Italian GP 2015 Preview

Lewis Hamilton’s win at Spa Francochamps takes the drivers tally of wins to six this season. That’s DOUBLE the number of wins compared to his nearest rival (Nico Rosberg) who only has three under his belt.

But anyone who believes that Lewis has this years championship in the bag should think again! Yes the double world champ may have the psychological edge on his nearest rival but given the driver has double the number of race wins he has, its surprising the British driver is only 28 points clear. That’s just over one race win difference splitting the top two.

Who’d have thought you’d get 40/1 on Kimi Raikkonen winning a race, its crazy.

What’s even more surprising is the lack of race winners this year. With 2/3 of the season completed we only have 3 race winners this season (Sebastian, Lewis and Nico) taking top podium. Such as been the raw dominance of Mercedes that teams such as Red Bull and Williams haven’t had the chance to get a look in. And this is reflected in the odds available.

With odds as good as that I say the chances of at least one other driver winning a race this year are certainly good enough to take a punt on a low wager bet (given the returns on offer).

So this weekend the F1 circus moves to Monza for the Italian Grand Prix, which is the last European race of the season, before we move over to Asia and South America for the final leg.

Monza is a real mans track! With Top speeds of 375 km/h (233 mph) on the back straight, before hard breaking chicane will put a lot of wear on both brake and tyres. Added to this the fast sweeping bends of turn three and the final turn before the main straight it’ll zap the energy of the drivers.

With so much raw emotion displayed by Vettel during his first race win for Ferrari, I’m sure he’ll be geared-up to do his best in front of the Italian fans. With Lewis’s outstanding performances this year you’d be brave to bet against him. BUT with Botta’s at 33/1 and Vettel at 16/1 you could certainly take a punt.