How to place an accumulator bet on Bet365 | Screenshot Guide

how to place an accumulator bet on bet365

How to place an accumulator bet on Bet365

Accumulator bets or acca bets for short aren’t anything new but their recent rise in popularity with punters is down to the huge returns you can potentially make from a minimal stake and if your smart reduced risk.

For the uninitiated placing an accumulator bet can be confusing, but fear not! Here at Betotg (Bet on the Go) we’ve got our “acca-meister” to create an in-depth step by step guide to place an accumulator bet on Bet365 – one of the UK’s biggest bookmakers on the market.

Accumulator Bet365 Quick Start Guide

1. Open an account with Bet365.
2. Log into your account and ensure you have sufficient funds to place your accumulator bet.
3. Select the odds on the games you want to bet on, odds will appear on right-hand side under Bet Slip.
4. In the Bet Slip column move down to Multiple Bet Options and enter the stake amount in the box on the type of accumulator bet you want to place, e.g for a 4x bet enter the amount in 4-fold bet.
5. The Total Stake should now appear just at the bottom of the Bet Slip with your potential earnings.
6. Click on the yellow Place Bet button and you’re all done.

Screenshot Guide to place an accumulator bet on Bet365

If you’re looking for a decent online bookmaker to place an acca bet you can’t go wrong with Bet365. We personally use them with day-to-day bets and are our bookie of choice for it’s no nonsense design and ease of use.

Our only major gripe with Bet365 has been the flash-based load-up time on your desktop which feels like an age! We get its needed to make desktop and mobile compatible which is why we suggest you place your bets on mobile platforms which are far faster. Mind you once its done the sites really quick and switching from one page to the next is seamless, just go and grab a brew on start-up is all we’re saying.

The site is laid-out in a well structured manner with all of the latest up and coming matches in the center of the homepage. If you can’t find what you’re look for, no sweat! Simply use the navigation menu on the left hand side to select the correct sport and from their you can find the games you want to bet on.

Next if you haven’t done so already you need to open an account with Bet365 which you can do by clicking on the banner above. Just fill in your details and enter your credit/ debit card details, once your account is set up you can easily place any future bets by logging in.

Now your account is set up and you’re signed in you can go to the games you want to bet on. If it’s an up and coming game the best thing would be to scroll down the homepage until you find the match you want. Either that or you can use the left-hand side Sports Menu to pick the sport you’re interested in and from their you should find the game you’re looking for.

How to place an accumulator bet on Bet365
Figure 1. Simply select the odds you want to bet on and each bet will appear under Bet Slip.

Select the odds you want for each of the games you want to bet on. In our example we’ll look to place a 4-fold accumulator bet on, so we have selected the following:

Man Utd v Arsenal – United win at 6/4
Crystal Palace v Man City – Draw at 3/1
Southampton v Liverpool Draw at 13/5
Tottenham v West Ham – Hammers win at 3/1

Notice that on the right-hand side under Bet Slip (Figure 2) you can see each bet being added to your slip. Just underneath the last bet you should see a Multiple Options drop-down, click on this and it will give you your accumulator betting options for Single, Double, Triple and 4-fold along with the accumulated odds which in this case is 215/1.

bet365 acca
Figure 2. Expand Multiple Bet Options to give you a list of multi-bets to place. Find the 4-fold option and enter your amount.

It’s important to know that not all stakes can be part of an accumulator bet, this is mainly due to a conflict between bets. If there is an issue you will see this highlighted in RED and stating that acca bets are unavailable for this stake.

Enter the amount you intend to bet on the 4-fold box – which in our case is £10. Once you’ve entered your amount you should see that total stake placed at the bottom.

Finally click on the Place Bet yellow button and you’re all done.

Well as you can see once you know what you’re doing place an accumulator bet on Bet365 is really straight-forward and a great way of enhancing your odds without taking too much of a risk.