9 EPIC Movie Theme Slots we Just Can’t Stop Playing [2021]

movie theme slots

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of other movie online slots guide series before…

But our epic list of movie theme slots are games that we come back to time and time again.

Surprisingly there aren’t as many film slot titles as you would imagine and we were limited to around 30 titles.

But the ones we’ve chosen are the “best of the best” blockbuster films that ended up being awesome slot games.

So without wasting any more time, lets get straight into it!

Epic Movie Theme Slots 2020

Dark Knight

This second film in the trilogy of Christopher Nolan’s iconic remake sees Batman face his arch nemesis The Joker. With an outstanding performance from Heath Ledger, Batman fights his way through the dark seedy streets of Gotham City to stop the Joker’s sinister plans.

Microgaming have done an exceptional job bringing this masterpiece to life. With incredible animations that interact with the slots and epic cut scenes from the film, Dark Knight slot immerses you into this complex urban metropolis.

If your a fan of the trilogy you’re going to love this one. The only slight niggle I have is that the main soundtrack is quite repetitive. But I guess you can always turn the volume down and play the movie soundtrack on Spotify!

Jurassic Park

When scientist finally clone a dinosaur from fossil DNA, entrepreneur John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) decides to create a theme park with those cute cuddly little dinos on a remote island in the South Pacific. I mean what could go wrong!

The film has all-star cast, with San Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum, with a captivating soundtrack and directed by Steven Spielberg himself.

Even though the game a few years old now it’s really aged well, thanks to the incredible backdrop visuals and interactive dinosaur animations.

The base game T-Rex Alert Mode will constantly have you at the edge of your seat waiting for it to to drop and can add up to 35 wild reel spins.

Lookout for either 3 dinosaur eggs or amber balls to unlock the free spins and wild reel feature. There are 5 features in total which include: T-Rex, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops and Dilophosaurus features, each with their own unique multipliers and bonuses.

The interactive animations are something else, from Dilophosaurus spitting on the reels, to the T-Rex bursting on-screen. If you’re a fan of the movie, you’ll get lost in this. You can enjoy all of the dino action on BGO.

Goonies Gone Wild

“Hey you Guys!”

Ask anyone who grew up during the 80’s what their favourite kids adventure films was and they’d say The Goonies. It had it all from underground caves, to hidden pirate ships and lost treasure and of course the “truffle shuffle”.

This slots game has a pirates adventure theme to it and is loaded with photo’s of the main cast and classic clips from the film.

Find 3 skeleton scatter symbols on the reels to unlock One-eyed Willy’s Prize wheel where you can win one of six bonus features which inlcudes: Fratelli’s Hideout, Super Sloth, Skeleton Organ, Goonies Gone Wild, Inferno and One-Eye Willy’s Treasure Bonus.

As well as this you also have a One-Eyed Willy’s Random Reel feature which is a collection of mini features that can be triggered at any time on any spin.

Goonies Gone Wild is a great way to rekindle your youth and have some fun while doing it. Get on-board at Dunder Casino for more adventure.


With sword fighting immortals battling throughout history from the highlands of Scotland to the urban city of New York, it’s easy to see why Highlander became such a cult classic with fans.

You take on the role of Connor Mcloud and battle your way through time, taking the heads and harnessing the powers of your enemy until only one remains.

Microgaming have done a fantastic job bring this iconic film to life. While the game does not have jaw-dropping visuals compared to other titles, it does have some great bonus features and awesome classic rock soundtracks with incredible solo guitar rifts.

Keep a lookout for the Highlander logo which is also the wild symbol and replaces all other symbols in the game, apart from the scatter.

The game has two main bonus features; the first is a scatter feature which is activated when 2 scatter symbols are found. These then turn into wilds which unlock cash prizes.

If you find 3 or more scatter symbols, you unlock the New York theme and are given 10 free spins. This features also benefits from Quickening Wilds, were lightning can strike any reel during this feature and turn it into a wild reel.

Highlander Slots is available now on Casumo Casino.

Planet of the Apes

movie theme slots

Taking it’s inspiration from the Rise and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, mankind faces a new threat of intelligent apes that look set to take over the earth and enslave humans.

You play as Caesar and work your way to become ape army leader. As you would expect from NetEnt the game is flawless, with stunning graphics and visuals including a nice bottom menu bar and outstanding symbol animations.

The game has an impressive dual reel option which can happen at any time and combines to make a huge 10 reel game, with 40 payout options available.

The real aim is to access the Rise or Dawn Free Spins Feature which is activated when 3 or more scatter symbols appear. During the free spins feature you can collect wilds which are added to your meter and other symbols which will trigger multipliers, extra free spins and wilds which can earn you up to 600 times your original stake.

There are so many features available that we can’t fit them all in, but we’re massive fans of this slot game and strongly recommend anyone to give it a try at Kaboo Casino.


Everyone’s hilariously, foul-mouthed and unpredictable teddy bear has finally got his own game. And they haven’t just taken the title and crammed in a few gag gifs from the film. Oh no, Ted online slots has been designed from the ground up.

The slots reel has a very classic look to it, which isn’t very exciting. But where Ted slots comes into it’s own is the bonus features which are truly incredible.

Ted’s Thunder Buddies Bonus is where all of the bonus-rounds are held and you can choose from a wide range, including: Big Money Bonus, S-Mart, Free Spins, Bar Crawl Bonus and Wheel of Fortune.

Ted’s S-Mart Bonus has to be my favourite, as you can earn up to 1000x your initial bet!

Then there’s Big Money Bonus round with some cracking multipliers, extra wilds and free spins. I like it as it’s more interactive as you progress higher up the pyramid to earn even bigger bonuses.

Throughout all of this you have Ted interacting during the bonus features and bringing the game to life. If you’re looking for a slots film that’s just fun to play, then this is perfect. You can join find Ted Online Slots at Cashimo Casino.

Dirty Dancing Slots

Whether you love the film or not, it was impossible not to be captivated by the highly sensual moves in Dirty Dancing.

While spending her final weeks of summer in a sleepy holiday resort in Catskill. Baby (Jennifer Garner) falls deeply for the resorts dance instructor Johnny (Patrick Swayze) who teaches her more than just dancing.

This slot game has a great mix of swinging 60’s music and dance scenes from the film, to really immerse yourself into this iconic musical.

Dirty Dancing slots captures the essence of the film with the exciting Mambo Bonus Wheel where players can win mambo modifiers such as extra free spins, 2x multipliers and dancing wilds on every free games spin.

Fall in love with Johnny in the Dirty Dancing Bonus round and win cash prizes. Help Baby collect three items to advance to the next bonus round and finish all six to trigger the main Dirty Dancing Jackpot round.

Will you pull off the final euphoric lift at the end? You can do the salsa at Leo Vegas.


Terminator 2

T2 maybe showing it’s age when it was first released in 2014, but back in the day this set the benchmark for all future movie themed slot games to follow.

A hacked Terminator (Arnold Swartzenegger) is sent back from the future to protect John Connor, a leader of the human resistance against Skynet and the machines. The Terminator must intercept and protect the boy before the shape shifting T-1000 finds and kills him.

The slot game has two interactive features which include the T-800 Vision feature, where you scan each of the slots to win cash prizes.

However the free spins feature is where the real big cash can be won, as there is up to 2950 times the value of your stake to be won.

I would play this for hours at Dazzle Casino so why not join them.


film themed slot games

As one of the most successful horror franchises of all time, Halloween introduced us to the independent slasher concept. This minimalistic masterpiece has aged incredibly well and I defy anyone have a good nights sleep after watching the looming ski-mask, knife wielding psychopath of Michael Myers.

Halloween online slots take you back to the original classic, set in-front of a 50’s style wooden porch and eerie soundtrack it really intensifies the sinister feel of the game.

With famous cast member symbols including Jamie Lee Curtis and John Pleasence, players can also find knives, clown masks, needles and gun symbols to make up winning lines.

The Halloween wild logo will replace all other symbols on that reel except the scatter.

When it come to bonus features, finding more than 3 scatter symbols will unlock the Trick or Treat Wheel. Spin the wheel and you can earn cash decent prizes up to ten times your original bet.

If you land on the Bogeyman feature you reveal multiplier cash winnings. Continue to find all 10 cash prizes and receive a further 20 times your original stake.

Finally if you find Michael you will receive half of the prize fund and end the Bogeyman feature.

Overall this is simple but fun to play if you can stand playing in the dark!