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acca edge

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There’s been a lot of buzz recently on social media about Acca Edge, Betfair’s their latest product in Acca Betting. But what exactly is Acca Edge and how can you benefit from it when we place our next bet? Well here at BetOTG – Bet On The Go we got our most senior bookies pundit to put on his dirty overalls and take a peek under the hood of Betfair’s biggest promotion to date.

Acca Edge – Betfair has you covered!

acca edge
Example of 6-fold Acca Edge bet

Acca Edge is in fact an enhancement on Betfair’s existing Acca Insurance and is said to pioneer the way Acca bets are covered in the future. Take an example where you place a multiple-fold acca bet, most bookmakers will provide you with a minimum of acca cover on 5-fold bets and over and most of these insurances are on a tier structure. So place 5-7 fold and your covered if 1 lets you down, 8-10 fold you get your money back if 2 results don’t go your way and so on.

But Acca Edge is a bit different. Betfair will insure you on ANY TREBLE bets and above. You simply cannot get the same level of cover anywhere else!

And there are no minimum odd requirements before you’re covered, just place a treble bet and Acca Edge kicks in.

It’s as simple as that and the best thing about it is that Acca Edge is included across all sport betting. So where previously you could only get cover on horse racing and football, now you can choose any sport event you like.

But this incredibly generous promotion doesn’t stop there, Betfair will refund you in cash, yes that’s right, unlike other bookmakers which will give you your money back as a free bet. Not only this but with Betfair there are no limits to the total amount you are refunded, which means you can place even greater amounts and still get all you money back. Compare this to other bookies and you’re likely to get a maximum refund of £25.

Betfair’s Acca Edge and all other promotional terms and conditions can be found in the t&c’s section of the sportsbook website.

Our Verdict

Any feature that help punters protect their downside gets my vote. I’m sure Betfairs latest product Acca Edge will be just the first of many from all of the bookmakers to encourance players to place acca’s on their sportsbook.

The up-shot with all this is products giving punters even more value, which is great news all round.