Online Casinos that accept Paypal Deposits | Definitive List [2021]

online casinos that accept paypal deposits

I think it’s fair to say that most modern mobile casinos accept PayPal, for it’s simplicity and enhanced online security features. So instead of listing every casino in existence, we’re going to list the top online casinos that accept PayPal deposits ranked by popularity and ease of use.

PayPal may have been around since 2003 but surprisingly as few as 5% of punters actively use this versatile digital payment as a way of depositing funds to their casino account.

Online Casinos that accept PayPal Deposits

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So what is PayPal

PayPal is just an electronic wallet that allows you to transfer funds to another person, rather than using more traditional payment types such as VISA and Mastercard.

Incredibly Elon Musk co-founded PayPal in his early 20’s, when he realised there was a need to transfer money between people online.

The benefit of PayPal was that you could transfer funds without handing over you bank details. This paved the way for online retailers such as Ebay, as it allowed you so buy/sell goods online with anonymous users, without the worry of receiving payment as PayPal acted as the mediator holding the money in your account.

So if an online casino site accepts PayPal, you can access your account or eWallet and deposit without the need of entering your card details, giving you an added layer of security.

Benefits of PayPal Casinos – Pro’s and Cons

Enhanced AES 256-bit data encryption
Transfer funds without entering your bank details
Ability to retract funds by filing a dispute
PayPal buyers protection up to £500
Instant winning withdrawal to PayPal

Fee’s applied to any withdrawals using PayPal (see FAQ below)
Limited number of casino sites accept PayPal deposits
Limits on amount deposit/withdraw

One of the key benefits of using PayPal casino deposits is for the security features it has to offer. Once you have setup your PayPal account you no longer need to enter any card details, which reduces the risk of hackers gaining access your to banking information.

PayPal also uses AES 256-bit encrypted data to transfer the funds, which ensures no one can intercept the transaction or any sensitive data.

What become apparent when you use PayPal is the level of protection buyers have when making a transaction. If for whatever reason you have an issue with the end merchant, you can file a dispute which in effect retracts the monies from the merchant (which in this case is the casino site). The funds will remain in PayPal’s “holding” account until the case has been resolved and if PayPal agrees in favour of you, they will return your money. This is particularly important in fraudulent cases and provides you a safety net should anything arise.

If you want faster access to your winnings, you’re better off using PayPal. Average withdrawal times are within 48hrs, compared to the standard 2-4 working days for bank accounts.

As we have mentioned previously not all casino sites accept PayPal deposits, but in this new mobile digital age things are changing rapidly and it should only be a few more years until nearly all online casinos that accept PayPal deposits will be available.

How to Casino Deposit using PayPal – Screenshot Guide

1. Sign-up and open an account with one of the casino sites listed above.
2. Register and open a PayPal account ensuring you have verified your bank card.
3. Go to homepage and log into your account.
4. Find Deposits or Payment tab.
5. Select PayPal.
6. When prompted, sign-in to your PayPal account.
7. Enter the amount you wish to transfer and confirm.
8. You will receive and email notification of the transaction & funds will automatically be in your account to use.

online casinos that accept paypal depositsAlthough PayPal does offer some huge benefits when it comes to online payments, there are even better mobile payment technology which we believe provides even greater flexibility and security.

Deposit using your mobile phone bill credit is not only quick (involves entering your mobile number), but also has a verification process in the form of a text message to confirm the payment.

Casino Deposits Using PayPal FAQ

Why is PayPal better than using credit/debit card?

PayPal never discloses any of your banking information to the casino site, the money is transferred between PayPal accounts which keeps all of your financial data private. This is particularly important when you open an account with a casino site you’re not sure about, but what to take advantage of their welcome offers.

Is PayPal safe compared to other banking methods?

As a regular online casino player I believe PayPal is much safer payment option compared to standard banking for two main reasons:

The data is encrypted during the transaction using the latest SSL encryption software which makes it virtually un-hackable.

The second is it reduces the risk of hackers collating your banking information due to malware – let me explain. No matter how careful you are on the internet, there comes a point where you accidentally end up on a website that infects your laptop or even mobile.

The latest malware software has become even more sophisticated that it sits in the background undetected and waits until the user enters sensitive information which in this case is your banking details.

While a hacker could gain access to your PayPal accounts username and password, PayPal has clever software that monitors the location of where the account is being accessed and may ask further security questions before access can be made to the account – this is not an option with your bank.

Can I withdraw any winnings using PayPal?

Yes you can send and receive up to £10,000 per transaction which should be enough even for more serious players. Bear in mind withdrawal limits differ from one casino site to another, so while PayPal may not have any lower limit be sure to check the casino’s terms and conditions for more details.

Withdrawal times vary from a couple of hours up to 48 hours, but these times are significantly quicker than traditional banking times which can take between 2-4 working days depending on the banking merchant.

Are there any fees associated with using PayPal?

There are no fees to send money to credit your UK casino account when you use your PayPal balance, debit card or bank account where no currency conversion is involved, so provided you are betting with UK casino’s you are not charged extra.

You can be charge a currency conversion rate for making deposits to non-UK casino’s, so as long as you are using casino’s that are regulated by the UK gambling commission you will have additional charges levied on depositing.

There is however a fee for receiving any winnings using PayPal of 3.4% of the transaction value + 20p for transactions less than £1,500. For transactions greater than £1,500 the percentage fee drops to 2.9% + 20p flat fee.

Refer to PayPal’s fees and charges for more details.

Why are there so few casinos that accept PayPal deposits?

PayPal have strict guidelines that casino sites needs to meet before they are approved, as such you’ll find a lot of well-established brands are already qualified PayPal merchants. But with more and more punters demanding a digital wallet transactions from and international brand, more of the smaller casino sites will “get in line” and meet the same requirements.

Our Verdict

It’s taken the gambling industry many years to adopt transactions using PayPal and other mobile payment services, but it appears more and more casino’s are jumping on the bandwagon as players are switching over to mobile and are demanding a more convenient and safe payment option.

I can’t recommend enough using casinos that accept PayPal deposits as this is certainly the way of all future mobile payments and it certainly saves time typing out that long 16-digit card number onto a tiny screen every time you sign-up.

The added security features and buyer protection should you need to file a dispute with a casino site, are in my mind more than enough to encourage anyone to move across. So get on-board casinos that accept PayPal deposits, which is sure to be the digital payment revolution before it passes you by.