European GP 2016 F1 Betting Preview 19/06/16

European GP betting tips 2016

European GP 2016 F1 Betting Preview 19/06/16

Bernie has really outdone himself with this years European Grand Prix, No it’s not Nurburgring or Hockenheim, it’s Baku City in Azerbaijan! which is in Europe right? Anyway the Baku City Circuit is the latest in the line of Grand Prix tracks to attract a wider audience. So lets take a loot at how the driver have performed recently.

Lewis gains ground in the championship

Lewis Hamilton is on a high coming from back to back wins at Monaco and Canada. The Brit can now see another championship in his sights as it looked for a while that it was getting away from him, but his main rival and team-mate Nico Rosberg seems to have lost a little of his edge. We’re sure Nico will bounce back, the race in Canada proves both drivers are the ones who will stop either taking the number one position, another touch of wheels on the first corner could have been another disaster for the team. The two drivers are headstrong and it looks like Toto Wolf will have to lay down the law to his drivers, they don’t issue team orders but we think it won’t be long before they do.

In Canada Lewis drove a race which proves why he is a three-times world champion, from pole to finish his race was again a classic. Hamilton managed his tyres to run long stints so pit stops were kept to a minimum and he well deserved the win.

After his wheel touch into the first corner with Lewis, Nico lost a lot of places and did not seem to get back into the race and ended fifth, this race may be where he comes back.

A resurgence for Ferrari

f1 betting european gp 2016
Vettel did his best but couldn’t keepup with Lewis.

In Canada Sebastian Vettel came off the starting grid leaving Lewis sitting. It looked like it was going to be Ferrari’s day, he drove a very good race but could not get the best of Lewis and had to settle for second, a new circuit just might be what he needs.

Valtteri Bottas, one of our favorite drivers in Formula 1, drove a superb race to finish third in Canada. And we think coming to this new track could put him in a position to take his first win, if you want a good outside bet this is your man.

Just when Jenson Button thought his problems were behind him, on the eleventh lap in Canada his engine blew in spectacular fashion, smoke flames and all. Will this circuit suit the McLaren car? well we don’t think it could be any worse.

Max Verstappen the wonder-kid driver, again showed why he is in F1. Max had a lot of problems in Monaco, but came back to again prove his worth with a fourth place in Canada. It might help him that all the drivers are in the same boat with this track. The bookmakers will be cutting the odds on him soon, so make your money now.

Daniel Ricciardo has not got his head in the right place at the moment. The Aussie blames his team for all his troubles recently and we agree. Monaco was the worse of it but in Canada he was stuck behind his team-mate and was the faster of the two.

So there we have it, we must wait to see how the drivers perform here. But we think this is the best chance for a good outside bet. Taking aside Lewis and Nico, we would bet on Vettel, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Bottas, and even Raikkonen, so place those bets now.

Stats for Europe Grand Prix
Circuit name Baku City Circuit
Laps 51
Circuit length 3.7 miles
Race distance 190.2 miles

Where and what time is the European GP on?

European Grand Prix 17th – 19th June 2016
Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Baku
Watch Live on Channel 4 from 13:05pm and on Radio 5 Live