Chinese GP 2016 F1 Betting Odds | Lewis on the Back Foot

Chinese GP 2016 F1 Betting Odds | 15th – 17th April 2016

Shanghai International Circuit, Jiading, Shanghai

So next on the F1 calendar we’re in China which has proven to be a firm favourite for Lewis Hamilton as he won here last year. This season we expect there won’t be much change on the podium with both Mercedes drivers and Vettel likely to take the top-three spots.

Questions which were being asked of Lewis towards th end of last season are now starting to re-emerge, as the British driver has conceded the last fives races to his team-mate and it looks as if it could continue.

Hamilton has to address his poor starts off the grid, it’s currently costing him 4 places into the first corner, which will prove impossible to get back when we get to tracks like Monaco.

china f1 2016 betting odds
Vettel’s chances of a podium went up in smoke at Bahrain.

Vettel non-starter

After Vettel’s fantastic performance in Australia we expected a similar performance in Bahrain but the German did not even make the starting grid with the Ferrari going up in a cloud of blue smoke on the formation lap. What is wrong with the normally bullet proof Ferrari engine? In Melbourne Kimi Raikkonen had to retire with an engine that blew up in a dramatic fashion, and Sebastian can’t make the start line. We ask our self at this rate are Ferrari going to run out of engine allocation halfway through the season?

So lets look at China, we will stick our neck out again and say we back Vettel to win, I will still be putting my money on him, if another engine goes we will think we are jinxing him and say no more, don’t want Ferrari lawyers at our door!

Kimi’s Ying and Yang

We are not writing Kimi off, we have said before on a good day he would be hard to beat and after a poor 2015 he has come back this season with the intention of showing why he deserves the seat with Ferrari.

We are not going to comment very much about Nico Rosberg, he is the man to beat in 2016 and looks to have everything he needs to win the title..

New boys Haas are proving to be a powerful force so far this year with Romain Grosjean taking a fifth place in Bahrain. We expect to be seeing big things from them in China.

vandoorne pit f1 betting tips
Vandoorne has a sensational first race for McLaren.

Fernando Alonso should be fit enough to get back behind the wheel this weekend. We think he is one of the best drivers on the grid and feel he does not deserve to be taking up the rear in every race.

Another driver who is doing well this year is Massa. The Brazilian starts have been great, but he seems to slowly lose pace during the race and his team-mate seems to have the same problem.

Wonderkid Vandoorne shows Alonso how it’s done

Bahrain was a bit of a demolition derby with bits of cars flying in all directions, the new young drivers were showing the old boys how its done with a display of pure driver talent from young Vandoorne who drove a perfect race to take tenth in his first F1 race. We hope to see this young man again soon, he must have made the team bosses take notice. Wehrlein who took thirteenth place also had a solid drive and could be a man to watch this season.

China Stat’s
First GP 2004
Laps 56
GP’s Held 12
Circuit Length 3.387 mil
Race distance 189.559 mil