Italian GP F1 Betting Tips 2017 | Hammer-time psychological blow to Ferrari

For this weeks Italian GP F1 betting tips 2017 we discuss Hamilton’s fight-back which could see the Brit lead the championship for the first time this season, provided he wins at Monza. Plus we give you our expert opinion on who will end Sunday with the race win.

Momentum at this point of the season is crucial for the title-race and both Mercedes and Ferrari are all too aware of this. Which is why Lewis’s “hammer-time” slingshot to get ahead of Vettel and keep that position was the perfect way to start the second phase of the season.

It would be a huge blow to Vettel’s championship hopes if Hamilton won in Ferrari’s backyard at Monza.

During the previous race at the Belgium Grand Prix Max Verstappen was full of hope that the once bullet proof Red Bull would take him to victory or at worse a podium finish. But alas for Max it was not to be as again his ambition were crushed with a dead engine on lap nine.

Max fails to finish yet again!

The Dutchman never even got time to work up a sweat, when interviewed later it was apparent Max was hurting and it’s no wonder it’s been one breakdown after another for this very talented driver. We think he would be looking at other teams but there are no places for him to go. Verstappen will just have to bite the bullet till at least 2019 when his contract is up.

Hamilton Masterclass

Lewis Hamilton did what was required at Spa which was not an easy race for him. The Ferrari’s were all over him throughout the race and a safety car in lap 30 saw Lewis fuming, as the rest of the pact gained ground on the Brit.

Hamilton can now lead the title race for the first time this year.

Hamilton had a stellar performance to see him just cross the line a few seconds ahead of his rival Vettel.

Upgrades have played their part for Ferrari in the last two races which have now seen the prancing horse level-pegged with Mercedes.

The reason for the safety car was the coming together of both Force India drivers Esteban Ocon and teammate Sergio Perez. The two drivers had touched earlier in the race and in the second collision Ocon was forced onto the wall damaging his front wing and giving Perez a rear flat.

This is the third time this season the have come together and for a team desperate for points it has to stop. We are sure the team principal Vijay Mallya will be having a very strong word with them.

Is it end of the road for Alonso?

When it looked like Alonso had turned a corner this season with a decent run in Hungary, the Spaniard was slapped down back to reality and had to pull the car over to the grass-verge. There has been debate as to whether Alonso retired the car too hastily but the driver strongly denies such allegations.

italian gp f1 betting tips 2017
Force India drivers commit the cardinal sin…

It’s a real shame to see a driver with his talents being squandered at McLaren but with most seats at the top teams pretty much secured for 2018 it’s impossible for Fernando to get into a decent car for next year. Could early retirement be on the cards?

Finnish Flare

Kimi Raikkonen is a driver that seems to have gotten his mojo back this season. We think he would be beating Vettel if the team allowed him. The Fin was unlucky to get a ten second penalty for speeding under the yellow flag and its clear that Kimi would have been on the podium only for that.

Valtteri Bottas is out of the championship, being 42 points adrift of Lewis team orders will now come in, he will have to support Hamilton for the rest of the season, he had his chance but was not up to his teammate.

Who needs KERS when you have the Tifosi

Monza is one of a few tracks in the F1 calendar that hasn’t changed since it’s first race and blends top speed straights with complex elongated chicane’s and bends. Given Ferrari’s inability to beat the Merc in raw horsepower, this stop-start circuit will certainly give Ferrari an advantage going into this weekend. Mercedes look to have struggled to keep-up with Ferrari’s aero upgrades in recent months and it’s there where I believe the prancing horse will prevail in the race.

Mercedes may beat the Ferrari in qualifying but i’m certain we’ll see Vettel on top of the podium at the end of the race.

Italian GP F1 Betting Tips 2017 Predictor

1. Sebastian Vettel
2. Lewis Hamilton
3. Kimi Raikkonen