skybet deposit using apple pay1. In the Quick Deposit sidebar select Apple Pay.
2. Set the amount you want to credit your account.
3. Press the Apple Pay button.
4. Authenticate the transaction using your Touch ID pad.
5. Once the transaction is complete will receive notification of payment successful on your phone.
6. Apple will also send you an email invoice.

Betting with Apple Pay couldn’t be any simpler with money credited instantly into your account. Bear in mind that Apple Pay betting is currently restricted to VISA cards only with Apple assuring us that other major cards such as Mastercard will be added in the near future.

Minimum deposits are £5 with no limits on the amount you can deposit.

The only downside we could find and it’s something you need to be aware of is that you currently can’t withdraw any winnings using Apple Pay. So should you want to take any winnings out you would need to enter your card details to do this, which negates the point of retaining your card information with Apple Pay. We believe that this will only be a temporary measure and users will be able to add credit back to their Apple Pay wallet soon.

Compatible Devices

Depositing using Apple Pay is restricted to the latest Apple products which includes iPhone6/6+ or newer, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and Apple Watch 1st gen or newer.

You won’t have any problems using the latest iPhone 8/X series.

If your thinking “well that all well and good for Apple owners what about us Android and Microsoft mobile users?” Well fear not! Google have developed their own method of payment, which is appropriately called Android Pay. Currently you cannot use this feature to place a bet with any bookmaker, but as soon as it becomes available we’ll give you a full in-depth review and how to guide to get you started.

In the mean-time you can still bet using your mobile phone credit, checkout how to do this with our Phone Bill Sports Betting Sites article. Hopefully we’ve given you enough details here to make you think twice before using the usual way of paying online and to try some of the latest electronic payment options available.