DraftKings Gift Cards | All you Need to Know 💳

draftkings gift card

DraftKings have just released an official gift card that allows you to deposit straight into your account.

Here I’ll discuss the benefits of using gift cards over bank cards, especially if you’re on mobile.

I also have a better alternative to Draftkings gift card, one that allows you to deposit to multiple sportsbooks, plus gives you 1-3% cashback loyalty points every time you purchase.

Does DraftKings have a gift card?

draftkings gift cardsDraftKings released their gift card in Dec 2020, providing sports betting the fans the option to deposit funds using gift credit. You can deposit part or the full amount into your account and check the amount remaining on your card via the website.

How much can I purchase?

Currently Draftkings has $25 and $50 gift cards available. You can purchase multiple gift cards and credit these to your DraftKings account. As it becomes more popular, it’s likely you will see Draftkings introduce more gift cards of higher value.

Where can I buy a DraftKings Gift card?

You can purchase DraftKings gift cards from large retailers such as Walmart and Target and local stores like Dollar General and 7 Eleven. Alternatively, you can purchase them online via the DraftKings.com The cards will be delivered directly to you or sent to a specified address.

Can you buy a DraftKings gift card on Amazon?

Currently, you cannot purchase a DraftKings e gift card on Amazon. But it’s only a matter of time before you will be able to purchase them online. For now, you can do this directly via the DraftKings website.

Advantages of gift cards over debit/credit cards

One key benefits of using a gift card is that it avoids you entering your card details on the sportsbook.

This is good for two reasons:

  1. In case your phone has been hacked without you knowing.
  2. If your bank blocks gambling transactions or you are applying for credit.

The latter is important if you are applying for a mortgage or loan.

In some cases, mortgage companies may decline your application altogether if they see you making regular deposits to sportsbooks.

Gift cards are also handy if you are new to sports betting or are skeptical of any new sportsbook websites. It allows you to deposit without handing over any financial details.

Where can I use the card?

The gift card can only be used on the DraftKings website or mobile app.

How do I use my gift card?

Simply select Deposits > Gift Card and enter the long number on front of the gift card. You will also be asked to provide the three-digit CVS code which can be found at the back of the card. Enter the amount you want to deposit and click Confirm.

Just be sure not to throw you gift card away if you have any amount outstanding on the card.

How do I check the balance on my card?

You can use the following link to check the amount outstanding on your card. Simply enter your 16-digit number and it will display the amount remaining.

Is there an expiry date on Draftkings sportsbook cards?

The card becomes active the moment it is scanned by the cashier or processed online and is valid for 12-months. So, if you deposit half amount on the card, you will need to deposit the other half within that timescale. But it is best to deposit sooner before your card expires.

DraftKings eGift Card

Did you know you can instantly receive gift cards?

Instead of collecting or having a gift card delivered, you can request an electronic or e-gift card via email. It works just like any other gift card but with the added benefit that you receive it instantly.

So, if you need a quick gift for a friend or loved one that’s same-day delivery this is perfect!

Even though the ecard arrives in your inbox, Draftkings does an excellent way of presenting it, just like the real thing. There is a link on the email that will redirect you to the DraftKings website. From there you are given a code to copy and use and deposit on the Draftkings website.

Just like a regular gift card you can check any outstanding balance and you need to use any balance within the 12-months.

Alternative Gift Card that is WAY Better

You don’t have to use Draftkings gift card to deposit on their site. As VISA and Mastercard have their own gift cards which you can use on Draftkings.

There are 3 benefits or purchasing a VISA gift card over Draftkings:

  1. You can use it on multiple sportsbooks and casinos i.e. not tied to just Draftkings.
  2. Available in more stores and locations.
  3. Use the card for in-store purchases.

VISA gift cards have that added benefit that they can be used used pretty much anywhere. From supermarkets such as Target and Home Depot to online store such as Amazon. Not only can you use it on different sportsbooks and casinos but can also use it to purchase items if you’re strap for cash.

You can also earn 1-3% cashback loyalty points every time you purchase VISA or Mastercard gift cards. To find out more, check out gift cards for sports betting which shows you how.