Oddsmonkey £1 Trial | Exclusive Promo Code [2021]

oddsmonkey £1 trial premium membership

Today we’ve got a great opportunity for you to get one of the best tools on the market to start your betting journey.

Oddsmonkey £1 trial gives you exclusive 7 days access to their award winning match betting platform that does all the hard work for you.

Why do I need Oddsmonkey?

At first betting can be quite challenging to get your head around and even punters with +5 years of experience can make mistakes. Which is why it’s important to have a tool that avoids you making those errors in the early stages and wiping you out.

Oddsmonkey does all of the hard work for you.

They pick the games and bookmakers with the best offers and also tell you how much you’re expected to receive once you extract the bonus through betting, it couldn’t be simpler!

Can I get a Free Trial to Oddsmonkey?

Unfortunately not, this is the cheapest offer Oddsmonkey promotes as it gives you an opportunity to try out their services for a small fee. Oddsmonkey’s monthly plan is £17.99 a month so this gives you a massive 94% discount on your first month.

[Updated November 2020]

If that’s not enough BetOTG have teamed up with Oddsmonkey to save you even more.

Right now you can get a full annual subscription for £150 – that’s just £12.50 a month (Saving you over £65 a year!)

We’re confident that once you sign-up you’ll be hooked into making constant profits and providing a second income for yourself.

How much can I earn in the first week?

This is always the first question anyone asks when they begin match betting. The answer is it’s really down to you and how much time you decide to put into match betting. I’ve heard of some players earning up to £500 in their first week. But realistically if you are placing a two bets a day you could earn double you initial outlay i.e. £200 in the week and near to £800 a month, which is a staggering return on your initial investment of just £1 you join Odds Monkey.

Oddsmonkey £1 Trial Explained

With Oddsmonkey £1 trial you get full access to Oddsmonkey’s Premium platform for 7 days, with no restrictions what so ever.

To get this generous offer make sure you use the following steps:

1. Sign-up to Oddsmonkey’s Free Membership which gives you access to their tutorial and guides to betting.
2. Upgrade to Oddsmonkey Premium Service using the promo code SMARKETSZERO18 for just £1.
3. Binge on the tsunami of match betting, dutching and arbing bets at your disposal and make a killing.

You’ll join thousands of satisfied customers that use Oddsmonkey Premium each week to calculate their betting odds to lock-in free bets to convert to cash.

Remember this offer is only valid for 7 days for you to test-out their platform and see what all the fuss is about. All we suggest you do is spend an hour preferably at the start of the weekend and read through our guides which will explain in detail what is involved and how to profit from bookmakers free bets.

Then using the back/lay games Oddsmonkey suggests, place your bets over that weekend to lock-in your first profits.

If you reach the sixth day and realise that betting is not for you then you simply log into your account and cancel your subscription. Oddsmonkey also offers a 30 day money-back guarantee for anyone that is unhappy with the paid service and wishes to cancel within the 30 day period.

What you get from Oddsmonkey Premium

Access to over 100+ tutorials
Oddsmatching – Match Betting tool
Racing Matcher
Dutching tool
Online forum – Premium members only

Oddsmatcher is so comprehensive it guides you through finding the best bonuses and back/lay options.

“Right i’m in now what?”

Next is to sign up to one of 70 top bookmakers online.

Can’t decide which one to choose?

No problem we’ve got you covered, below is a list of bookmakers that our 3000+ subscribers have voted as friendly. That is bookmakers that tend to allow you to place more bonus related bets (than mug bets) and are less likely to restrict or gub player accounts.

My personal pick for anyone new to match betting is William Hill, but Paddy Power and bet365 also has a fantastic 2UP bonus for regular punters to exploit which could see your winnings increase significantly if they come in.

Enter the Forum

OK so now I suggest you visit the Oddsmonkey Forum which is has a legion of match betting regulars and admin all ready to help you grow your winnings.

In fact we listed it as one of the best match betting forums for beginners to get started.

oddsmonkey £1 trial premium membership
Oddsmonkey forum is a wealth of match betting knowledge ready to be tapped into.

The forum is separated into several categories from beginners academy (which is where you should start) to existing bookmaker offers for you to find. There are even some niche subjects including how to match bet when you are aboard so you don’t miss out on any winnings while your on holiday.

Take Oddsmonkey for a Spin

The software allows you to filter specific types of profit strategies such as 2UP on Paddy Power and Bet365 and Cross-bar bonus so select from the list of match betting games

For something a bit more comprehensive, check out our guide to using Oddsmonkey which has a step-by-step tutorial for any new players to get to grips with.

Our Verdict

For me Oddsmonkey £1 trial is a no-brainer and anyone that hasn’t signed-up should get on board.

Just be sure you set some time aside to read through the basic tutorials and guides and get a custom to the platform, so you can feel confident before placing your first bet. It’s really too good an opportunity to miss.