888Poker Releases Much Anticipated Poker 8 Platform

poker 8 platform

When 888Poker came onto the scene they really were ahead of the game with impressive graphics and a decent user experience.

But in recent years they appear to have come of the gas…

During that time new players have entered the industry and taken their fair slice of 888’s market share, which has hit revenue and earnings for the company.

Having finally come to their senses, 888 has listened to customers complaints and have done a complete overhaul of their existing software with a new poker platform  – Poker 8.

888Poker have already introduced the first-phase of updates to their existing platform which will see improvements to quality of the table games, a new desktop layout, and enhanced graphics to improve user experience.

Here’s a sneek peek as to what to expect from Poker 8.

Following the news 888 Holdings Senior Vice President, Guy Cohen has excited to release Poker 8 to new customers, he said:

“We have worked with and listened to customers feedback and we’re thrilled with the initial roll out of our new Poker 8 platform, which includes a number of innovative features to make the 888Poker experience even more enjoyable.”

888 Hit Hard

Poker 8 could not have come sooner for 888 Holdings who have had a difficult couple of years.

According to their FY2018 Annual Report, 888 saw huge losses in revenue last year with the company earning $61M, a loss in revenue of almost -35% year on year.

And this is not an isolated case as the company attempts to quash any uncertainty about its future, as 888Poker was also down -15% in 2018 compared to the previous year.

Zynga takes a Bite

But it’s not just Pokerstars that’s gained significant ground on the ailing 888.

Mobile app Zynga Poker and high-street bookmakers such as Paddy Power and Bet365 have also muscled onto 888Poker’s turf and acquired long-term active players, by offering larger cash prize tournaments and enticing new and existing bonuses.

Finally Listening to Customers

From reading Google Play and App Store reviews it’s clear to see why 888Poker has fallen so far…

One user complained about the app being riddled with bugs from frequently crashing to being unable to login with a know and correct password.

These are not just UI problems but fundamental issues with the game that need addressing.

Another customer with a more balanced review complained that the platform was “written by gamers and not serious poker players” and “There are better platforms out there that provide a more authentic experience.”

Can Poker 8 turn it around?

It’s far too soon to tell if Poker 8 will have the sort of impact that 888 are praying for.
My gut says they will turn it around due to the sheer size of 888 and their presence in the online gambling industry.

But complacency on their side has come at a price and it will take many years for 888 Holdings to recover not only the loss in revenue but return to the same levels of high-quality active users it once had with 888poker.