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Hungarian GP Betting Tips 2017 | Hamilton levels the score

hungary gp f1 betting tips 2017

If you would have asked me at the start of the season that not only would we have have the top two drivers separated by a single point and third place man with just a full race win away from the top, I would have snatched your hand-off.

Bottas to win the WDC NOW 14/1 – Bet365

But that’s exactly where we are and it must have hit Lewis hard going into the last race the epic challenge ahead. With a four-times champion going wheel to wheel and in some cases beating the Brit on more than one occasion this year.

Not only that but you also have a new team-mate who has already won two races this season and is building in confidence with every race. I’m sure Hamilton enjoys the challenge and rivalry but i’m sure he wasn’t expecting either Vettel or Bottas to be as strong and competitive this season.

Hamilton gains ground on Vettel

Lewis lay down the gauntlet in Silverstone by dominating the entire weekend and laying his stake that the title is no where near over. But some outstanding performances from both Ferrari drivers are indicating that the Maranello team have more aces up their sleeve than their German counter-parts.

Verstappen made it hard work for Seb to overtake.

In fact by looking at qualifying performances you can see just how close Ferrari have gained grounds on Mercedes with Kimi and Vettel narrowing the gap from an average of 0.4secs at the start of the season to 0.2secs.

Beware the Flying Fin

No one really expected it, but Valtteri Bottas has had an exceptional start to the season. He’s kept his head down and got on with the job which has saw the Fin get on the podium for seven out of ten races. It’s stats and consistency like that can give you this drivers title.

So this weekend we’re at a personal favourite of mine which is the Hungarian GP. It’s had some exceptional race over the years from Mansell picking up his only driver title to Damon Hill’s Iconic move on Schumacher in the Arrows, to Jenson Button getting his first driver win.

Bottas has finish on the podium for the last four races

The Hungarian track is an extremely tight, intricate, technical track which can catch some teams out with tyre wear. Strong Aero packages are a must with long sweeping bends and multiple chicanes that follow each other, you certainly have to attack this course or you’ll be sat in the middle of the grid come Sunday.

Ferrari to me look to have a more complete package but i’m concerned where Seb’s head is following the shunt incident and he doesn’t appear to have the momentum he had four races ago.

Lew loves Hungary

Lewis tops the all-time leader board of 5 race wins at Hungary and with a dominating performance in the previous race there’s nothing stopping him extend this to six. His team-mate on the other hand look to be the only threat and we’ve seen in previous races the Fin beating Hamilton on numerous occasions to take pole position.

In my opinion this is where Bottas will start to press for title while not have the pressures associated with expecting to win it. Valtteri Bottas certainly has the pace and equal package to Hamilton so we’re backing the Fin this weekend to continue with a decent run of form.

British GP Review 2017 | Hamilton capitalises on Ferrari miss-fortune

british gp review 2017

When his back’s against the wall, there’s no better driver on the grid who can deliver as Hamilton. Such was his dominance throughout the entire weekend. In this week’s British GP Review 2017 we discuss how Lewis maximised this weekend’s points to get within a point of Vettel, plus we discuss just where Ferrari got it wrong.

In qualifying Lewis has almost half a second ahead of the next best driver and during the race he took full advantage of his position to take the chequered flag. He now levels both Jim Clarke and Alan Prost with 5 wins at Silverstone.

Lightning strikes twice for Ferrari

But it was twice as rewarding for Hamilton to see championship leader Sebastian Vettel stuck behind the rear of Max Verstappen’s Red Bull, which gave both the Brit and Valtteri Bottas a clear run and put the Mercedes drivers comfortably in-front.

british gp review 2017
Ferrari’s bet on pit-stops backfires for Vettel.

In contrast Vettel had a mare of a race, getting bogged-down from the off and losing a place to his team-mate Raikkonen and Verstappen by the fourth corner. To make matters worse, just two laps before the end, Seb had a front-left tyre failure which saw the German drop from third to seventh. It summed up Vettel’s weekend and saw his lead contract significantly to just one point in the championship ahead of rival Hamilton.

In similar fashion Raikkonen was dealt a similar fate where the Fin looked comfortable to take second place but tyre failure again the lap before Vettel pushed the Fin back to pick up the last spot on the podium to third place.

Mad Max makes it back

Christen Horner must have breathed a huge sigh of relief as wonder-kid Max Verstappen crossed the line to take a respectable fourth place. It was in part due to both Ferrari’s hitting trouble towards the end, but Max will be pleased to have at least completed the race as his last 5 race s resulted in retirements in one way or another.

Overall the Red Bull team did a decent job of mixing things up at the front, hampering Vettel’s attempts to keep-up with his team-mate and Hamilton before the first round of pit-stops.

All square between rivals

So at the halfway point of the season it’s all square between Hamilton vs Vettel with just one point separating the two and given the performance of both drivers and the heated temperament of Vettel in Baku, it’s only likely to intensify in the second-half of this season.

Valtteri Bottas’ incredible recent performance, picking two wins this season and keeping a decent run of form has put the Fin just 23-points behind Vettel. If he continues to stay out of trouble and gradually close the gap on the leader we could see the Fin getting in the mix for this year’s title.

Given his form and confidence, not to mention no pressure to win the title, Bottas would be a real decent option to bet for winning the 2017 crown.

British GP Betting Tips 2017 | Bottas proves title-fights not a 2-horse race

For this weeks British GP betting tips 2017 we discuss the meteoric rise of Bottas and whether the Fin stands a chance of winning the championship. Plus we discuss two driver in Hamilton and Max Verstappen to discuss just what on earth is going on with either drivers run of luck to date.

Fin-tastic Performance

Austria gave a clear indication that this years championship is not as clear cut two-horse as everyone believes. Indeed Valtteri Bottas’ impetuous determination has seen the Fin quickly gain ground in raw pace over his team-mate Lewis Hamilton to put him within arms reach of joining the title-fight. A win here at Silverstone will certainly cermet his chances of scrapping it out with Vettel and Hamilton.

Such was the dominance of Bottas that even the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel couldn’t get near enough to the back of the silver arrows towards the end of the race and all eyes were focused on the tussle betwwen Ricciardo fending of Hamilton for the final third spot on the podium.

Bottas proves he has what it takes to win the title.

Hamilton in Limbo

Not a lot could be said for Valtteri’s team-mate Hamilton who appears to be in limbo at the moment. Lewis was given a 5 place penalty after qualifying, but even without the penalty the Brit was unable to compete with the pace of both Bottas and Vettel. He’s now 20-points adrift from Seb and doesn’t look to be in the right mindset to claw it back from the German.

Similar to last year Hamilton head appears to have dropped just at the wrong point in the championship were he needs to pull the points defect back from his rival – before its too late.

What is going on with Max?

It’s hard to believe that at the end of last season Max Verstappen was regarded as the next Senna or Schumacher. But this year the driver has retired in 5 of the last 7 races – incredibly sobering stats for the Dutchman. Luck has played its part due to collisions with other drivers that may not have been the drivers fault, but the Red Bull driver who was hailed for his brave over-taking antics last year may not be as lucky this year with similar moves.

british gp betting tips 2017
Kvyat, Alonso and Verstappen all make contact into the first corner.

Confidence will have hit the Dutchman given his recent run of form and I think Max need to avoid any incidents on the track that will exasperate the situation further to get his season back-on-track.

Best of British

I may be biased you can’t get a better weekend race than at the British Grand Prix. The Silverstone track has it all with the iconic sweeping bends of Maggots and Beckett’s to the hairpins of Brookland’s and Luffield, this track has it all for a driver.

Tyre wear is generally moderate following Silverstone’s re-design back in 2010 so expect to see most drivers on a two-stop strategy.

Ferrari have always performed well here and Silverstone is more about balance of the car rather than sheer speed so I’m expecting to see Seb pull-out a decent shift.

Valtteri Bottas clearly has the pace and confidence going into this weekend and there’s nothing stopping him from picking up another podium place and should hopefully keep Vettel on his toes throughout.

Redbull are always clipping the back heels of the top two teams but I think it will be difficult for both drivers to keep-up with the might of Mercedes and Ferrari so i’m not expecting to see much from Max or Ricciardo.

British GP Betting Tips 2017 – BetOTG F1 Predictions

1. Sebastian Vettel
2. Valtteri Bottas
3. Kimi Raikkonen

Austrian GP Betting Tips 2017 | Title-fight Heats Up

austrian gp betting tips 2017

In this weeks Austrian GP betting tips 2017 we break-down what went on between Hamilton and Vettel which lead them clashing on the track. We also discuss just how Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas got it so right to come from the back of the grid to grabbing 1-2 after the chequered flag, plus give you our heads-up on who looks a decent punt in Austria.

When two-champs Collide

The double-shunt between Vettel and Hamilton will go down as the moment this years championship turned nasty. Up to that point Lewis had a perfect race, getting off the grid well and opening a gap up by 3.3 seconds. But a couple of incidents such as the contact between Bottas and Raikkonen lead to three safety cars in the first period.

The infamous moment Vettel loses his cool.

It was on the third safety car where the race was about to re-start where Lewis began to back-up the pact which he’s entitled to do. Sebastian had misjudged Hamilton slowing down and ran straight into the back of the Brit.

Vettel see’s Red

In a knee-jerk reaction the German pulls alongside Hamilton and lifts both hands in the air to signal he’s not happy with Hamilton reducing his speed. In doing this Vettel’s Ferrari drift to the right and collides with Hamilton’s Mercedes to the shock of everyone watching the race. To be fair to Seb I do not think the side-swipe was intentional and his emotions got the better of him.

It resulted in the German receiving a 10 second penalty in the pits and damaging both drivers chance of winning the race. Interestingly it not put Vettel just 3 penalty points from missing a race should any incidents happen again.

Taking the Bull by the Horns

Aside from that hats off goes to Daniel Ricciardo who drove a stellar race. Not only did he drop back to sixteenth place after a tyre change due to picking up some debris from Bottas accident with Kimi. But the Aussie made some serious moves and gained ground during each of the safety cars restarts which put him right up there and capitalised when Hamilton had to pit due to a loose headrest and Vettel had the 10 second penalty. It was an emphatic win for the Aussie and the first for Red Bull this season.


Spielberg has some beautiful and dramatic backdrops.

So anyway onto this weekends race and Austrian GP is a heavily technical track which doesn’t necessarily benefit from raw horse-power. Decent aero packages are critical on this track and will give some of the mid-pack teams a chance to clip at the heels of the front-runners.

Being on Red Bull home soil I’m expecting to see a couple of upgrades and given Daniels momentous achievement in Baku, I’m confident he’s going to take it with him to this weekends race. Vettel has been know to lose his cool in the past (remember Multi-21 between Webber and the German?) and following that he was a bit off the boil so I’m not expect to see much from Ferrari who’ll be licking their wounds.

On any other race-day Valtteri Bottas would have got driver of the day in Baku, such was the high-caliber of drives in Azerbaijan. But the Fin seems to have gained in confidence and looks more settled in the team and will be hoping to add I feel he stands a decent chance of repeating his efforts of the last race.

Force India look to have a strong aero package and this track could favour them so don’t be surprised to see both drivers picking up points.

BetOTG Austrian GP Betting Tips Prediction

1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Daniel Ricciardo
3. Valtteri Bottas

European GP 2017 Review | Vettel’s red mist shunt with Ham

Vettel looses his cool in Baku

Azerbaijan could see a turning point in the 2017 F1 season. Are we going back to the bad old days? we all remember the scandals in certain teams that saw the departure of their team principal’s and certain drivers who thought it acceptable to win by any means. We know who they were and now we have Sebastian Vettel, what he did to Lewis Hamilton deserved a black flag and a one race ban, so what did he get, a 10 second penalty. To make it worse he goes round saying “what did I do?”

Tale of two Fin’s

Now back to Baku where Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas had a first lap crash with Kimi Raikkonen. This put Bottas to the back of the field and left Raikkonen suffering with a damaged car. It also saw Carlos Sainz spin, though he did recover and continue to the end. Joylen Palmer continued with his run of bad luck to have his engine fail on the 8th lap. Both Verstappen and Kvyat both out in the 13th, Max has had a terrible run of bad luck this season.

On lap nineteen under a safety car just as the race is about to restart, Vettel hits the rear end of Lewis car and then goes along side and drives into the side, this would be classed as road rage on the streets.

Raikkonen and Perez were both out on the 21st lap, but both rejoined in the 22nd lap due to the race being red flagged due to debris on the track. This allowed the teams to repair the cars. Both Massa and Hulkenberg were out on lap 27, which is a pity for Massa as he was running well at that point.

At this point Lewis still looked like he could easily win the race, but one fault we have never saw before was his headrest came loose and he was seen driving one handed holding the part with his other arm. His team was ordered to pit him for a new headrest. He came out behind Vettel and stayed there to the end of the race.

Well there was good things to come out of this race. Valtteri Bottas coming from the back of the grid to finishing second in the race was a fantastic achievement for the Fin. Daniel Ricciardo’s was smiling even more than usual following a roller-coaster race starting way down the grid but only to finish winning. But the driver of the day deservedly went to Lance Stroll, the Canadian driving for Williams drove an incredible race to finish an emphatic thrid and well earn podium place for everyone in the team.

Must quickly mention Fernando Alonso not only finished the race but got the first points of the season “Go Fernando”!

Casino RedKings Review | King raises the stakes even higher

casino redkings bonus code

Normally the BetOTG minions strive to find you a casino site with a bit of an edge against the rest and with Casino RedKings we think we’ve found it. As part of the EGamingOnline chain RedKings is part of a well established parent company in the gambling industry so you can be sure you betting with a safe brand. So lets crack open the hood and check out what offers are on the table for new players.

redkings mobileCasino RedKings Bonus and Promotions

125 Free spins Welcome Bonus
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If you’re looking for a decent sign-up deal then Casino RedKings bonus is really impressive. Register today and RedKings will give you up to £300 and 125 spins free across your first 3x deposits. Lets look at each deposit bonus in detail so you can see what you can get:

£100 welcome bonus + 25 Free Spins
£100 reload second deposit bonus + 50 Free Spins
£100 final third deposit bonus + 50 Free Spins

Just make sure to use Casino RedKings bonus code which you can find in the promotions & welcome package section to guarantee you receive your bonuses.

But the bonus action doesn’t stop there! RedKings are committed to giving their customers a little bonus each day. With Daily Picks you can earn even more cashback and bonuses, simply log into your account and choose from three daily deals.

Premium players that enjoy the high-life you could join RedKings Casino VIP Lounge, where customers get the VIP treatment. Extra features made available to VIP players include: cashback for every bet you place, free bonuses for moving up every level, regular invitations to exclusive events and frequent huge bonus offers. To join this elite group simply keep playing to reach the qualifying level and enjoy all of the rewards available.

Games and jackpots

For the die-hard slots fan, they have a cracking choice of huge brand slot games to play, including: Michael Jackson: King of Pop, Ninja Master and Starburst to name a few top title.

The more hard-core cards/table player will really enjoy the great selection of table games at hand, which include: Caribbean Poker, European Blackjack American Roulette Pro and some video poker games to get your teeth into.

casino redkings mobile
Redkings has a very slick look to it with a great choice of games on offer

Casino RedKings Mobile Features and Gameplay

With most players switching to mobile and tablet to get their gaming buzz, mobile compatibility is now a must. Fortunately the homepage is fully responsive on any mobile device. Players can simply play straight on their web-browser as the games and icons automatically adjust to you mobiles screen size, making it a doddle to set up.

For those that prefer the more traditional method you can download the RedKings Mobile app from either the Apps Store if you own an Apple device or Google Play store for all android compatible smartphones. These apps tend to be quicker to respond and saves you having to enter the sites URL.

Deposits and Customer Support

Making your first deposit couldn’t be any easier and you can use the following fast and secure payment options: Visa, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Paysafe card, ECO, and PayPal.

Phone: 0203 150 0852 customer support 24/7
Email: [email protected]

Our Verdict

If there was an award for simple and minimalistic design then RedKings would win hands down. This casino site has everything you need within reach, without clogging up the entire homepage. The welcome bonuses are pretty decent but noting near to some of the bigger brands.

That said they will double your money on all three deposits which many are moving away from, at best you could get 50% so they’re certainly generous with their multiplier bonus amount. Overall Casino RedKings mobile is a quick decent site that’s not afraid to give the big-boys a run for their money so why not get stuck in!

Azerbaijan F1 Betting Tips 2017 | Comeback Kid Makes His Mark

Azerbaijan F! Betting Tips 2017

In this edition of the Azerbaijan F1 Betting Tips 2017 we give you a pit-lane pass into who’s best place to grab pole and win the race and who is likely to be on the podium.

Hamilton HAT-TRICK – fastest qualifier, race lap & win NOW 7/1
Grosjean to finish in the top six NOW 14/1
Bottas to win the European GP 2017 NOW 15/2

The Baku street circuit has some serious bitch-slapping chicanes, judge it wrong it’ll be a long walk back to the pits.

White-knuckle racing in Baku

Azerbaijan is still so new you can smell the new tarmac. With it’s first race in 2016 it was the turning point for Rosberg who won here and then lead a charge to dominate the later part of last season. Lewis Hamilton had started in 10th place due to a hybrid power problem and struggled as his pit could not give him instructions due to new rules that came in. Still the Brit made up a few places and did finish the race and Sergio Perez in the Force India did a sensational job of over taking Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen in the last couple of laps to take third.

During the previous race in Montreal we saw a return of Lewis Hamilton back to his best. It’s been a real roller coaster of a season for Hamilton, with Monaco being a complete disaster for him, where he failed to get to grips all weekend and carried it through to the race. In Canada it looked like another driver was at the wheel of the silver bullet and Lewis was in a class of his own. Hamilton made a repeat performance of what Nico did in 2016 – he led from start to finish. This is the Hamilton we are used to seeing and the at BetOTG all agree that this is now the time for the Brit to lead a charge for the championship.

Hornless Bull

Frustration is the only word I can use to describe Red Bull at present. Max Verstappen must be fed up with his car after he made a blinding start in the Canadian GP and shot into second place. The young-gun took a piece of Sebastian Vettel’s front wing which it left Verstappen needing an new wing later in the race. We don’t eblieve Max would have won anyway given Lewis blistering pace. But it would have been a decent finish for Verstappen and team, but as has happened to him again this season, he had to park his car, it’s funny Daniel Ricciardo’s car has a lot less problems.

It shows how good a race Lewis was having when he finished almost 20 seconds ahead of second man Valtteri Bottas, with third man Ricciardo a full 35 secs adrift. It was a dominating performance for Mercedes who ended the weekend with both car coming home with a 1-2.

Lewis back to his best

Hamilton clearly has the bit between his teeth and we feel he’s just starting to hit good form. Momentum comes in waves and now that Lewis has got rid of the technical issues he’s had during the start of the season, it’s his time to claw back the points lead Sebastian Vettel has racked up.

I think Red Bull will be closer here than in other race so placing a short on Max having a strong start to the race is a decent shout and a podium place isn’t too hard to believe.

Azerbaijan F1 Betting Tips 2017 Predictions

1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Max Verstappen
3. Sebastian Vettel

Neteller Betting Sites | Casino & Bookmakers accepting eWallet Payments

neteller betting sites

In our ongoing series of mobile payment options, we take a look at Neteller and explain why more and more punters are now switching to Neteller betting sites that accept ewallet payments.

Neteller Betting Sites – No Non-sense Mobile Payments 

With the steady rise over the years of punters using mobile devices to place bets and gamble online. Bookmakers and casino sites continue to improve the user experience on mobile. One of the key hurdles has been to find a simple yet secure way to deposit funds without having to enter your card details every time.

Neteller is just a digital eWallet that allows you to pay for good and services quickly.

That’s where online payment sites such as Neteller comes in, they allow you transfer funds to and from you bank account to deposit and withdraw from most gambling sites. Infact Neteller is one of the main players in the mobile gambling payment industry.

Quick Guide to Bet with Neteller for Mobile Deposits

1. Go to Neteller.com an open an account – it takes less than a minute!
2. Enter your debit or credit card details to add funds.
3. In the deposits section of your bookmaker/casino site, select Neteller as payment.
4. Enter your Neteller Account ID/email.
5. Enter your Secure ID or Authentication Code, you can reset this on the Neteller website.
6. Confirm with your bookmaker/casino password and the funds are credited to that account.

betting sites that accept neteller
Paddy Power Neteller deposit page.

Key benefits of Neteller Betting sites

  • No need to enter your credit/debit card details
  • Easy user interface – Ideal for mobile use
  • Secure AES-256 bit encryption transaction
  • More popular than most pay by mobile methods
  • Funds automatically linked to your bank account

Neteller Betting Sites are not without their flaws

Need to open a Neteller account – Now at first I thought “doesn’t this defect the point of not entering details in the first place?”. Well it does but hear me out! Firstly you only need to do this once, so grab your laptop as its easier to enter your details using a keyboard and open an account with Neteller. Once complete, all future deposits are really straight forward by logging into your account and entering the amount you want to deposit, it’s as simple as that.

Low maximum deposit limits – The maximum amount you can deposit at any one time is £30 which isn’t great for regular players, but it is good for punters who have a tendency to spend more than they earn. If you’re in the habit of spending more than you originally intend to then this is a great way to cap your daily usage. I personally think it’s a fair amount for most players but bigger players may end up using other payment methods.

Fees for Depositing and Withdraws – The only real downside to using this convenient payment method are the various fees associated with putting money in and taking money out. Not only that but they vary quite considerably from one teller to the next but in most cases the percentage is fairly significant (less than 4%) for even the major financial institutes such as VISA and Mastercard. For a fully breakdown on the charges see Neteller Fees for more details.

Although Neteller betting sites have gained traction over the years, it’s not really my preferred way to deposit on my mobile. If you’re looking for a simple and in my opinion more secure way (without entering your credit card details) then checkout our article on phone bill sports betting and how you can use your mobile service provider account to add funds.

Elite Mobile Casino Review | Mega Deposit Bonuses Inside

elite mobile casino

As part of a team committed to finding you the very best in mobile gambling, we were buzzing when we heard of Elite Mobile Casino. Given that its part of IGT network we had even more high hopes that this casino site will delivery. But is Elite Mobile all smoke and mirrors without and substance? There’s only one way to find out, lets swipe open our tablet and start playing.

Elite Mobile Casino Bonus and Promotions

Register and receive £5 Free
100% Welcome Package up to £800
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£20 Refer a Friend

Well you don’t see this every day. Sign-up and register an account with Elite Mobile Casino today and get a free fiver to play with with no deposit required. That’s right, the only caveat is you will need to enter your banking details but aside from that it’s a cracking freebie for all you casino savvy switchers that thrive on getting a free bet.

You rarely find a casino site (outside of the big players that can afford it) that offers such huge cash back bonuses but that’s just what you get with Elite Casino. Their 100% free welcome package up to £800 on your first deposit is incredibly generous and break the mold of most other sites that won’t come even near to that deal, so be sure to max out your first deposit to grab this amazing offer.

The only downside to this cracking deal is that the wager requirement is quite high (50x) before you can withdraw your bonus. This means that if you deposited £10 you will need to wager £500 which is pretty steep even by industry standards.

If you’re enjoying yourself then why not invite some friends to join in on the action and earn a cool £20 for each one that signs-up and deposits.

Games and Jackpots

So lets get down to the nitty gritty, what selection of games do they have? Well given how relatively new the site is they do have a healthy list of games to choose from which includes:Transformers Battle for Cybertron, Apollo Rising and Family Guy. They may not have the very latest games but we’re sure this catalogue will only grow with time.

Elite Mobile Casino Features & Gameplay

The only issue that we found was the slot games were not categorised as Most Popular or Brand New which helps you find any of the latest titles you want to play. This isn’t that big a deal on mobile as the icons are small and its fairly straight forward to scroll, but on desktop it was a pain in the arse and we soon switch to mobile.

There wasn’t even a search bar to allow you to type in the game you’re looking for, instead you have to scroll down a long list which can be very tedious at times.

Once a game was selected general gameplay was great as the flash-based games worked well as you would expect them to and even the tap and swipe touch command responded quickly so there were no complains from a gameplay standpoint.

Payment Methods & Withdrawal

Depositing couldn’t be simpler and there are many way you can do this using some major payment options such as: VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Solo, Paysafe card.

Elite Mobile Casino also gives you the option to pay by Boku which is our preferred method of payment, as it allows you to use your own mobile phone credit to deposit. The huge benefit of this is convenience but also it saves you entering any credit card details to the casino site keeping your info safe and secure.

Contact Details

Telephone: 033 3313 0030
Email: [email protected]

Our Verdict

We’re still in two minds with Elite Mobile Casino as there is a lot of potential here for it to be a real contender to the mega casino with its highly attractive welcome package and great ongoing deals.

Where it lets itself down is the high 50x wager requirement (where generally you’ll find 30x) and the lack of category menu for the games list which could have you searching for ages to find the right game. Overall it’s a decent site but you may loose patients with it pretty quickly.

Slots Magic Casino Review

slots magic

Slots Magic Casino is a relatively new Casino, though its born out of a world wide respected group born in the US in the early forties as WMS, Slots Magic Casino is the new name for Jackpot Party so you can see although new it has plenty of experience in the casino world; which is why Betotg had to check them out!

Slots Magic CasinoLets see what Slots Magic Casino has to offer;

Register to receive 10 free spins with no deposit.
Deposit using bonus Magic to get 50 free spins in Starburst and a 100% match bonus up to £150.
You get 50 free spins in steam tower on your second deposit, and a 50% match bonus up to £125
Final deposit is 50 free spins in Netent Sensation Gonzo’s Quest and a 100% Match bonus up to £125.
Also Slots Magic  Casino have a very generous new player pack 210 free spins and £400 free!!! All the free spins are free from wagering requirements you keep everything you win.


Some of the games you might like to look at on Slots Magic Casino are.

Jimi hendrix heavy rock from Netent.
A blockbust Titanic, a classic from Williams.
New slot Rainbow Riches, pick N Mix, another real winner from Williams.
Roulette !! You can play, American, //European, //French, and //European (special), and //French (special).

Slots Magic CasinoA new offer from Slots Magic Casino gives you free spins for a year, on only one deposit, yes you read it right one deposit, just use bonus number y520, you are required to lay a minimum bet of £50, but for a year of free spins it got to be one of the best around.

You can play on phone, computer, or tablet and all major credit cards are accepted.

Slots Magic Casino take no chances with their players on line data, the website is protected 100% by encrypted software, which should reduce any security worries. If you worry about the fairness of the site, fear not, look for the RNG certificate at the bottom of the screen as proof of fairness.

So to sum up please have a look at Slots Magic Casino, we think you’ll not be disappointed, you can play small or large, but please be wise, we want you to enjoy your visit win or lose, (thought we hope you win), good luck !!


Cash Out Betting Sites | Definitive Comparison Guide

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