William Hill Plus Card | Get Instant Access to Your Winnings ⚡

william hill plus card

For the first time in years I popped into my local William Hill but it wasn’t to place a bet, instead I went in to withdraw winnings from a bet on my mobile.

Hang on, how on earth can you do that! I hear you say?

Simple, William Hill Plus Card is the latest cash card that gives you instant access to your winnings.

GONE are the days of having to wait 3-4 working days to receive winnings into your bank. The cash is in your hands in seconds.

How does William Hill Plus card work?

The William Hill Plus card synchronises with your online account and allows you to deposit and withdraw online winnings in store from any William Hill branch across the UK.

It also allows you to transfer any in-store winnings to your online account and bet on your mobile.

So how do you get hold of this badboy?

Well good news is you don’t have to be in the Freemasons to get one. Just follow the instructions below and you’re good to go.

How to get a William Hill Plus Card | Step by Step Guide

1. Before we do anything if you don’t have one already you will need a William Hill online account. You can do this by using the banner below.

While you’re at it use the promo code attached to take advantage of William Hill’s latest offer.

As always all offers are subject to terms and conditions with are listed above, just make sure you read William Hill’s terms so you know what to expect.

2. Next step is to register for William Hill Plus. You can do this in one of two ways:

First is to log into your online account and register, bear in mind that it could take 3-4 working days to receive the card and PIN in the post.

The simplest and quickest way is to pop into your local branch. Provided you have your online login username and password, the person on the counter should issue you a brand spanking new card there and then to use.

As part of security you may be asked to provide a valid proof of identification such as a passport or drivers licence. This is merely to prove you are the main account holder and not someone trying to scam or hack into the account.

Before you go, here are some caveats to consider…

This goes without saying but to save punters any embarrassing confrontations at the counter, any winnings from matches/casino need to be cleared first into your cash balance before they can be paid out.

This can be frustrating for some and in most case the funds are automatically loaded on to your account balance. But we stress that you need to check your balance before going in store to withdraw any cash.

As we explained before William Hill want to make sure that the funds do not end up in the wrong hands and as such you will more than likely be asked to provide photographic proof of ID when requesting withdrawal of cash in store.

WH Plus Card Features | Pro’s and Con’s

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What are the differences between William Hill Cash Direct and Plus Card?

A few of you may have heard of William Hill Cash Direct and wondered how does this compare to William Hill Plus card?

Well essentially they are the same thing… But with a huge difference!

william hill direct cash cardWith William Hill Cash direct you can deposit and withdraw winnings from your online account over the counter in-store, without the need of a card.

But to withdraw winnings you need the print a voucher at home and take this to your local William Hill shop. So although it saves you the process of registering the card it’s not as straight forward as the plus card.

The vouchers are considered as cash and will not be refunded by William Hill if lost. They also have a 3 month expiry date so you should cash them in as soon as you print them.

In my opinion if I had to pick between the two I’d go with the William Hill Plus card, purely out of convenience.

Our Verdict

Lets be honest, this is nothing more than a clever marketing gimmick to lock punters into the William Hill ecosystem.

With that said I do think its a good idea if you are already a regular William Hill customer that wants instant access to their cash.

But for me I don’t really have a problem waiting a few days before it gets transferred to my bank.

For punters wanting faster access to their cash without the need of registering a William Hill Plus card, you could of course use e-wallets such as Neteller or PayPal, which are generally twice as fast (1-2 days transfer) compared to standard bank transfers.

You can find out more by reading our guide to depositing using Neteller which will give you step-by-step instructions.