Touch Lucky Casino Review

Although I may not be superstitious you won’t find me walking under any ladders or breaking mirrors well at least not intentionally. So when it comes to playing slot and casino games I can do with all of the luck I can get. So when one of the team at BetOTG found Touch Lucky Casino I was curious to see if their luck could rub off onto me compared to other casino site, but we’ll get back to this later on, for now lets look at the latest promotions you can get right now when you sign-up.

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Games and Jackpots

Touch Lucky Casino have some pretty cool titles on their list, including: Spin Sorceress, Steamtower and Psycho to name a few. With over 110 games to choose from we’re sure there’s something for everyone to play.

For those that prefer to play casino table games your in luck! With Touch you can play classic Roulette, BlackJack as well as online scratch cards which are much easier than going down to the local news agents.

Mobile App and Compatability

Hang on a second, there’s no mobile app to download? Nope the website is fully responsive on any mobile device which means to can play online using your mobile internet browser which for Apple devices is Safari and Android and Windows phones can use either Chrome or Firefox.

The games will adjust to your screen size so tablet users do not need to manually stretch the screen out. The site is super-quick to user touch commands and it feels like its working without breaking a sweat, casino action in the palm of your hand.

Payment Options

Depositing couldn’t be easier and you can use the following payment options:

Touch Lucky Casino Summary

So did playing on the luckiest casino site in the UK increase my winning ratio? Well over the space of a week I was up 6.3% compared to using other sites. This could be just by chance and you’d need to try it out over a longer period, but i’d like to think that its true. Touch Lucky Casino certainly looks as good as some of the top casino sites around and its not congested with older slot games that look dated, instead it has all of the latest modern titles around.

Fancy abit of casino luck yourself? Then go to Touch Lucky and make sure you give the horse shoe a quick rub before you play.