DraftKings Launches sports betting in New Hampshire

DraftKings the leading fantasy and sports betting site has launched their online platform to New Hampshire residents.

New Hampshire has become only the second New England state to allow sports betting to players over 18 years old. Residents can now legally place bets on their favourite teams using DraftKings online sportsbook.

To celebrate governor Chris Sununu placed the first bet of $82 on New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

For New Hampshire punters the timing couldn’t be more perfect, just as the NFL play-offs are about to start.

new hampshire sports betting draftkings
New Hampshire Gov Chris Sununu is so confident New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl he placed the states first-ever bet.

This follows the approval of sports betting back in May 2018 where the US Supreme Court overturned a federal ban on gambling in all states but Nevada.

Since then New Jersey, Rhode Island and Delaware have given the nod to legalised sports betting in their respective states.

New Hampshire goes all in

Back in July 2019 New Hampshire lawmakers signed a bill to create a new state-run lottery, the New Hampshire Lottery, which has full control and approval of applications for gambling companies in the state.

In November officials agreed a six-year contract between the New Hampshire Lottery and Draftkings – the Boston-based sports betting company. In the agreement, half of the revenue generated from DraftKings will go back into state education.

The deal is expected to produce up to $8 million for New Hampshire education programs in 2021 and this figure could double to $16 million by 2022.

Best New Hampshire Sports Betting Sites

DraftKings are not the only sportsbook for NH punters to play. Here’s a list of the best New Hampshire sports betting sites you can signup to now.

Currently New Hampshire Lottery has approved gambling licences of up to 10 physical store locations and online/ mobile gambling platforms, with further applications being processed.

DraftKings has yet to confirm an exact date for their retail bookmaker stores in New Hampshire, but they anticipate it to be ready for the later end of 2020.

Massachusetts applies the brakes

Players in neighboring Massachusetts will have to wait a bit longer while officials decide whether or not to legalise sport betting in the state. The Legislature Economic Development and Emerging Technology Committee are currently reviewing the proposal but it’s unlikely we will see any action taken until mid 2020.

Massachusetts officials have been slow off the mark to implement any legislative changes to gambling in the state.

While it’s frustrating for MA gamblers, it is a screwed move by the state to monitor how early adopters have implemented the legislation in their respective states and possibly learn from any mistakes made.

Massachusetts state Governor, Charlie Baker said:

“The expectation is that its something that the legislature will take up before the end of the session which ends in July, but I would be very surprised if it got done before then.”