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Oddsmonkey £1 Trial | Exclusive Promo Code 2019 – BetOTG

oddsmonkey £1 trial premium membership

Today we’ve got a great opportunity for you to get one of the best tools on the market to start your matched betting journey.

Oddsmonkey £1 trial gives you exclusive 7 days access to their award winning match betting platform that does all the hard work for you.

Why do I need Oddsmonkey?

At first matched betting can be quite challenging to get your head around and even punters with +5 years of experience can make mistakes. Which is why it’s important to have a tool that avoids you making those errors in the early stages and wiping you out.

Oddsmonkey does all of the hard work for you.

They pick the games and bookmakers with the best offers and also tell you how much you’re expected to receive once you extract the bonus through matched betting, it couldn’t be simpler!

Can I get a Free Trial to Oddsmonkey?

Unfortunately not, this is the cheapest offer Oddsmonkey promotes as it gives you an opportunity to try out their services for a small fee. Oddsmonkey’s monthly plan is £17.99 a month so this gives you a massive 94% discount on your first month.

[Updated Jan 2019]

If that’s not enough BetOTG have teamed up with Oddsmonkey to save you even more.

Right now you can get a full annual subscription for £150 – that’s just £12.50 a month (Saving you over £65 a year!)

We’re confident that once you sign-up you’ll be hooked into making constant profits and providing a second income for yourself.

How much can I earn in the first week?

This is always the first question anyone asks when they begin match betting. The answer is it’s really down to you and how much time you decide to put into match betting. I’ve heard of some players earning up to £500 in their first week. But realistically if you are placing a two bets a day you could earn double you initial outlay i.e. £200 in the week and near to £800 a month, which is a staggering return on your initial investment of just £1 you join Odds Monkey.

Oddsmonkey £1 Trial Explained

With Oddsmonkey £1 trial you get full access to Oddsmonkey’s Premium platform for 7 days, with no restrictions what so ever.

To get this generous offer make sure you use the following steps:

1. Sign-up to Oddsmonkey’s Free Membership which gives you access to their tutorial and guides to matched betting.
2. Upgrade to Oddsmonkey Premium Service using the promo code SMARKETSZERO18 for just £1.
3. Binge on the tsunami of match betting, dutching and arbing bets at your disposal and make a killing.

You’ll join thousands of satisfied customers that use Oddsmonkey Premium each week to calculate their matched betting odds to lock-in free bets to convert to cash.

Remember this offer is only valid for 7 days for you to test-out their platform and see what all the fuss is about. All we suggest you do is spend an hour preferably at the start of the weekend and read through our matched betting guide which will explain in detail what is involved and how to profit from bookmakers free bets.

Then using the back/lay games Oddsmonkey suggests, place your bets over that weekend to lock-in your first profits.

If you reach the sixth day and realise that matched betting is not for you then you simply log into your account and cancel your subscription. Oddsmonkey also offers a 30 day money-back guarantee for anyone that is unhappy with the paid service and wishes to cancel within the 30 day period.

What you get from Oddsmonkey Premium

Access to over 100+ tutorials
Oddsmatching – Match Betting tool
Racing Matcher
Dutching tool
Online forum – Premium members only

Oddsmatcher is so comprehensive it guides you through finding the best bonuses and back/lay options.

“Right i’m in now what?”

Next is to sign up to one of 70 top bookmakers online.

Can’t decide which one to choose?

No problem we’ve got you covered, below is a list of bookmakers that our 3000+ subscribers have voted as matched betting friendly. That is bookmakers that tend to allow you to place more bonus related bets (than mug bets) and are less likely to restrict or gub player accounts.

My personal pick for anyone new to match betting is William Hill, but Paddy Power and bet365 also has a fantastic 2UP bonus for regular punters to exploit which could see your winnings increase significantly if they come in.

Enter the Forum

OK so now I suggest you visit the Oddsmonkey Forum which is has a legion of match betting regulars and admin all ready to help you grow your winnings.

In fact we listed it as one of the best match betting forums for beginners to get started.

oddsmonkey £1 trial premium membership
Oddsmonkey forum is a wealth of match betting knowledge ready to be tapped into.

The forum is separated into several categories from beginners academy (which is where you should start) to existing bookmaker offers for you to find. There are even some niche subjects including how to match bet when you are aboard so you don’t miss out on any winnings while your on holiday.

Take Oddsmonkey for a Spin

The software allows you to filter specific types of profit strategies such as 2UP on Paddy Power and Bet365 and Cross-bar bonus so select from the list of match betting games

For something a bit more comprehensive, check out our guide to using Oddsmonkey which has a step-by-step tutorial for any new players to get to grips with.

Our Verdict

For me Oddsmonkey £1 trial is a no-brainer and anyone that hasn’t signed-up should get on board.

Just be sure you set some time aside to read through the basic tutorials and guides and get a custom to the platform, so you can feel confident before placing your first bet. It’s really too good an opportunity to miss.

BGO Pulls the Plug on it’s 50 Free Fair Spins

Just when you thought punters were winning the war on fair play, BGO takes a step back from leading the march.

A year ago BGO were flying the flag by offering new customers 50 “Fair Spins” on sign-up  completely wager free, meaning any winnings you made you could keep without any wagering needed.

Initially the deal looked to good to be true…

As it turns out it was! BGO have now back-tracked on the registration offer from 50 wager free spins to 10 spins.

What they have introduced to make up for the short-fall is up to 100 free spins on your first deposit. With no wager and no maximum win cap.

So how do you get the 100 free spins?

Well you now have to cough-up £50 to get the maximum 100 Fair Spins on your first deposit. The new offer issues 2 free spins for every £1 deposited, so deposit £50 and you’ll receive the maximum 100 free spins, which are wager free.

BGO’s NEW 100 Free Spins does come with some caveats to consider…

  • 10 free spins on registration and mobile verification
  • 3 day expiry on spins – So make sure you use them straight away
  • £10 minimum deposit +2.5% fee
  • Cash balance withdraw available any time + £2.50 fee
  • Not available using Neteller or Skrill

See BGO’s full terms and conditions for more details.

In addition, the games that allow you to use the wager free spins have changed to Blue Print Gaming slots which include the following titles:

Fishin’ Frenzy
Eye of Horus
Black Diamond Jackpot
Slots ‘O Gold

It appears that BGO’s aim to increase the volume of players to their site has attracted the wrong type of players…

In a statement BGO have said: “We are aiming to achieve a higher value first time depositing players.”

Obviously this was such a good deal that it was costing BGO more than it was attracting new profitable punters. This is a huge blow for value players looking for decent welcome bonus without the hefty wager multiplier.

Unfortunately the news is a double whammy as it affects all BGO products including Power Spins.

So what’s our options?

If you are still looking for a casino/slots site that gives you completely wager free spins on sign-up then check out our definitive list of Wager Free Spins with enough on their to get you going.

IESNARE Why you should NEVER remove or block it 2019

iesnare matched betting

Iesnare has been talked about a lot on matched betting forums over the past few years. So we decided to wade in to give you our thoughts and opinion’s on the tracking tool that every punter hates.

The trouble with Iesnare is that it’s cloaked in mystery due to the nature of it’s application which is to monitor your activity on the web without you knowing.

But knowledge is power and having an understanding of what iesnare scripts are and their limitations is the first step to fighting back and staying one step ahead of bookmakers.

Vengeance is a dish best severed cold…

What is IEsnare
Orwellian Nightmare? Not Quite…
It’s not just Bookmakers that use Iesnare
Is IEsnare legal?
Can iesnare be used to sniff-out matched betting players?
Why you should NEVER remove or block IEsnare
Should I be worried?

There’s a lot of misconception as to what IEsnare actually is and for good reason. There really is not a lot of credible information out there on the web, many sites draw conclusions from personal experiences without strong evidence.

“In most cases the list of information that Iesnare gathers is of no relevance to bookmakers.”

To add further confusion the company that created the product Iovation no longer advertises Iesnare on their website. But when they did the information was pretty vague and obscure unless you were one of their customers who could afford the extremely high price for the software.

What is IEsnare?

IEsnare is an analytics tracking tool used by online companies to monitor “device anomalies” and help accurately detect any fraudulent risk. It collates information from the users device such as geographical location, IP/MAC address and web browser history to create a profile of the user and track their activity.

It’s been around for quite some time, while doing a search on the web there is some talk on moneysavingexpert forums going as far back as 2006, so well over a decade.

To give you a better understanding of Iesnare’s intended application and capabilities, here’s a promotional video from Iovation themselves. While the company no longer “promotes” the name Iesnare, it gives you an idea of it’s potential use.

The list of information that Iesnare collates is exhaustive, with more than forty data registers.

Suffice to say we’re not going to list every one as most of these registers are of no use and irrelevant to bookmakers, but the ones that are important are those listed below.

  • IPs and ISPs from high risk locations
  • Time-zone mismatches
  • Identify proxy use
  • Devices MAC ID
  • Multiple device access per account
  • Geo-location and IP address mismatch

Orwellian Nightmare? Not Quite…

what is iesnareSo as you can see this script is NOT tracking your every move and watching you on your webcam, it’s just not that intelligent.

The script collects meta-data (cookies) from your computer and stores this on Iovation’s mainframe servers. Bookmakers are then alerted by the analytics software of irregular user activity.

Bear in mind that most bookmakers will have +100k accounts to manage and it’s their responsibility in accordance with the Gambling Commission to ensure that no money laundering is involved.

Here are two ways bookmakers could use this tool effectively:

1. If one account was being accessed by multiple devices, this could imply that the account has been hacked. In which case the bookmaker would want to know this to alert the customer and possibly instruct them to change their password.

2. The bookmaker identifies that a proxy server is being, this would also infer that the end user is trying to hide their identity i.e IP address and location, which could mean fraudulent activity or the end user is in breech of their terms and conditions.

So if you look at things from the bookmakers prospective, they have a pretty difficult job ensuring accounts are not being misused while not behaving like a fascist dictator.

It’s not just Bookmakers that use Iesnare

Companies such as PayPal and Adobe also use this analytics tool for it’s intended purpose – to detect fraudulent activity.

Most online users will use at least one if not both of these services. So if you happen to find iesnare on your computer there’s no guarantee which application is using it.

Can bookmakers use iesnare to sniff-out matched betting players?

Cookies are nothing more than pieces of meta-data which allows you to store values on websites so the next time you go onto Amazon, your basket will still contain the same items to selected during the last visit.

The cookies of one website cannot be accessed by the cookies from another site. So in theory iesnare cannot access the meta-data from another bookmaker and betting exchanges, so far so good.

The only issue I can see is if you are using proxy’s for match betting while you are on holiday as an example. It’s quite likely it will detect proxy use of well-known VPN IP addresses, so this is something match bettors and arbers need to consider.

Is IEsnare legal?

There is still some grey area as to it’s legality and whether it breaches Data Protection laws, as it circumvents this by collecting data about the device and not you.

Some punters have not taken this laying down and are taking bookmakers to court over the matter. If fact there’s a petition that you can send to the ICO for you to raise your concerns.

Why you should NEVER remove or block IEsnare

So the first reaction to this would be to find a way to either block or remove IEsnare altogether and there are a lot of pundits out there that will suggest just that.

But I believe this is the wrong approach and will more than likely raise a red-flag, resulting in your account being restricted/gubbed soon after.

Don’t let them know that you know what they’re up to.

So what should you do?


That’s right, the best thing punters can do is to leave things just as they are.

If you follow our guide on the ultimate match betting setup you already have separate devices, such as a laptop for your bookmaker and mobile phone for betting exchanges. Using such practices will minimise the chances you being caught out.

This is contrary to what most experts will tell you, but this approach make perfect sense to me as it makes bookmakers believe they have the upper-hand by snooping on your web browsing movements while you are cautious about what you’re doing.

Should I be worried?

The truth is that bookmakers will do anything in their power to ensure punters are playing by the rules, even if this involves tabs on your web movements.

But the reality is that there is only a limited amount of information that they can legally extract before they are in breach of Data Protection laws. Provided punters stick to the methods we highlighted above and remain mindful of their online activities, iesnare becomes just another cookie.

Anthony Joshua vs Povetkin Betting Tips 20/09/18

While contract negotiations are in stale-mate between promoter Eddie Hern and Deontay Wilder’s camp, Anthony Joshua continues getting the rounds in and further develop his skill-set.

This weekend’s fight against Russian Alexander Povetkin will be no walk in the park and arguably his most fierce opponent since that night in Wembley last year, where the Brit incredibly brought down Wladimir Klitschko.

Russian Might

Alexander Povetkin is a standout Olympic champions and professional heavyweight with only one loss to his scorecard in 35 fights.

The Russian has an extremely dangerous left hook and likes to drop into opponents and throw an over-head right which has been very effective and caught-out previous opponents.

Joshua needs to keep the Russian at the end of his jab and take opportunities later on.

Povetkin believes it will be quite an event, he says: “I’m glad that our fight will finally take place, the meeting of two Olympic champions in the ring is destined to be a breath-taking event. Anthony Joshua has four belts and I want them all.”

Povetkin demolished Price in his previous fight and now has his sights on Joshua.

Joshua has had a stellar career to date and is undefeated in 21 fights. The Brit has the length, range and power needed to beat Povetkin but he needs to control the fight early on as Povetkin will been more than likely

What we think…

I think Povetkin is a more formidable opponent than Parker was back in March, so Joshua really needs to be at the top of his game for this fight. The Russian will be very dangerous in the first five rounds, but Anthony should have the experience and composure to minimise the risk early on.

Joshua has the range and needs to keep Alexander Povetkin at the end of his jab.

The brit has been prone to making mistakes in the past so making an outside hedged bet of Joshua hitting the canvas in the first five rounds is a decent shout.

Ultimately this is Anthonys’s to lose and he should cruise through and take out Povetkin in the later rounds (6-9) which I wouldn’t be surprised to see him achieve.

Joshua v Povetkin Betting Tips Summary

Joshua to go down in the first 5 rounds
Joshua to win KO in rounds 6-9

What time will Anthony Joshua v Alexander Povetkin start?

Live TV coverage starts from 6pm, but the ring walk and main event will more than likely start around 10pm.

Anthony Joshua v Alexander Povetkin
Date: Saturday 22 September
Venue: Wembley Stadium
Coverage: Live on Sky Sports box office 6pm and Radio 5 Live 8pm.

Genesis Casino Review | Inter-Stellar Experience

Before anyone gets carried away, this is not Genesis the band’s own themed casino, although i’m still holding out for that!

Instead Genesis Casino takes you back to the dawn of creation with some awe-inspiring images and attempts re-create the generic casino theme that we’re used to seeing.

Genesis Casino has re-written the rule book on how to create a simple yet power user interface for a modern casino site.

So lets take a peek into the cosmos to see what’s in store.

Genesis Casino Bonus and Promotions

100% Match Bonus up to £100 + 300 Spins on Starburst
25% Weekly Bonus Bonus up to £100
Lightspeed Monday – Free Spins
Win 7 night cruise in the Med

Unlike most casino’s you come across that are part of a bigger holdings company, Genesis Casino is completely independent, which is why some of their welcome and bonus offers are not as “earth shatteringly” great.

With that said you can’t complain about Genesis Casino’s first deposit bonus of 100% up to £100 plus 300 bonus spins on top, it’s certainly enough for any die-hard casino player a few hours of table-time.

If you’re a regular casino punter you will really appreciate Genesis Casino’s Weekly Bonus. Simply deposit £50 or more throughout the week (Monday – Thursday) and receive a 25% bonus up to £100 on Friday.

Lightspeed Monday will give you a great start to the week. Deposit and wager £10 or more between Thursday to Sunday and receive free spins into your inbox The more you deposit the lager the number of free spins you get, it’s a win – win.

Genesis Casino also has a competition that runs until 31st December 2018 where the winner will get an incredible 7 night Mediterranean cruise. Check out their terms for more details.

Caveat Conditions to consider…

Having read through Genesis Casino’s terms and conditions, there’s nothing in their that surprises us.

The 40x wager requirements is a little on the high side but at least it’s only on the bonus amount and not the deposit.

Minimum deposit of £10 and a maximum bet of £5 using your bonus is now the norm. But be aware that the bonus is only valid for 14 days, after that it’s gone. The same applies to the free spins which are only available for 72 hours, so we recommend you use them immediately after you deposit.

For reasons that only god himself knows, players will receive their free spins in a daily allowance of 30 spins per day for 10 days after the deposit has been met.

It’s goes without saying but make sure you read Genesis Casino’s full terms and conditions, so you have a clearer understanding before placing a bet.

Wager Weighting

It appears that Genesis Casino have a fairly straight-forward weighting system when it come to wagering. Some categories of games have a lower wager percentage rating than others and include the following:

Video Slots and other games – 100%
Classic Slot games – 75%
Table games – 10%
Blackjack games – 5%

Games and Jackpots

Given how new this casino site is Genesis has a wide variety of games for you to enjoy.

genesis casino
Just look at that beautiful games selection menu bar… coorrr!

Get stuck into comical mayhem with Reactoonz, glacial adventures with Troll Hunters and set sail for Nordic chaos in Vikings go Berzerk.

What really impressed me was the selection of table games on offer, with a couple of gems you rarely see anywhere else. Spanish 21 Blackjack and Multihand Vegas Downtown were two personal favourites that I strongly recommend.

Speed and Benchmark Testing

Initial loading times were very quick for Genesis Casino, due to it’s cunning ability to hide most of the slot game icons (which we’ll come back to later on).

We used 888 Casino as the benchmark as it’s recently had a complete overhaul of it’s site to make it more responsive for mobile users.

As you can see from the chart loading times were near identical even though Genesis Casino had over three times the data to download (7MB compare to 2.5MB for 888 casino).

Pagespeed score was equally impressive with 888 marginally quicker by 10% over Genesis, even though Genesis have much more slot game images on the home screen compared to 888. Overall It performed very well.

Genesis Mobile Features and Layout

What makes Genesis Casino stand out from the multitude of online casino’s out there had to be it’s design and layout, which may not be that ground-breaking but certainly does deserve a round of applause as we’ll explain.

Careful consideration has gone into the layout, from game drop-down menu’s that list all categories available, to subtle show more buttons underneath each group of slot games which optimises load-time for users.

Even something as simple as the help (question mark) icon at the far top-right provides all of the contact information for the support you need. It’s this level of attention to detail that makes this casino site a real star.

The main menu slides across from the left and contains sufficient sub categories to get you to the right place. In all this is a clever well thought out site.

Payment Options and Withdrawal

If that wasn’t enough Genesis Casino have a stellar collection of payment options to choose from. Some of them you’ll be familiar with such as Mastercard and VISA, but they also provide the latest mobile payments such as BOKU and zimpler which allows Genesis Casino players to pay using their phone bill.

For more details on BOKU you can check out our comprehensive guide to casino pay by phone bill, where we explain why this payment process is soon to over take all other methods due to it’s enhanced security features and simplicity.

Supports and Contact Details

Phone: 0800 755 5348
Live Chat

Our Verdict

I have to say it was refreshing to find a new and independent white-label put so much time and consideration into a casino site instead of rushing it through before releasing to the public and the rewards are there to see.

The site is slicker than a car salesman with a deluge of gorgeous HD images and polished layout, it really enhances the senses of the user without sacrificing on page speed which is equally impressive.

Welcome bonus and regular player bonuses are pretty decent but I’d like to see the wager multiplier drop down to something more reasonable. But this really is the only blemish we could find in what has to be the best casino newcomer of the year.

Gnoming Multiple Accounts | A Cautious Tale for Matched Betting Professionals

gnoming multiple accounts matched betting

You may have heard of term gnoming on betting forums, with some players boasting they have doubled or even tripled their winnings though multiple accounts.

Sounds too good to be true…

But the reality is far from this with most punters eventually being banned by bookmakers.

Gnoming isn’t for the faint hearted!

In this article we aim to separate fact from fiction, to let you make up your own mind if gnoming (which can be lucrative) is worth the effort.

So what is Gnoming?

Gnoming isn’t as cute and innocent as the garden variety…

Gnoming is a phrase mainly used in matched betting communities with win-win strategies, which involves having multiple accounts with the same bookmaker. The advantage is that it could multiply 2x, 3x or greater of any winnings you make.

With matched betting any winnings tend to be small in the early stages. So any way to multiply those earnings would be appealing to anyone.

In principle it sounds easy, but bookmakers have a zero-tolerance on the use of such practices to the extent that they will close all accounts if they have evidence of punters gnoming.

Why do bookmakers close gnoming accounts?

It should be obvious why bookmakers take cloning of accounts so seriously.

Imagine you are professional punter that is consistently winning each month and one of the major bookmakers allows you to open-up ten accounts. Provided you placed the same bet/stake in each account, you would now have 10x revenue you had previously.

Running multiple accounts is hard work!

It’s clear from this example that if every punter had the opportunity to do the same thing, it wouldn’t take long before that bookmakers would go out of business.

And they go to extraordinary lengths to to identify if you are creating duplicate accounts – which we’ll discuss later on…

In fact if you read their terms and conditions they make it clear that gnoming or having multiple accounts will lead to account closure.

Here’s an except from Paddy Powers T&C’s

If Paddy Power believes that an entrant has tried to enter by using more than one username or where multiple entries/accounts have been used.

Paddy Power reserves the right to cancel these accounts and withhold payment of the prize/bonus or any other promotional benefits.

So there you have it. One of the largest bookmakers in the country will not only close your account but seize any winnings. And they are no alone… If you read the terms of every online bookmakers you will find similar clauses.

Is Gnoming/ Multi Accounts Illegal?

The definition of fraud is as follows…

“The wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain”

There’s no question that gnoming is for financial gain and changing your details during application would certainly be deemed as deceptive. So technically gnoming is fraudulent according to the letter of the law.

Even if you aren’t locked up and thrown away the key, the implications could be far worse for your gambling accounts/profile in the industry. Bookmakers will put you on a blacklist banning you from opening any new accounts in the future – in effect your excluded from any form of online gambling.

To set-up and maintain multiple accounts is no mean feat.

Not only do you have to consider creating multiple identities and banking methods but also have experience in IT as we discuss below.

The real question is whether it’s worth all the agro?

How can bookmakers tell if you are gnoming

Identical billing addess

It’s not just a case of using a different name and home address to avoid being caught out. Bookmakers will use a number of parameters to compare one account to the next. One of the biggest giveaways is using a different bank card with the same billing address.

Choosing to use another bank card that you own will not work. As this card has the same billing address as the original bank card on your first account, so this won’t work.

Even if you decide to deposit using an ewallet such as PayPal or Neteller, they are both connected to your main bank card. So unless you decide to move home and change your identity altogether it’s almost impossible to create a unique second account.

IP Address and MAC ID – Get your geek on!

Ok so your friend agrees to setup an account in his name and you use his bank details to circumvent the identical billing addresses. So now you can access his account on your laptop/PC right?

Wrong!Hidden within the information sent between you and the bookmaker are identification data packets which are used as a way of confirming where the data has come from. Imagine that the bookmakers servers handle thousands of requests a second from users across the world, at it lowest level there needs to be a way of identifying where the data has come from and that’s where IP Address and MAC ID’s come into play.

Think of an IP Address as the first section of a postcode (area code) which is assigned by your home router and the MAC ID as your house number. With both of them together it is possible to find your exact location.

One way of avoiding having the same IP address would be to use a different local network, but this makes it less convenient. The only alternative which would allow you to access a different account under the radar, would be to use a VPN or virtual private network.

VPN’s act as a proxy to redirect traffic from you the client to the bookmakers server, so the server only receives data packets with the VPN’s IP address. In effect it hides your IP address from the bookmaker.

vpns gnoming
VPN’s encrypt your data to keep you anonymous from bookmakers.

Return of the MAC

But this won’t get around the issue of having the same MAC ID which is embedded in the network card in your laptop. The simplist solution would be to have two laptops each with their own MAC ID.

By now you can see how complicated this can get and without a checklist to ensure you have your VPN proxy enabled, you’re sure to give the game away.

So far we’ve discussed the things you can control, but what about the things you can’t such as bookmakers tracking your every move on the web?

OH yes it’s time to get the tinfoil hat on!

Paranoid Android

In the past bookmakers have been accused of secretly installing tracking software (iesnare) onto customers computers following registration. This software allows them to monitor your web activity such as the sites you go to and the date and time of when you accessed those websites.

It’s real intention is to track your activity allowing Bookmakers to see what other bookmaker/ betting exchange sites you have accessed, which could divulge your strategy if you are matched betting.

Hang on this can’t be legal right?

Unfortunately it’s completely legal as you agreed to this once you accepted their terms and conditions… you did read this right?

We won’t go into the specifics of what Iesnare is capable of leaking in this artcile, you can find out more by reading what is Iesnare. Sufficed to say once this sneeky little app is installed onto your laptop it remains there under the radar, feeding information back to the bookmaker.

It IS possible to remove this app permanently from your computer but this adds yet another layer to what is already a very complex setup. Your time could be best spent researching more matched bets to place.

Final Thoughts…

I hope we’ve convinced you that the downside and negative impact on your profile with not just one but all bookmakers significantly outweighs any short term upside when it comes to gnoming.

Any account with a bookmaker or betting exchange that is steadily and consistently generating monthly earnings should be wrapped up in cotton wool and punters should avoiding doing anything that could jepordise this.

It’s easy to get carried away with wanting to reach certain financial goals by taking short cuts but real sustainable wealth cannot be achieved overnight.

Add to this that bookmakers stipulate in their terms and conditions not to create multiple accounts, it’s fair to say that gnoming is a mugs game.

Lord Slot Casino Review | Worthy of his Crown | up to £200 Bonus

lord slot casino review

Over the past couple of years casino designers have had to step-up their game.

And great example of this has to be Lord Slot Casino.

This slots site is so brand spanking new that there’s still cellophane on the screen. Released in 2017 Lord Slot is operated by Progress Play which offer a nice clean white label casino frontend, and is used by some of the top casino brands in the industry.

So far so good…

Now it’s time pop-open the hood of this bad-boy and check out what offers they have available.

Lord Slot Casino Bonus and Promotions

!00% Welcome Bonus Up to £200
Twice Wicked – Special customer bonuses
Hot Slots – Free Spins each month
25% Cashback on Roulette
30% Cashback with live dealer tables
VIP Loyalty programme

I have to say I was really impressed by the wide range of promotions you can take advantage of at Lord Slot Casino.

Take for example their new customer bonus of 100% up to £200 when you sign up. So deposit £200 and get a massive £400 in your account to play with, which should be more than enough to get you going.

But this bonus comes at a price…

Lord Slots Casino Welcome bonus comes with a HUGE 50x wager requirement on the bonus before you can withdraw it, which is an obscene multiplier by any standards.

This means that you need to deposit over £10k before you can with draw that bonus amount, which is just insane!

Not only that but the requirement must be met within 7 days of the bonus being credited to you. For this and all of Lord Slots terms check out their T&C’s provided.

Twice Wicked is a fantastic deal where players receive special offers twice a week (Monday and Thursday). Each bonus is unique to the customer so you could receive anything, be sure to keep a look out on those days.

Wager Weighting

There are a number of games that have little to no contribution to the wager requirement and include the following:

5% contribution to all video poker games
10% to all other table games i.e. roulette, black jack etc

There are a number of slot games that have ZERO contribution to your wagering, for a full list see section 9 in the Registration Bonus terms and conditions.

Games and Jackpots

As you would expect with such a brand new site Lord Slot Casino is jam-packed with the latest and greatest titles around.

lord slot casino review mobile
Lovely lovely slot games all ready to play!

From pre-historic movie giants such as Jurassic World and adult comedy with Ted, to adventures down-under with Redroo. All of which exploit HTML5 meaning faster load times and blistering CGI graphics that makes the whole experience more immersive.

Speed and Benchmark Testing

Lord Slots runs exceptionally quick compared to some of the bigger well established brands out there.

Our benchmarks indicated that Lord Slot took 7.1 second full load time on the homepage compared to 22 seconds with Leo Vegas.

Performance scores which are based on the amount of CSS and Javascript on the page gave Lord Slot Casino a grade C (74%) compared to F (48%) with leovegas.

So as you can see players shouldn’t have any issues with download times, even on older devices with less memory.

Lord Slot Mobile Features and Layout

Progress Play have one of the best casino/slot front-ends in the business so there should be no trouble with accessing your account or using the options on the main page.

General homepage layout is good with a categories header at the top, making it easy to find the game you’re looking for. They also have a campaigns link with lists all of the promotions available for that month, as well as a support link to provide customer help should you need it.

Payment Options and Withdrawal

Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Trustly, Paysafe card, Neteller, Zimpler, EcoPayz and iDeal

Lord Slot pay by phone is also available which is the future of mobile payment processes and something i’ve been using more often. It allows you to deposit using your mobile phone bill or Boku to Lord Slot Casino which is great as it saves you from entering your credit/debit card details.

Support & Contact Details

Email: customersupport@instantgamesupport.com
Contact Form 
Live Chat available

Our Verdict

Overall this is a really decent site, well laid out and powered by a rock-solid.

Ok so it’s not quite up there with the likes of Highroller and Casumo that offer more user interaction with xp points and player to player battles, but you’re not really comparing apples for apples as these companies have multi-million pound budgets and Lord Slot Casino is a minnow by comparison.

I was quite surprised by such a high 50x wager requirement which is really unnecessary and is more likely to deter potential new customers. I’d be inclined to avoid the welcome bonus altogether.

With that said the list of promotions available it does suggest they value regular players and if your not too interested in added features you’d be hard to find a better slots site.

Lord Slots Casino has the potential to be a great site, they’ve started really well with a strong foundation which I hope they will expand on to compete with the bigger brands.

De Bruyne injury proves the strength and depth of Man City squad

Thoughts of Manchester City facing a tougher start to the season with midfielder Kevin De Bruyne sidelined for three months were quashed on the weekend, when City demolished Huddersfield town 6-1.

De Bruyne suffered a knee injury during training last week following a vital 2-0 victory over Arsenal in their opening game of the season. Although the Belgian does not require any surgery he will be on the bench for at least three months

The Belgium international was arguably one of the best players in the EPL last season and instrumental in Manchester City lifting the Premier League title. Pep was cautious about their prospects without him.

“He will be a big miss. We are going to do our best without him and try to be there by the time he returns.” – Pep Guardiola

Even with De Bruyne out until xmas Pep Guardiola has some formidable reserves at his disposal, with the likes of Raheem Sterling, Riyad Mahrez and Leroy Sané ready in the sideline.

de bruyne injury man city
Mahrez has already come on twice for both of Man City’s league games.

Riyad Mahrez who signed from Leicester City for a club record £60M deal in the summer has come on for both games for City. Mahrez already looks settled within the team and almost scored on his debut against Arsenal from a free-kick but was saved by Petr Cech.

Not to be out-done by City’s new-boy Raheem Sterling put Manchester City ahead in the opening game against Arsenal, smashing a belting 20 yard shot which cut through two defenders.

When asked whether De Bruyne’s injury would give Liverpool an advantage, Jurgen Klopp dismissed the idea and went on to say that given Manchester city’s depth of squad, it would not derail them one bit.

Klopp appears to have been proven right following the result at Huddersfield but it’s too early to say just how much of an impact it could play. Liverpool currently sit second in the table on equal point with City.

Best Matched Betting Forums | Go from Complete Noob to Grand Master

If I had to pick one thing that accelerated my knowledge of matched betting which significantly boosted my earnings, it had to be joining matched betting forums.

While matched betting isn’t rocket science it certainly isn’t fool proof. So why wouldn’t you want to consume all the wealth of knowledge from forum members with decades worth of experience?

I can’t tell you the number of times a member has corrected me from laying the wrong side, saving me a small fortune!

Not only that but you get a chance to speak to like-minded people who are all on the same wavelength.

Still not convinced?

Here are just a handful of reasons for joining matched betting forums.

Benefits of match betting forums?

Cover yourself – Get someone to check your place/lay strategy before you bet
Pick-up tips on how to avoid being gubbed (account restricted)
Find new bookmaker offers you weren't aware of
Check new existing customer offers from bookmakers you are already with
Find niche match betting market offers i.e. greyhound racing

The list goes on…

Contrary to belief, while matched betting is risk free if executed correctly it is NOT idiot proof – mistakes can happen.

While I’m not trying to scare you away from matched betting it is important for punters who are new to this that you can accidentally place the wrong bet meaning you lose money.

So why have I mentioned this?

It points out the significance of using matched betting forums and communities.

There are hundreds of experienced players on the forums eager to help you out. All you need to do is post the matched bet you intend to place and within minutes you’ll have a number of members either confirming whether the bet is correct or not.

This will at least give you some reassurance before placing the bet.

So which matched betting forums and communities are the best?

Well for the past year I’ve flirted between many matched betting forums to try and grasp as much insight and knowledge on the subject as possible.

I’ve joined about a dozen matched betting and arbing forums, but have whittled it down-to the top 5 forums plus i’ll give you my top choice of matched betting forums for beginners and seasoned professionals.

5 Best Matched Betting Forums and Communities – In no particular order

1. Team Profit – Best for newbies (admin support)

When it comes to actively managed forums with experienced administrators Team Profit wins hands down.

I was blown away by the level of support they provide their 7500+ members. From beginners who post questions on the best way to take advantage of bookmaker promotions, to veterans who want to maximise their returns.

As well as this you also receive daily posts from Tom’s Lunchtime Profits, with a list of the best returns you can get from the main bookmakers.

But what really impressed me was Buschra’s Newbie Power Hour. This is a live Q&A session on the forum for anyone new to matched betting that’s available Monday-Friday from 7pm.

It’s this level of community support that puts Team Profit head and shoulders above the rest.

2. Martin Lewis (Moneysavingexpert)

best matched betting forumsThe maestro of money saving has been matched betting from the very start. Infact the first matched betting specific post we found went all the way back to 2004.

While MSE forum members are allowed to share betting recommendations they do stress that contrary to belief matched betting is not without risk. For more details on this we have a post explaining why matched betting is not risk free.

While the site is packed with decades worth of experienced members, the forum isn’t sub-sectioned into further categories, which means you spend all of your time trawling through pages to find any specific content you want.

With that said, most MSE members are money savers so are more than likely trust worthy with their suggestions.

For me the forum is quite dated and not dedicated to match betting, but they do have some useful “sticky” posts at the top of the page for anyone new to this gambling strategy.

3. MatchedBettingBlog Forum

Matched Betting Blog is relatively new (just over a year) but within that time it has already gained pace and attracted a decent following. The forum is looks sharp and to the point with no spammy banners ads and works straight from the browser (so no need for an app).

This definitely appears to be an active forum with hundreds of live members on at any one time and tons of posts placed daily.

The sub categories are well structured with one for new players, general chat and more specific match betting events such as the World Cup 2018. They also have an Archive section which I think is handy for previous major events should you need to look back at previous conversations with members.

From a pure matched betting prospective this is more suited to experienced matched bettors i.e. less reliance on match betting tools.

4. Odds Monkey Community – Best veteran forum

As you would expect with a tool that’s dedicated to finding you the best matched betting odds across multiple bookmakers, Odds Monkey community is in a league of it’s own!

With over 40,000 members all willing to hand-out advice it is by far the best matched betting forum to join.

Matched betting forums don’t get much better, but it comes at a price!

What really stands out for me are the topics they cover in niche areas which I haven’t found elsewhere, such as matched betting abroad which we’ll also cover in a future article.

Bear in mind this is a forum for premium members only i.e. paid subscribers to Odds Monkey’s matched betting platform so created by the same team that built what is arguably one of the best matched betting comparison tools in existence. With over 300k posts to date we’re sure that any questions you may have about matched betting has already been covered and easily found.

5. Profit Accumulator Forum – Enhanced Features

Not to be out-done by it’s main rival, Profit Accumulator equally has an impressive forum design with over 60k users and near to 2k active users at any one time, they do have a stronger user-base than oddsmonkey, but not by much.

The forum has some nice features such as a post preview on the right-hand sidebar, so you don’t have to open that page up to read the latest comment.

The user interface appears to be identical to Odds Monkey, so much so that I wonder if they paid the same app developer! When you get to the paid subscription level it’s swings and roundabouts and really down to your own personal taste.

If you’re a premium PA member it makes sense to use their forum, especially if you’re new to this as they will certain help you out with any software issues.

Our Verdict

Best for newbies – Team Profit

This is purely down to the level of support you receive and the response time from the admin team, which is important for new players especially if you end up making a mistake.

Best matched betting forum for professionals – Odds Monkey

It’s really difficult to differentiate between the bigger players but I prefer the layout and the way it’s categorised. There also appears to be more punters on the OM forum at any one time, with their own matched betting suggestions.

Overall matched betting forums are a wealth of resource and great way for newbies to get up to speed on complexity of matched betting. For veteran professionals they are a source for finding new offers and of course bragging how much you made on the weekend!

Do you agree with me?

Let me know your experiences with any of the forums we discussed in the comments section below and be sure to mention any you’ve found that deserve a mention.

10 Trick’s to Avoid Being Gubbed | Account Limited by Bookmakers

avoid being gubbed by bookmakers

Having your account gubbed by a bookmaker is the worse outcome for arbers and matched betting players, it simply means game over…

With bookmakers now using algorithms to track and sniff-out “smart punters” the chances of being caught has significantly increased.

The only option is to fight back!

So in this guide we’re going to show you 10 trick’s to avoid being gubbed by bookmakers.

Gubbing – A fate worse than death for gamblers

So what is gubbing and how can I avoid it?

Being “gubbed” is when you have you’re account limited by a bookmaker, this can mean you no longer receive free bet or enhanced odds promotions – which matched betting is based on.

Matched bettors are used to receiving the “gubbed email”. Follow our guide and you’ll see less of these…

In most cases this means you are unable to take advantage of free bets and enhanced offers that make matched betting possible. Worse case you’re limited to placing less than £1 bets on any event, making the account useless.

The rules of the game have changed

how to avoid account restrictions from bookmakersUnfortunately the degree in which the odds are stacked in favour of the bookmaker is ever increasing.

With the rise of betting strategies (e.g dutching, matched betting) that provide consistent risk-free returns, bookmakers have been forced to play dirty!

To make matters worse bookmakers are now introducing AI (Artificial Intelligence) as a means to sniff out potential arbers.

In the past bookies used software algorithms to track and monitor players for suspicious account activity, but more recently they have introduced AI (Artificial Intelligence) which not only monitors account activity but will now aim to predict punters next bet and learn from your gambling patterns.

How can I avoid being gubbed or account limited by bookmakers?

If you spend enough time on match betting forums or community pages, most users will tell you that eventually most player accounts will get gubbed (or restricted), gubbing is not only unavoidable but inevitable.

But there are a small group of match betting professionals with 5+ years experience that STILL have their accounts intact.

How do they do it?

By stick to a set of rules that we have listed below!

We can’t guarantee you won’t have any of your accounts gubbed, but what we can say is that by using the rules below you will reduce your chances or even avoid being gubbed altogether.

10 Top Tips to avoid being Gubbed –

1. Have a Mug Bet strategy

Most punters hate the idea of deliberately losing money, but to keep your account open for longer you need to give the bookmaker a big fat “mug steak” to throw him off the sent.

The best way to do this is with a Mug Bet.

This means placing a bet on your favourite sport or team that is likely to lose. Try to think like the average mug punter with bets that they are likely to place.

It may not stop you receiving the usual account restriction email we’re all used to. But it will help keep that account open for longer and in the mean time you can maximise your monthly winnings in the process.

Just make sure you lay the same team at a betting exchange, that way you keep your loses to a minimum.

2. Clear your web browser cookies

avoid being gubbed
“Mmmm cookies!” – Cookie Monster

Could cookies be giving the game away?

Cookies are small text files on your computer that contain information and preferences of websites.

An example is items in basket that you have yet to purchase. That information will be stored in a cookie, so the next time access the site the items are STILL in the basket.

While there is no proof that bookmakers use tracking scripts to allow cookie data to be shared between themselves, there has been evidence of them installing monitoring software in the past (see section 6 below).

I personally prefer to edge on the side of caution and delete cookies after each session as standard practice.

If you prefer to keep your cookie data enabled you could use a separate web browser for gambling such as Firefox or Brave. Go to Preferences and set all cookie data to be cleared each time you close the browser.

3. Avoid going into obscure markets

Nearly all of the match betting pros we spoke to agreed that punters should stick to major markets, that means sport events that the most of mug punters will bet on such as; English Premier League or Championship, PGA Golf, Tennis, Boxing, major Horse and Dog racing.

Yes Chess Boxing does exist! But avoid betting on this at it could raise a few eyebrows at Coral.

The key is to stay under the radar of bookmakers algos. Betting on a U21 Romanian football match will almost certainly catch you out and put your account up for review.

4. Don’t always go for the Big Fish

When you first start matched betting, it’s all too easy to get carried away by chasing the biggest returns possible using match betting comparison sites.

The issue with this is that bookmaker will also have access to the same information as you do. So if you continue to use offers that return the biggest rewards, it could result in your account being gubbed.

Try choosing matches that are mid-table on oddsmonkey so your not going for the big pay-off.

5. Steer clear of social media

OK so I do not mean avoid Facebook or Twitter altogether… who under 30 could do that anyway?

What I’m suggesting is not to post any matched betting games or odds. You don’t need to be Cambridge Analyitica to scrape social media for punters planning on placing a matched bet.

I would also go on to say that if you plan to join an arb or matched betting community via social media, that you do this anonymously with another fake/ alias account.

6. Avoid downloading Bookmaker apps

The ability to open an app and quickly access betting markets may be convenient, but can you really trust bookmaker apps?

In the past there has been strong evidence of bookmakers installing so-called Iesnare software, that track punters activity on their computer.

When was the last time you read the permissions/terms agreement before accepting and installing an app?

Without knowing it you could inadvertently allow a bookmaker access to information on your phone legally. It doesn’t take much, something as simple as searching for other bookmakers or betting exchange apps which would be enough to raise a red flag.

I’m not saying you should be paranoid, just prudent. Why give them an opportunity to snoop round your phone?

7. Do NOT open multiple accounts

It goes without saying but one of the easiest ways to have your account restricted is by having more than one account with the same bookie. Even though you may have a second account in a different name i.e. partner, your banking details (including your home address) with be the same.

This is a huge red flag and will automatically put both accounts on the watch list if not gubbed immediately. The key takeaway here is don’t give them an excuse to close your account!

8. Mix things up – Play like a Mug

William Hill isn’t just a bookmaker so jump on the casino table!

By now you’ve got the gist of this.

The aim is to behave like the average punter without taking the huge losses associated with it.

Make sure you use other areas of the bookmakers site such as casino and slot games that are available. Take advantage of the free spins and other promotions they throw at you, but keep your losses to a minimum.

The more genuine a player you look, the longer your account will stay intact.

9. Keep to round numbers

Placing or laying exact value amounts (e.g €/£10.54) is a dead give-away to anyone monitoring your account.

It’s much smarter and safer to round up/down to the nearest €/£1. It may not be as lucrative but the amount you miss out on is minimal while still preserving your account.

10. Last Orders!

Last but not least place your bets as close to the event as possible.

Most strategic bettors will place/lay well in advance to get the best returns. Betting shortly before a sports event will suggest it’s a spur of the moment thing and help you blend into the crowd of other mugs.

Before you go…

I’m interest to know your experiences, have they worked for you?

Tell us about your experience with any of these strategies by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

Notorious Gubbers

When it comes to gubbing accounts, some bookmakers are more notorious than others. So much so that we’re decided to take action by naming and shaming them by placing a Gubber Poll for users to vote for their top gubbing bookmaker.

The winner will be crowned “King Gubber”. The poll will be released shortly to vote, so watch this space…


I think it’s inevitable that arbers or matched betting punters that consistently make a profit will sooner or later have at least one account gubbed – it’s a fact of life.

Bookmakers monitoring software has become so sophisticated with the (introduction of AI) that it’s almost impossible to stay under the radar for a prolong period of time.

With that said there are a number of players that have adopted the strategies discussed above that avoid being gubbed and keep a clean-sheet after match betting for many years, so it can work in some cases.

Our advice is not to stress about it too much, avoiding gubbing can work in the short to mid-term but if it happens there plenty of bookmakers to choose from begging for your custom. Just try to look after the bigger players such as Bet365, William Hill and Paddy Power as they will generally hand out more free bets and offers than the smaller ones.

In some cases it’s not the end of the road if your account has been gubbed. Check out our guide to making money from gubbed accounts.


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