Wenger’s best chance to win the league in a decade

It’s that time of the year again when the xmas dec’s go up, a couple fo mince pies are left out for Santa and Arsenal start to unfold, buckling under the pressure of winning the Premier League. Only to pick-up the pace towards the end of March when the pressures off and there’s no chance of them catching up.

But this year is different folks! In fact last Monday nights 2-1 win against a strong Man City was a pivotal moment for Arsenal. Just as the Invincible did over a decade ago for 30 consecutive matches, the Gunners were confident they would fend off the might of Man City and gain a crucial three points. So where now for Arsenal, off the back of comfortably beating their closest rival for the title. Can Wenger carry this momentum forward and break the spell of the Gunners falling flat during the christmas break?

The league has never so tight, with the likes of Watford comfortably hammering Liverpool and Norwich making United’s back-four look clueless on the weekend, no one team is running away with this years title.

With so much talk of Pep Guardiola going to Man City it’s clear that the Blues are losing focus on the title race.

Man United are in a similar position with Van Gaal and the speculation of whether Mourinho will replace the Dutchman at Old Trafford. Then there’s Chelsea and Liverpool who are both in limbo-land and out of contention for the title. This leaves Arsenal and Wenger with the best opportunity in over 10 years to silence the critics and Gunner defectors and take the title.

But Arsenal has a habit of keeping quite in the January transfer window, even when Arsene as a lot of injuries which has been the case this year. Although I appreciate there’s no point of buying a player to make up the numbers, his lack of spending has cost Arsenal the title on many occasions.

But Wenger has shown in the past two-years that he’s willing to splash the cash to bring in key players when it’s needed (or when despiriation kicks in). Players such as Ozil and Sanchez who have proved invaluable to keep the Gunners in the top three.

Without a doubt we’ll see Klopp, Hiddink and even Ranieri look to strengthen their sides come January. But will Wenger break the habit of a lifetime and strengthen his squad in the transfer window?

Arsenal are clearly in a great position to win the title and have a squad capable of achieving this. Second-half of the season always takes it toll on the players when fatigue kicks in and there’s more chance of picking up injuries. So given the number of players injured at the moment such as Wellbeck, Arteta, Wiltsire and Rosicky, surely it makes sense to strengthen the side right?

We’ll have to wait and see if he does indeed buy any players in January. But from what I can see, the only thing stopping Wenger from winning the Premier League this season is Wenger himself!