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Guns n Roses Slots

It goes without saying that NetEnt have given us some awesome video slot titles in the past, but their latest creation Guns n Roses Slots is a masterpiece! and the ultimate video slot game to play for any fan-boy of the iconic rock n roll band. Being massive fans ourselves we couldn’t wait to try it and give you an in-depth review of what could possibly be the best video slots game of all time.

Guns n Roses SlotsGuns n Roses Slots Breaks New Boundaries

First thing to point out is that this is like no other slot game you have ever played before. Yes you do have the classic 5 reel, 20 pay line theme but that is where the similarities end. This is the first time NetEnt have used the latest Pixie and WebGI which are a second gen rendering engine, this provides unbelievable animation effects in HTML5 such as the “Appetite for Destruction” wild card.

The Live Stage set and music playlist gives you that total immersion experience!

A lot of attention to detail has gone into this slot game, from the rich high-definition slot symbols to the slight motion of the crowd in the background, it’s all been cleverly designed to give you that feeling of being in the crowd itself while rolling the reels.

Slot Features and Bonuses

Guns n Roses Slots come with an array of bonuses, wild symbols and multipliers. The first are single lower and upper tier symbols, the multiplier value of each varies with 125x for lower tier symbols and up to an astonishing 750x multiplier for 5-of-a-kind Axl Rose symbols.

Of course real-cash players will be hunting for the illusive wildcard symbols and multipliers which provide the best coin returns, here’s a list of what to look out for:

Vinyl Guns N Roses Record

This symbol appears on center and either end reels and will award players with the up to 3 bonus games, which include: 10 Free Spins, Crowd Pleaser and Coin Bonus. Be sure to keep a look at for this top-level symbol at it holds a lot of rewards.

Full-Reel Wild

Will turn any one of five reels wild ad as a result will swap any high value symbols to give the highest possible reel score. Full Reel Wilds can earn real cash players significant multipliers and earn tons of coins.

Appetite for Destruction Wild

Is the ultimate wild for any slot player and covers the entire size of the slots game. The Appetite for Destruction Wild can appear in three separate locations and provides the highest winning combo on the game.

Guns n Roses Slots

You can of course get multiplier Combo’s from 4x up to a maximum of 10x which automatically connects winning lines to multiply your coins, this is certainly an added bonus for any real-cash players.

Music Playlist Available

Using the Playlist (which can be found at the bottom-left of the screen) you can listen to legendary tracks for free, while you play. Choose from the following smash hits:

Welcome to the Jungle
Sweet Child O’ Mine
Paradise City
November Rain
Chinese Democracy

Guns n Roses Slots Summary

NetEnt have truly outdone themselves this time by breaking new grounds with Guns n Roses Slots. The game has to be on of the most interactive slot games we have ever played and with so many features, multipliers and options to choose from you’ll have hours of head-banging to enjoy, it’s a slot gaming experience like no other.

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