Which Mobile Casinos accept Payforit deposits?

online casinos that accept payforitIt appears that online casinos have finally woken up to the rise in demand for mobile payments.

So much so that we’ve have seen a 46% increase in the past year.

Payforit is the latest mobile payment service that offers a convenient yet secure method for making purchases using your phone bill. Unlike other online services such as Neteller and Paypal no account is required.

As you will find out Payforit is even more secure than using your bank card.

This ground-breaking technology is set to change the way we pay for things in the future. Here we’ll explain exactly how the payment system works and provide you a step-by-step screenshot guide (see later on) to help you making your first deposit.

What is Payforit?

Payforit is a micro-digital payment method similar to PayPal, that lets you purchase online services such as music, apps etc.

Payment is quick and easy to use. Instead of the money coming from your current account the funds come out of your mobile phone bill, so there’s no need to enter your debit or credit card details.

So players that deposit £20 using Payforit will have the cost of that transaction added to their phone bill at the end of the month for pay monthly customer, or deducted from your Pay As You Go balance.

Users that want a better understanding of mobile payments should check out our definitive guide to pay by phone bill.

Our Top Pick of Mobile Casinos that accept Payforit


Casumo CasinoCasumo shook-up the gambling industry in 2015 and it’s easy to see why. With bold contrasting colours and ultra-modern graphics and icons with subtle animations it’s very pleasing to the eye.

They offer a slightly different user experience by offering a coins reward scheme which you can trade in for prizes and even real cash.

Mobile is a complete different experience altogether so it’s no wonder Casumo had the foresight to introduce Payforit. Together they create a winning combination.


May not be on everyone’s radar but this is a gem of a slots site offering games that are only exclusive to mFortune. Thanks to their talented software development team mFortune have created some unique titles and gameplay you won’t find anywhere else.

Mfortune were one of the first online casinos to adopt Payforit and are experts in this field. We strongly recommend if you’re looking for a casino site with a twist, you’ve come to the right place.


Another heavy-weight that puts user experience above all else. Having won a plethora of awards in the gambling industry, it’s no wonder LeoVegas breaks records year after year and we have to admit it’s a firm favourite in the office.

Phone bill deposits are just one of a ton of payment options available to LeoVegas customers, giving you more choice when playing online.


Is the newbie of the pack having broke into the scene last year. With stunning visuals it was an instant hit with players and quickly became Betotg’s casino site of the year 2017.

Dunder are also keen to keep pace with the latest trends, which is why you can use Payforit to make your first deposit and spend more time enjoying slots.

A Brief History of Payforit

Interestingly Payforit is not a limited company but rather a set of regulatory guidelines for all of the network carriers to adhere to, that allows for the transfer funds from the customers phone bill to pay third party merchants for online services.

It’s jointly owned by all of the major mobile network carriers including O2, EE, 3 and Vodafone. So you can feel assured that it’s controlled by some of the UK’s biggest mobile companies.

Payforit also allows for other third-party intermediary companies such as Boku and Bango that are fully-accredited and meet the guidelines standards to provide other online services, which in this case of Boku, it allows you to credit your casino account.

It sounds great but is Payforit Safe?

This has to be the No 1. question everyone asks first and anyone who is paranoid about giving sensitive information away online should keep reading…

You’ll be surprised to know that using Payforit is more secure than using your bank card, for two reasons.

  1. Over the past decade mobile phones have become are more prone to hacking due to Malware, as users are increasing sharing sensitive information about themselves on apps such as social media, email and banking.

Payforit removes the need for entering your debit or credit card details online,  which significantly reduces your chances of being hacked.

2.  Payforit transactions process automatically by recognising your mobile number on the SIM Card. This provides an added layer of security, ensuring that only you can transfer funds using your phone.

Compare this to debit cards and with enough information, anyone can hack your account and transfer funds and you’re stuck with sorting this mess out with your bank manager.

Screenshot guide to casino deposits using Payforit

1. Register an account with one of the casinos below that use Payforit.
2. In Payment Methods select the “Pay by Phone” icon.
3. Enter the amount you want to deposit and tap the Pay Now button.
4. You should receive a confirmation message with payments reference.
5. The money should now be credited to your account.

It’s as simple as that…

Customers need to be aware that this is just an example using Casumo and each casino that accepts Payforit will have a slightly different way of completing the transaction. But in general it’s a similar process.

Payforit Casino Pros and Cons

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Payforit Mobile Payments FAQ

We’ve complied a list of questions that customers frequently ask us regarding mobile deposits using Payforit.

But if you have any further questions you can check out Payforit’s own help page or just leave them at the bottom in the comments section and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Are there any fees with using the service?

There are absolutely NO charges for using the service but you will be charged your standard text message rate which varies between mobile carriers.

While you are not charged for using the service it’s important to understand how your Payforit deposit will be displayed on your phone bill statement. Bear in mind that every mobile carrier will have a slightly different billing layout, but this should serve as a guide. In this example we are using Three mobile.

On the first page you should see the the Total Charges at the bottom of your statement. Just before this you should find a section titled “Payforit Payments” which will give you the total amount of deposits made for that particular month.

The next page (or back page) should provide an itemised list of all of your phone calls for that period (see below). In addition it will also display a detailed list of all Payforit transactions for the same period. Giving you a breakdown of every payment made and the amount. The billing amounts should correspond with your SMS transaction receipts.

Customers can also keep track of their spending while on the go using the Three mobile App. The screenshot below highlights where the Payforit transactions are displayed on the summary screen. Users can then tap on this to see in detail each of the transactional costs.

How much can I transfer?

Unlike debit and credit cards which are only limited to the amount you have in your account or credit limit, Payforit’s transactions are limited to £30 a day. While this may sound like a feeble amount (especially in online casino’s), I like to look at it as a way for players to limit their spending habits and ensure they don’t get carried away and blow their entire wage-slip.

There are also monthly limits to how much you can spend but this varies between network operators, so you may need to contact your mobile provider for more details.

This cap is not set in stone and punters that genuinely want to transfer more funds can do so by contacting their mobile network provider and ask to have this limit increased.

Which networks allow payment?

As explained before the “big-four” i.e EE, Vodafone, O2 and 3 jointly regulate and maintain the network handling and protocols

If you are using one of the smaller network carriers such as Tesco Mobile, Asda, Virgin, Plusnet and Talk Talk, you can still use the PFI service as most of the providers mentioned are part of the big-four (you just don’t realise this).

We’ve tested most of the smaller network providers discussed and they all appear to work fine. The only mobile carrier we have had problems with is Lebara, if you are part of their network you might want to switch carrier.

Do I need the latest smartphone to use it?

No. Provided you have a mobile phone with 3G or 4G network available you shouldn’t have any issues.

3G and 4G are just mobile communication technologies that allow your mobile to access the internet wirelessly. If you check the top-right hand corner of your phone, next to the “signal bar” icon, you should see either 3G or 4G symbols.

We’ve used Payforit to transfer monies to our own casino accounts on both the latest handsets and ones which are approx 4-5 year old. Both worked perfectly fine using the service.

Can you receive funds using Payforit?

This has to be the most frustrating part of Payforit as it only allows one-way transactions (to the merchant). Currently players cannot withdraw any winnings from their casino account and transfer it to their phone bill.

As annoying as this may sound it kind of makes sense as this is a payments only service. If you happened to win a significant amount of money on a casino site the last thing you would want to do is to move this to your phone bill, as you would have no way of transferring this to you bank account.

Your only option then would be to use this to pay-off your monthly bill which would take a considerable amount of time. For any users looking to transfer any winnings, we’d suggest you open up either PayPal or Neteller to act as a holding account for any winnings you receive. That way you still avoid having to enter any banking details to withdraw.

But don’t let this deter you, as you can see there are far more benefits of using this service than one minor drawback.

Our Verdict

While it’s taken some time to finally come up with a simple yet elegant method to pay for services on your mobile, Payforit and phone bill transactions are light-years ahead of the competition.

I’ve been using Payforit to transfer funds now for almost two years and I have to say it’s by far the most convenient way to credit your account.

I particularly like the capped limits on how much I can transfer per day as this means I can’t get carried away spending more than I have.

The only downside with this technology is being unable to receive any winnings to your mobile phone bill. But in this instance I setup either my bank details or PayPal username once when I open a new casino account and it’s done.

Hopefully if you’re a regular casino player you can see the huge benefits of this incredible service, plus the time you’ll save.